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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by ServO, Jan 30, 2011.

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    While paging through the comic that comes with the BIS set, I noticed that 99% of the characters in the book are released/about to be released except for the following...
    Ultra Magnus

    I realize that figs like Devy, UM, Wheelie, and Grimlock have been previously released under the Gen/Classics lines, but with the resurgance of updated colors (BIS Cyclonus), and new molds like Scourge, Kup, and Wrek-Gar, doesn't it seem possible that Hasbro might release more accurate updates of those missing figures?
    It almost feels like they are trying to complete the lineup from the original animated movie...and if so, then I don't think they would let a 3rd party comapny fill in the gaps of the lineup with figures such as WBDefender, Protector, and CC. Even though, the FP figs are absolutely amazing, it just seems wierd to me that Hasbro would not release a screen accurate Ultra Magnus or Rodimus Prime when they are so obviously missing from the line.
    Does anyone here think that the fine folks over at Has/Tak are willing to skip over Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus because FP's versions pretty much take the cake?
    It's Sunday, I'm bored, and restless, so I thought a little conjuncture and speculation might stir the pot a little.
    I'm not looking for a fight, just casual discussion.
    Trolls: Go find another bridge to terrorize.

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