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    Derbyshire, UK
    MIB Masterpiece Megatron without orange plug £60
    ( It has some of the rust issue on the feet which is fixable but is otherwise fine )

    loose,complete Animated Leader Class Bulkhead £12.50
    ( one arm is a tad loose )

    loose,complete,Animated Deluxe Bumblebee w/reprolabels applied £3.50

    loose,complete,Animated Deluxe Soundwave w/reprolabels applied £3.50
    ( joints are very floppy but I believe this was a common problem )

    5" Doctor Who figures ( all loose & complete )
    series 1
    Moxx of Balhoon & Robot Spiders £4.00
    Assault Dalek £4.00
    Captain Jack with sonic blaster £4.00
    Captain Jack with revolver £4.00
    The Editor £4.00
    Sycorax Leader £4.00

    series 2
    Army of Ghosts set £15
    Satan Pit set £15
    Cyberman with gun arm £4.00
    10th Doctor in Spacesuit x2 ( 1 regular and 1 weathered ) £2.50 each
    10th Doctor in coat £2.50
    10th Doctor with Ghost Triangulation Equipment £2.50
    Chip £4.00
    Werewolf £2.50
    Grandma Connolly £2.50
    grey Krillitane with mouth open £2.50
    brown Kirillitane with mouth open £2.50
    Dalek Sec £4.00
    Novice Hame £4.00

    series 3
    Utopia set £10.00
    Daleks in Manhattan set £10.00
    Laszlo £4.00
    10th Doctor in blue suit & glasses £2.50
    Weeping Angel £2.50
    The Master with Toclafane spheres £4.00
    Brannigan £4.00
    Novice Hame £4.00

    Sarah Jane figure that came with a baby Slitheen £4.00
    TARDIS playset ( the big one ) £20
    K1 Robot build a figure part from the 4th Doctor figure £4.00
    K1 Robot build a figure part from the 6th Doctor figure £4.00
    K1 Robot build a figure part from the Sea Devil figure ( x2 ) £4.00 each

    Prices don't include postage but if you're intrested send me a PM and let me know where you're located so I can work out an accurate quote.

    I accept payment by cash,cheque,postal order or Paypal which is my preferred choice. I would also consider trades for the following items,

    Universe or Henkei Legends Class Cosmos
    ROTF Deluxe Skids
    ROTF Deluxe Mudflap
    ROTF Deluxe Ravage

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