First Edition, Classics and Revoltech for sale!!!

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    Thanks for coming into my sales thread. Here is some basic info.

    -Prices do not include shipping.

    -I am in Canada and ship with Canada Post. I only ship within Canada and to the USA. Shipping will likely be in the $10 to $20 range depending on where you are, whether or not you choose tracking and insurance etc. We can work out the details via PM.

    -I ship items within 24-48 hours of receiving payment. I usually can get it done within 24 but sometimes real life things like work delay things and that is when it will take 48. I do not ship on weekends.

    -I do not hold items for people unless I have dealt with them before. First come first serve.

    -I am currently not looking for any trades.

    -I am pretty firm on the individual prices but if you are buying multiple items I am willing to consider all reasonable offers.

    So enough of the boring stuff and onto what I have for sale! :) 

    First Edition lot - $40

    You get:

    -First Edition Starcream
    -First Edition Bumblebee
    -First Edition Arcee
    -Prime RID Wheeljack
    -RID Cyberverse Vehicon

    All are in excellent shape and include all accessories and instructions.


    Generations Wheeljack and WFC Megatron lot - SOLD

    -They include all accessories and instructions. Excellent condition!


    RTS Scout Windcharger and Universe legends Jazz with reprolabels upgrade kit applied - $20

    -Both are in excellent condition. Jazz has been upgraded with Reprolabels

    -Only Jazz has his instructions.


    Universe 2.0 Voyager Inferno - SOLD

    -He is complete with all accessories and instructions.
    -Figure has small crack on the hinge on the flap of his left arm (see photo). This mold seems to be prone to this problem as I have had two RTS Grapple figures with the same issue and is how I actually noticed it on this one. He still transforms and it doesn't really affect anything.


    Universe Hound - SOLD -

    -Figure is in great shape. He only comes with his blaster and does not include his instructions or Ravage.


    Revoltech Revy figure - SOLD

    -Comes complete with all accessories.


    Thanks for looking and hope to do business :) 


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    Free bump for awesome prices.. are you willing to ship Intl ?? Mexico ?

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