FFT-005: So big, it's on his shoulder....G1 Perceptor question

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    Fun Friday Topic #5
    I tried making this a weekly event on another message board, but after a few, there was little to no interest. Let's see if this message board can do better!!!

    (for those who did participated before, I guess you can copy and paste your answers from the other message board :) )

    Blaster: Hey Perceptor, what's shakin'? Other than this fortress...
    Perceptor: This thread!!! It's full of awesome because it's all about me!!!!

    This thread is dedicated to all you Perceptor fans...

    FACT: Perceptor is the greatest sharpshooter in the galaxy, he shot a tiny moving crystal 2000 miles away in the air...while the Autobot army was barely able to hit Megatron's shuttle before it left the atmosphere (ref: Microbots & The Ultimate Doom)

    FACT: He took out Devastator in 1 shot!!! (ref: Carnage in C-Minor)

    FACT: He built an interstellar craft out of a child's toy!!! (ref: Child's Play)

    FACT: He can cure robo-zombies!!! (ref: Dweller in the Depths)

    FACT: his lens are so powerful, he can look at Teletraan 1's space monitor and see more!!! (ref: Revenge of Bruticus)

    How is Perceptor the ultimate bad@$$ Autobot of ALL TIME?
    (yes, this is a Chuck Norris-like thread)

    -Perceptor is so awesomely powerful that he was banned from Earth

    -Perceptor saved a large portion of the Junkion civilization after Unicron crushed the ship

    -who needs to bring the Dinobots, Defensor, and Superion on missions, when you can just bring Perceptor? Rodimus Prime did something right by having Perceptor in on so many Season 3 missions. While Optimus Prime mostly just kept him in the base...what a loser. :tongue: 

    -Perceptor can light your darkest hour with his lens...who needs the Matrix?

    -he wanted to take on 4 Decepticon cassettes by himself, but Blaster had to steal his thunder by showing off his Blaster-fu and new minions.

    -we all know how bad@$$ Chip Chase was, but when Perceptor came along, he got schooled, and left.

    -every Autobot before he came along, had a tiny shoulder weapon...size does matter.

    -most toys get attention because they have a black repaint, but Perceptor is so bad@$$ that he was spawned FROM a black deco figure.

    -"Nobody ever suspects the microscope." (-Bart Simpsontron) :lol 

    -Perceptor is so awesome that no one has seen his tank mode, and lived to talk about it.

    I guess you can throw logic out the window for this one...Have fun!!!

    -Logic and/or
    -US or UK comics' events and/or
    -Japanese fiction and/or
    -fan-fictioned and/or
    -seriousness and/or
    -hilarity and/or
    .........to answer any or all. Or make up your own theories.

    Previous weeks' Fun Friday Topics...
    001: Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime...it's here!!!
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    003: Soundwave...it's here!!!
    004: Sunstreaker...it's here!!!

    Hopefully some creative person(s) would make a music video on YouTube featuring some of the fun theories from this (and upcoming) Fun Friday Topics, or make some of those "Motivational Posters"... :tongue: 

    Have a good weekend!!!

    See you next Friday.
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    Perceptor is so badass he was trained in metallurgy, to know exactly the best way to skin a Decepticon.

    Perceptor uses his microscope mode and laser to burn a 2 micron "Perceptor was here" into the skidplates of every Autobot and most Decepticons while they're recharging.

    Perceptor wasn't unable to fix Optimus Prime, he just wanted to make an example of someone who didn't pay their poker debts.

    Perceptor's knowledge isn't as encyclopedic as he lets on, he just keeps a couple genius-smart micromasters chained in his room, learns what he needs from them every morning, and threatens unspeakable tortures if they tell ANYONE what's going on.

    Perceptor is a microscope that is also a tank. You would not believe the amount of lab equipment he goes through.
  3. nostromo

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    the red paint on Perceptor is made out of the red that faded away from optimus primes corpse in the 86 movie sent back in time to himself by himself. SCIENCE! oh and he has his own line at the DMV
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    I've seen his tank mode AND lived to talk about it (see last stand of the wreckers) - Tom
  5. Kaymac


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    Perceptor is so awesome his RTS toy got to have chrome.
  6. Autobus Prime

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    Fact: Perceptor is so badaft he had to split into 3 vehicles to get into Armada.

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