FOC PC Gamers - Connection issues, TFW group games etc.

Discussion in 'Transformers Video Game Discussion' started by dkr7, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. dkr7

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    Oct 13, 2010
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    Thought we could do with a thread to get some fellow TFW'ers together for some FOC action and also a place to discuss any issues we're having and any possible fixes the might be.

    My name is dkr7 in-game, add-me if you wan play some games, average gamer not amazing
  2. Tiller

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    We had a thread but it is sort of dead.

    I keep getting dropped games. Lobbies seem to be fixed but P2P on a smaller playerbase is awful. After playing on decent servers in other games there is no going back to the console bull.

    That and crashing. I have on video of me recording of 1 KILL REMAINING and then a dropped connection, then the game crashes.

    Also why the hell isn't there an option for at least voice chat? It's unforgivable that we don't even have text to communicate.

    Also rebinding keys. 2012 and a game doesn't have rebinding keys? Most games in the 90s had remapping as a standard. Not a feature.

    Menus are awful with controllers as well. You need the mouse to be able to access most of it.

    Almost forgot to link the tfw steam group. We need to get at least a few escalation games going. We can use the steam voice chat.

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