For sale: Every us & uk transformers comic ever published!

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    Would you like to own every US & UK Transformers comic ever published? If so please visit my website at

    I'm selling my whole Transformers comic collection which I believe that it may well be unique, I've certainly never come across another collection like it.

    It started waaay back in September 1984 when I bought the first UK Transformers comic and I have since purchased every single UK & US Transformers comic ever released!!

    As well as all the official releases from the likes of Marvel, Dreamwave, IDW, Titan, Devil's Due etc I've also collected a number of convention & fan comics as well as a huge number of books, graphic novels and annuals.

    I've also collected a lot (but not all) of the variant and incentive covers that have been so fashionable over the last few years!

    In all the collection numbers over 1300 comics, books, graphic novels and magazines.

    There are lots of extremely rare issues here as well as a huge number of free gifts that originally came with the comics (some stretching back to those halcyon days of 1984...)

    Due to an impending house move (and needing the space) I've reluctantly decided to sell them and, not wanting to sell them individually through Ebay, thought I'd put together a website (a labour of love in itself) that gives details of the collection and invite fellow Transformers fans to make me an offer!

    I'll consider any serious offer for the collection and will be happy to ship to anywhere in the world providing the buyer pays shipping costs.

    Would welcome any thoughts on how much you think the collection is worth and on the website itself...

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