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    FF Byrne 7 has just showed up. It's a bit of a victim of Crossoveritus as there isn't a single issue in here that isn't connected to something else, and several other comics issues come in to thuis volume reducing the number of actual FF issues down to 2 + one annual.

    The composition is - in order
    FF Annual 19
    Avengers Annual 14 (which crossover with each other)
    FF 285 (Secret Wars 2)
    Avengers 263
    FF 286
    X-Factor 1 (all of which are the X-Factor setup)

    The annual crossover - which may be familiar to some in the UK as it was printed as part of the Secret Wars II comic over here (and I'll get the issue numbers when I'm in London next) - is particularly nice as they're both pencilled by Byrne - yet inked by different people - and since there's pages of art used in both volumes you can see the difference the art makes. They also both fit into both series runs quite nicely. Unfortunately they're in the wrong place in the book as the end of FF Annual 19 dovetails into the start of FF 286 which in turn follows on from Avengers 263 but giving sufficent reason for the FF to get back to earth so much later than the Avengers. In terms of reading order it should run:

    FF 285
    Avengers Annual 14
    FF Annual 19
    Avengers 263
    FF 286
    X-Factor 1

    anyone got an email for the Marvel TPB dept so we can get the order corrected for a reprint ?

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