Customs: FoC Styled CW Bruticus Add Ons

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Optimussentinel, Apr 10, 2018.

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    So, I actually had this idea a while back while I had access to my school's 3d printer, but I never got through modelling the feet. To say the least, FoC Bruticus is what reinvigorated my interest in combiners, the game design, not the figure. Anyways, now that I'm out of that school and have a stable source of income, I'm starting to plan this project out again.
    This won't be a kit to turn all of the figures into their FoC selves, because lord knows how much that would cost, but for now I'm planning on designing and releasing through Shapeways:

    FoC style chest wings
    FoC style crotch armor possibly with waist cover
    A new flamethrower/rocket booster add on for Blast Off
    Possibly FoC style feet to slip over PE feet?
    Possibly FoC style head for Blast Off?

    I have no idea how much of this will actually come to fruition, but it's something I want to attempt either way. Feel free to make suggestions or say if you're interested.
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    I would go with additional weapons for Brawl, arm cannon for Swindle and detachable rotor for Vortex.

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