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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jorod74, Apr 22, 2008.

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    i got a question. You really think we have come as far as some people might think?

    in some ways, yeah. Regulations, new tech and all, but shopping at the Box stores- CC, BB, WM, etc, i realized something. we are still messing up.

    Years ago, you bought something, it lasted for 3 generations- like your great grandad bought something, then got shipped off to Jerry-ville for 3 years to fight, and when he got back, that something was almost brand new.
    and a year after your granddad got back from Saigon, that something was a bit rusty, but still good as new.
    and you find your dad still using it after that Spring Break in Fallujah back in 91.

    but these days, you buy a camera and it breaks, you don't take it to these stores (at least this is the case with wal-mart) you have to send it back to the maker or you can just as easily buy a new, cheaper one.
    my brother in law took me to Circuit City on 2 separate trips and pointed out that it is in fact cheaper to just trash your inkjet printer entirely and buy a new one than just buy refills for it.

    so in an environmentally conscious society, is this disposable mentality a step forward or backwards?

    and i remember the screaming over styrofoam and plastics and still see mountains of it put on the market.

    i am not a real eco-friendly guy; i just noticed that some things don't make sense.

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