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Discussion in 'Transformers Video Game Discussion' started by unicronic, Jul 18, 2012.

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    We're approaching one month out for the release of FOC. I must confess that whilst I'm excited with what I've seen so far there are elements that balance things out in the other side.

    We've still only got 4 classes to pick from. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. Scientists are pretty much the aerial characters which means Perceptor (THE scientist) will be another class altogether. Then again, if you can create your own frankenformer it probably doesn't matter.

    I really hope that the TF customization options when building your own bot are vast. If the class set-up and MP modes remain pretty much the same, I'm hoping for lots of unlocks and variety options. Things in this area look positive. I'm less interested in creating Megatron with Prime's head than I am trying to create characters who didn't make the final cut but whose parts are in there. It looks good with evidence of Hounds "bits" in there and some screens that show that Hot Rod's parts may exist too. If this is true, I'm sure there will be some great tinkering to be had.

    I think that there is plenty to squeeze out of SP/MP modes that may have been overlooked. For example:

    TF racing - getting the most out of both modes to reach the finish
    5 players together each controlling a combaticon in an escalation type mode including combining into Bruticus
    Objective based MP games such as Ark vs Nemesis - one side to initiate boarding party and the other trying to break free etc.

    For Escalation, I'm hoping that waves can be broken up by boss style encounters. Bruticus as a boss would be a big challenge for Autobot escalation. Dinobots for the Decepticons. Something like that.

    Has anything in my thoughts above been confirmed? It seems to me that FOC has done quite well at keeping the lid on many elements of the game to date, I just hope once the lip is open we're not disappointed.

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