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    Rare instance when I had some downtime at work, and didn't feel like writing Version 2.0, so I decided to kick this up. The premise is TF interactions with humans at various points in human history or in human mythology. Short stories that aren't necessarily connected, but that can alude to TF's creating/impacting prevalent events or legends, watching history unfold before their alien optics, humans finding objects that they can not understand, or simply conversations between human and alien. Feel free to add.
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    Title: Journey's End
    Genre: IDW Beast Wars/G1 (Marvel/Dreamwave comic & original show)
    Era: Late Sixth Century
    Location: Britain

    "How is the Master?" The thirteen year old boy asked his seventeen year old fellow apprentice as he exited the bedroom of their master.

    The older boy lowered his gaze and sadly shook his head, but the frail voice of the master in question called out before he could respond. "I am dying, just as I have been for weeks. Now bring me my broth and then return to your studies!"

    "Of course, Master." The child humbly replied as he entered the small bed chamber. He approached the bed containing his teacher's frail form, and looked upon him. Legend depicted him old enough to remember a time prior to the Romans, but he had admitted that his life span had not yet reached a century. He then laughingly said that he was very, very close however. Looking down on the skeletal body covered by loosely fitting skin and even looser fitting clothes, the child had no difficulty believing his Master's claim. "I shall raise you to a seated position now."

    "I can raise and feed myself, child." The old, bearded man snapped as he attempted to hoist himself up. After a couple seconds of struggling to get up, the child finally reached forward and assisted him despite the previous protest.

    The boy gently leaned the elderly man back against the wall behind the top of the bed, and sat down in the chair next to him to feed his dying teacher. The young student then raised a spoonful of broth to the old man's face. "Please Master, to keep up your strength."

    The old man snorted and replied before leaning forward to accept the offered sustainence. "Bah, there is no more strength to keep. I required a child to sit me up."

    "Sir, it is an honor for me to aid you." The boy replied as he displayed a smile. "Please, tell me again of the exploits of the chivalrous king and his armored soldiers." The boy leaned in close and whispered through his grinning teeth. "And please, admit to me that which we all already know. This great leader is your former student, the Chiefton that unified the Britons and pushed back the Saxons."

    "Enough." The old man spat both the words and some of his broth. "The great warrior king has been in the ground for over three decades. I shudder to think of his appearance were he actually the once and future king in the tales I have told you."

    A light scratching caused both of their heads to turn to the open window on the other side of the room. An enormous gray and white owl was perched in the window peering at them. The child rose from his chair, reached for a broom leaning against the wall near him, and then started toward the beast. "Away, you!"

    "No, leave us!" The old man called out to the child.

    The boy looked at the old man in disbelief. "Sir, it is an owl. An impossibly large one. It may pose a threat to you."

    "No, they are friends." The older boy stood in the doorway, having been drawn by the commotion. "It is good to see you again Archimedes." The owl simply met the boy's glance. "Come Wart, let's leave the Master to catch up with his old friend."

    The younger child's disbelieving stare went from his fellow student, to the owl, and finally on their elderly master. "Master?"

    "Leave us." The old man confirmed. With that the two boys left the bedroom and closed the door. The elderly man then turned and smiled at the winged visitor. "It has been several years. I had come to believe that you would never again visit your old friend."

    "I can see that the trespass that originally led to our estrangement has gone without regret." The large bird replied. "The once and future king and his armored soldiers; are you actually going to attempt to tell me that these tales that you've told your students have nothing to do with what I shared with you in confidence years ago?"

    "Relax, dear Archimedes, I was very vague with the details. In fact," The old man let out a weak, hoarse laugh. "instead of an iron man measuring nine meters in height, they have attributed these tales to the late king."

    The owl shook his head. "I admired your former student, but he was no Optimus Prime." The owl replied. "And just once before you pass on, could you address me by my true name?"

    The old man's eyes blinked, and then gazed deeply into the owl's. "As you wish, Icebird. And regarding your precious Optimus Prime, do you know this for certain? Was it not you that informed me that Darius, Alexander, Julius Cesar, and other legendary leaders that came before my time had faults as great as any mans, and whose strengths and accomplishments were either exagerated or the feats of others wrongly credited to them?"

    "Yes." Replied the owl, knowing full well where the old man was going with this.

    "And you admit to having never known this Optimus Prime, this great warrior king of your Autobot ancestors? Or to being alive while he was, how do you phrase it, oh yes, on line?" The old man continued.

    "You are correct."

    "Then if my understanding of human legends is impacted by historical inaccuracies, then why can't your understanding of Cybertronian legends? Especially given your understanding of all things Cybertron was passed on to you by Maximal time travelers whom you've, for the most part, avoided dealing with."

    "I thought human minds were prone to dimming upon reaching old age?" The owl smirked.

    "They are." The human painfully chuckled as he replied. "In my younger years I would have had you apologizing for having the gall to possess an opinion differing mine by now. As it stands, I've thus far merely proven you wrong."

    "I am pleased to see that your advanced years have not diminished your ego, Merlin." Icebird nodded, feigning annoyance. "And while I do dislike interacting with the temporal interlopers that have been arriving from Cybertron at various points over the last seventy millennia, I have unwaveringly answered the call of my Maximal allies to take up claw and talon against Predacon and other aggressors that threaten my adopted world."

    "Oh please, not again about how you saved the world from the VOK aliens by destroying the standing stones of the Salisbury Plain more than fifty centuries ago." Merlin groaned. "I may repeat my feats ad nauseam, but you make me look modest."

    "Further glorification of my previous deeds was not my intention." The owl replied. "Though the fact that your ancestors spent centuries rebuilding it to honor the valor of my fellow Mutants and I should leave you with a sense of awe while in my presence." The two old friends laughed at the ridiculous lack of humility they were displaying to one another.

    "I miss these times with you, my friend." Merlin uttered once the laughter had passed.

    "As did I." The owl agreed. "And I will continue to miss them after you have journeyed to the Matrix."

    "Ah, your Matrix. My ancestors referred to that realm simply as the Otherworld." Merlin leaned his head back as he remembered the tales his father told him of the beliefs that were in place before the time of the Romans. "A realm of bliss and comraderie, where the only want not immediately granted is to return to this realm." The old man's cloudy eyes opened and once again fixed on the owl. "But in time we do return to continue the cycle."

    "The similarities in our beliefs are frightening, you old Druid."

    The human smiled. "Don't let the clergy hear you call me that. The Romans might return just to convert me in their own special way, as they did my grandfather."

    The owl nodded. "I doubt that they'd bother with you anymore. Though your old pupil might find your disdain of his religion troublesome."

    Merlin nodded as he remembered the greatest man that he had ever known. "Yes, and if there's any truth to that religion, he is now at the side of his one God, despite his faults. And perhaps I will be with him again before the morning sun rises."

    "That soon?" The owl asked.

    "Yes, I feel I have already been given longer than originally alotted for the sole purpose of having this discussion with you." Merlin replied, his voice barely escaping his lips.

    "Then whether the Otherworld or Heaven, may you have a safe journey my friend." Icebird replied. He peered into the cataract-heavy eyes of his friend and watched as the light of life faded from them. The owl then looked to the door and called out. "Kay, your master has passed."

    The two boys stumbled into the room clumsily, clearly having been leaning against the door the entire time. The older boy stared at his master silently as the younger boy began to cry. Kay then looked to the large beast. "Whatever shall we do?" But the owl merely turned and hopped down off the window sill. The boys wandered to the open window and peered out into the night in time to see a white bear entering the forest and disappearing from view.
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