2D Artwork: Finally got around to Colouring it

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    Its been like forever Since I posted All due to annoying school tests, But I am happy now that they are over. The previous Image Done is here http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/showthread.php?t=153602
    The New Animat-ish design is below

    I Liked the concept for this character so much I just had to redo him. For now I have put him in along with 2 others In a team called (the name is crap) Black Skies. They name them selves black skies after they obliviate one of Earths Leading Antiwar air forces known as the Clear Skies Coalation. Here Below is how he(Rebound) looks like after getting coloured and warped into Animated Style.


    Character: Rebound
    Faction: Decepticon
    Weapons: Destructide 2
    Rank: Decepticon Weapons Specialist
    Warning! Character has a big ego

    One of the 55 Decepticons Left. Was the One who designed the weapons for the gestalts Trachelium,Acroterion, and Teicercon(also one of the 55). The only time Rebound is in good humour is when he blasts things to pieces.

    Vehichle Mode

    No Idea.


    I really wanted this picture to turn out animated style. My art teacher taught me how to use photoshop correctly a while ago and therefor I credit him for this pic.

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