For Sale: Beast Wars, Titanium, G.I. Joe

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    Hello all,

    I have a few items that need a new home. All are unboxed, complete with all accessories and in great condition, many include instructions. All prices are in GBP. Items will be shipped from the UK, please PM me for postage quotes.

    Beast Wars

    Tigerhawk £12 SOLD
    Dinobot 2 £7
    Silverbolt £7
    10th Anniversary Waspinator £7 (no transmutate part) SOLD
    10th Anniversary Rhinox £7 (no transmutate part)


    War Within Megatron £7
    War Within Optimus Prime £7

    G.I. Joe

    All 25th Aniverary 2007

    Beachhead £5
    Flint £5
    Scarlett £5
    Firefly £5
    Zartan £5

    Please Pm me if you are interested. Thank you!

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