For Sale: G1 Omnibot Overdrive $6 shipped

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    Selling a nice condition Overdrive. As shown. Great plastic, very little chrome wear No accessories. Left leg is a little loose but locks into place and stands firm. $6 shipped east cost. $6.50 west coast.

    Paypal gift preferred.


    If you aren't familiar....(from Wikipedia)

    The Omnibots were three Transformers toys available only in the US as promotional items, which could be obtained by collecting "Robot Points" from other Transformers toy boxes and sending them to the manufacturer.

    The three Omnibot toys were offered exclusively as mail order items by Hasbro in the US, obtained by sending in collectable Robot Points off boxes plus $5 shipping. During 1985 the number of orders for Omnibots exceeded expectations by Hasbro, who extended the offer. They had nearly 50,000 orders for Camshaft alone by July.

    The Omnibots were about the size of the larger Autobot cars, and all had the common gimmick of weapons which could be deployed in vehicle mode.

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