(Fiction) Transformers : Shattered Awakening

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    Deathsaurus desperately needed to get through the dimensional rift. A band of mini-cons loyal to the Decepticons had aided the Beastforce in capturing and purifying the energy of Primus, in the process creating a second Unicron that could aid the Decepticons in their struggle for peace. The only object standing in Deathsaurus way was Grimlock and the Dinobots.

    Grimlock laughed menacingly, soon joined in unison by all the Dinobots. “Surrender, and I’ll only kill you, instead of killing and eating you Deathsaurus!” Deathsaurus laughed at Grimlock bravado. “Grimlock it is you who should be fearful of being consumed, by me!” Deathsaurus charged the Dinobot leader, swords clashing. Grimlock tried to sneak a kick in on Deathsaurus, but he slapped him down. Swoop was about to strike Deathsaurus from behind when he was clipped by Lyzack. Leozack used his “Tiger Hurricane Strike” to defuse Slag’s flamethrower, and sent him flying into Swoop, who fell into Grimlock. Death Cobra hit Snarl with a double missile barrage that sent the brontosaurus reeling into his comrades. The four Dinobots formed a defensive circle. Skystalker had arrived with Bludgeon and Thunderwing and the Dinobots were outnumbered.

    Snarl looked through the scoop of his sniper rifle; it was trained on Grimlocks head. What an idiot his leader was. Ol’ Professor Grimlock thought he was so smart that he used Nucleon energy to increase his strength, but now look at him, about to die. Snarl felt invincible. He had used the Nucleon energy to increase his processor capacities. It transformed him into a killing machine. He could snipe an entire platoon before they could even discern his location. As much as Snarl wanted to murder Grimlock and usurp control of the Dinobots if he didn’t save them, there would be no Dinobots. He trained his rifle on Deathsaurus. He was beginning to squeeze the trigger when his vision went black. He looked up to see Black Shadow standing over him. The Decepticon Pretender smashed the Dinobots sniper rifle. Snarl transformed and used an aerial spinning attack he learned from Armordillo. He knocked Black Shadow down an incline. Snarl transformed and drew his gun pointing it at the fallen Decepticon. He could see he was offline. Snarl drew his sword as was prepared to decapitate the fallen soldier, when he was struck from behind. It was the Shadow Strike, Black Shadows attack drone. Snarl turned to shoot Black Shadow but it was already too late. Black Shadow knocked his rifle out of his hand, and clubbed him with his gun. As Snarl fell to the ground Black Shadow shot him repeatedly while laughing hysterically. His drone reattached. Snarl was not badly wounded and was reaching for his gun.

    “See here guy. I’m Black Shadow. The Boss’s right hand man see. Now the Boss didn’t say nothin’ about wasting you’s guys.. So if you just run along home like a good bambino I ain’t gonna pop ya. You hear me guy?” Black Shadow pulled out a cygar, a inhalant device made popular by the Autobot hit man Kup, famous for it’s calming effect to steady your aim which came from a marginal toxic euphoria, they also have slight regenerative properties when used by a Pretender. Snarl continued to reach for his weapon. Thunderwing noticed a couple flashes on asteroid near the rift. Then he could see Black Shadow flying at him with a smile on his face. He’d obviously killed the Dinobot sniper. Thunderwing knew it was a war, but wished his brother wasn’t so malicious. After all it was a war for peace.

    “So how’s this go down Grimlock?” Asked Deathsaurus, seeking to resolve this issue quick to resume his quest. “Ok, Ok, You win. Dinobots retreat, and all that.” Grimlock put his weapons down, as did the other Dinobots. They moved away from them. “Pleasure doing business Grimlock.” Deathsaurus winked at the Dinobot leader. “Decepticons let’s go!” The Beastforce gathered in Skystalker’s shuttle and proceeded into the rift.

    “What we do now Grimlock?” asked Sludge while he rubbed his bruised head. Grimlock was pouting. Suddenly they heard a ship. They turned to find Striker and Triceradon. “Let’s get those bastards!” The Dinobots piled in the ship. Grimlock noticed Snarl was absent. His only challenger for control of the team was gone. An excellent turn of events. “Dinobots, we must get through before the Decepticons! Then we can ambush them!” This would be an easy feat. The Decepticons had a makeshift ship, hastily constructed. Slow and weak with little weapons. The Dinobots had the finest craft that Maximal & Autobot technology could make, a state of the art star fighter. They whizzed past the Decepticons who were puttering along in comparison. The Dinobots laughed.

    When you activate a cygar there is a flash of light when it’s magnetic seal is broken and it begins to release the nano-carbons. To a non-user, it may look like a phaser blast from a distance. But Snarl wasn’t thinking about that. He was sitting back, watching his idiots comrades fly into their own trap. It was Grimlocks plan. The magnetic net, with mines attached. Snarl had sent Terranotron and Dinotron to set it up. Maybe he killed them afterwards. Maybe he didn’t tell Grimlock that he had initiated his plan. None of that mattered now. He watched as the Dinobots passed through the rift, followed by the Decepticons.
    He didn’t see any explosion. It must be occurring on the other side he thought.
    As Snarl was taking the last siphon off his cygar a spacebridge opened behind him. It was the old one, Alpha Trion. Snarl tossed his cygar and bowed before the Autobot sage. “What brings you to this minor skirmish my lord Alpha Trion?” Alpha Trion slapped Snarl with his sword and grabbed him by the neck. “Where are the Decepticons?” Snarl was choking. “Der..in..th..rif.” Alpha Trion looked at the rift. It was closing. He tossed Snarl in the air and transformed around him, speeding into the rift in his ancient cybertronian space fighter mode. But it was too late the rift had closed and they were unable to enter, Alpha Trion couldn’t bridge himself in, but he could send Snarl. He raised his sword and swung hard on the Dinobot. “Wait! No!” screamed a terrified Snarl. He had his arms covering his face, and his optics closed. When he finally opened them he was inside the ship with the Dinobots, and it was crashing. “Snarl, what in the name of Primus are you doing here?” Quipped an agitated Grimlock. “Alpha Trion wants a status report!” shouted Snarl while trying to stabilize himself during their descent. “That old crankshaft sure has good timing.” Chuckled Grimlock. Snarl laughed with him. “Yeah…” It was funny, just now occurring to Snarl, that right before they die, that Grimlock and he could have been friends.

    Deathsaurus watched as the Dinobots ship crashed to the surface of a planet made by Unicron. As much as he wanted to leave them for dead his conscious forced him to check on their well being. “Skystalker, scan the planets surface for any surviving Dinobots!” ordered Deathsaurus. “Affirmative sir! Scanning. Yeah, there are five survivors. Grimlock, Swoop, Slag, Sludge, and Snarl. Triceradon and Striker have been terminated.” Deathsaurus didn’t want to do this but he had to. “Let’s radio them.”
    On the planets surface the Dinobots feed on the remains of their fallen brethren before embarking in exploration. It wasn’t long before they each began to experience visions. Grimlock saw himself reunited with his father Trypticon. Snarl was a scientist, hailed for his achievements. Slag was relaxing endlessly in a hot mountain spring. Swoop was gliding on the winds, and even out into space, as the first Dinobot space explorer. Sludge was swimming in oil.

    Deathsaurus finally got through to the Dinobots after about fifteen minutes. “Grimlock, are you and the Dinobots ok?” asked a concerned Deathsaurus. “Me Grimlock reunited with father. Me Grimlock no fight.” Grimlock sounded strangely calm. Skystalker reported that the planet was being affected by the green Unicrons energy and was causing the Dinobots to hallucinate. “Me Grimlock nap father, wake me when it time for breakfast.”
    The Dinobots were trapped in the nirvana that Unicrons energy was causing them to experience. Deathsaurus wanted to save them, but it was too late. In the amount of time it would take to locate them and get them off the surface they would succumb to stasis lock due to the planets energy. “Good night Grimlock.” Said Deathsaurus in a voice that resonated with sadness. As the Beastforce proceeded to Unicron, Grimlock watched them go, the darkness of stasis lock beginning to consume him, he reached up his hand to bid farewell.

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