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    Hi guys,

    Wondering if anyone is letting go of the following. Could you please PM me with prices you want for the item SHIPPED or what you want for trade from my list below. I would prefer non MISB items as long as the item is mostly complete but PM me anyway.

    Armada Galvatron Complete

    Cybertron Galvatron Complete

    Cybertron Galvatron(car tailfins, two missles, force key, or one of those pieces)

    Digimon Magnaangemon(transforming version)

    Beast Wars Tripredacus Agent

    Beast Wars II Tripledacus

    Beast Wars II Diver (green frog)

    I have a few things for trade listed here if anyone is interested(willing to trade in favor of you for those items in my list)

    Beast Wars Magnaboss (complete but elephant is a little loose)

    Titanium Optimal Optimus (MIB)

    Many other non show beast wars figures(let me know what you need)

    Beast Wars Neo Sling (Takara and in box complete)

    Beast Wars Neo Dead End (no box)

    Beast wars Inferno (barely incomplete)

    G1 Inferno reissue (MIB)

    Movie 1 legends MISB Megatron and Blackout

    Generation 1 Dai Atlas Knock off (MIB)

    Cybertron Armorhide

    TFMovie 1 Burning Voyager Megatron.

    TFMovie 1 Dreadwing

    Marvel Crossover Spiderman(have packaging)

    Marvel Crossover Venom(have packaging)

    Marvel Crossover Human Torch(have packaging)

    Feel free to ask me for anything else I may have.

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