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    Over the last week, along with Nicole Alambra, I've taken the liberty of finally testing out the capabilities of my three year old Canon T1i. The quality given my minimal knowledge of shooting video is remarkable, and our finished product definitely came out better than we could have ever imagined.

    Given how well it turned out, we decided to enter it into a local non profit Recycling organizations film contest. Unfortunately, due to the "professionalism" of our video, we've taken a lot of negative criticism and heat because of the overall quality.

    It should be noted, the video itself was filmed with a digital camera and tripod purchased from Best Buy three years ago, and the footage was actually edited in Windows Movie Maker.... a FREE video editing software. There is absolutely nothing professional about this video, it is simply well thought out. To top things off, this was actually our first attempt at creating such a video.

    Now my plea.... given the amount of bad feedback, it's now our goal to crush the competition, which obviously we're having a hard time doing. SO, here's hoping a number of bored individuals would gladly mind helping out a fellow Transformers fanatic.

    "The video that receives the most likes from Recycle Everywhere Facebook fans will be the winner. The rules are that you HAVE TO BE A FAN OF RECYCLE EVERYWHERE TO VOTE. Voting closes Thursday at 7 pm. The winner will be announced shortly after, good luck."

    **Make sure to "LIKE" the page in order for the vote to count!!"

    Recycle Everywhere Facebook: Recycle Everywhere - Local Business - Winnipeg, MB | Facebook

    Entry #1: Entry #1 | Facebook

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