Customs: Fleshing (or plastic-ing) out the Chaos Trinity...

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Nerroth, Oct 22, 2008.

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    I'm hardly the first person to think of how cool an idea it is to have a Bludgeon scheme made out of the Cybertron Unicron figure - as has been evidenced here on the boards!

    However, while thinking of fiction ideas, I started to wonder what may be suitable moulds to suit the two other members of the Chaos Trinity, namely Bugly and Mindwipe.

    For this, I may not necessarily need to include a Vorath Headmaster for Mindwipe - nor a strictly beast-like form, either.

    Similarly, Bugly need not stick too closely to either his beast-shell or hoverjet form - so long as the mould chosen was suitable to evoke the character.

    And look not too out of place alongside Uni-Bludgeon, of course!

    Any thoughts?

    (Also, I was thinking that for Bludgeon at least, one could use a scale sword from the Mononofu range as his katana - I have one such sword somewhere, which I used with my Binaltech figs - but I can't quite recall where I left it...)

    EDIT: In keeping with the Planet X origins seen in GF, I'm wondering if Soundblaster and Noisemaze might not make for useful bases for Mindwipe and Bugly respectively - and maybe have Vorath's consciousness be in the Hell Buzzsaw that comes with Soundblaster?

    Or are there better options on the table?

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