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Discussion in 'Commissioner Listing and Feedback' started by simified, Jul 29, 2011.

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    I've never bought anything from a member on this site before. Nothing against anyone but not having a mediator in case things go sour makes me a little bit leary. I was reading posts from a thread and saw that Dinobots Rule mentioned he had an extra Classics Thundercracker he picked up and no one wanted to buy it. After PMing him a few times we exchanged info and it was sent out. Let me say this, are THE MAN!!! He not only charged me less than I would have paid off of eBay but also less than Hasbros site charges with shipping! DAMN!!! Want to talk about someone who was a total pleasure to work with? Dinobots Rule wasn't trying to scalp anyone, hell, he only made a small profit. People like that who have the mindset "he I already have this toy but it's hard to find so I'll pick up an extra in case someone in the community might want it" are few and far between. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation! :bowdown: 

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