*First Pic Request*: 2010 Botcon G2 Breakdown /W 2010 TTS G2 Smokescreen Jetpack Mode

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Is The Fanmode a good idea,and do i need to put in instructions for the fanmode?

  1. Yes,I guess instructions can be nice,and perhaps better pictures in your end.

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  2. Yeah,its good,and No,the combination is simple enough.

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  3. YES! im sooo using this for my Armada Wheeljack/Shattered Glass Sideswipe Kitbash not,Thank you.

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  4. Not Really,Nice Try Though.

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  1. MrSoundmeister

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    Mar 27, 2010
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    Does Anyone have the botcon Breakdown and the tokyo toy show smokescreen? Well i want to see what they look like together in the jetpack mode i made up,mainly for adding some more playability to both the Universe 2.0 Sideswipe and Rotf Skystalker Mold. and to make sure if they look good combined. Bonus if you take a pic of Botcon g2 sideswipe with Rotf Skystalker in the combined mode.

    and in case example reference pics are required to said fanmode



    there you go.

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