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    Hey everyone,

    I was jumping through some hoops for an eBay guy as he wanted to know the differences between the Robots in Disguise and First Edition toy lines.

    Here's the links I found from a few min. of google searching. There's some pretty good writeups and comparison shots. Might be helpful to someone. :) 


    Arcee FE/ RID compare:
    She's Fantastic: Transformers: Prime ARCEE!

    Cliff Jumper FE / RID compare:
    Vault Review: Transformers Prime Cliffjumper (First Edition) « It'sAllTrue.Net

    Starscream FE / RID comparison:
    Collecting Toys...: TF Prime Bumblebee Vs. Starscream Entertainment Pack Review

    Bumblebee FE / RID compare:
    BLAARGH! – Transformers Prime Toys : Panels on Pages

    General consensus is that while some have completely different mods (Arcce, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, etc.), all the FE figures mods are better engineered, and "feel better" - they're made of a higher grade plastic, while the RiD I'd compare to the Hasbro Marvel Legends-type plastic - a little rubbery or thin.

    I still like my RiD Soundwave and Rachet from that line -- but honestly, I wish they'd released them in the FE line, just to have been made from better plastics and have recieved better paintjobs.
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    I think it's because RID was designed by a different team from the FE toys. Some might have been engineered by the FE team (Soundwave, Wheeljack, etc. all the ones we saw on the BotCon slideshow).

    However, RID has one thing over FE, they are better TOYS. FE are collectors items, high end toys, whereas RID is a little low-end, aimed moreso at kids. I like lines that have high playability, but I also like the collector aimed line from time to time. It depends on what I want to buy. Right now, I am leaning towards getting an RID Bee instead of another FE one, as it has less to break on it, easier to Transform, and a bit more well proportioned. Also, I had problems with my last FE Bee so I'm a little biased against him.
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    All of the Prime toys are great figures. They're all very screen accurate, look great, and have great personality. You can't really fault the mainline figures for being a little simpler or for having a bit less paint; FE is a collector's line while RID is a main line-they're aimed at two very different markets.

    As far as individual figures go:

    FE Optimus is probably the best OP figure since Cybertron Optimus.* I don't have the mainline OP, but he does appear to have less paint and more kibble. However, he is supposed to be a much more fun and playable toy which, as great as the FE Prime is, the FE version lacks that a little.

    FE Bulkhead is great too-probably one of the best voyagers in years. However, I'm not convinced he's that much better than the RiD one. Sure, the FE one's weapons are more screen accurate, but the RiD one actually, I think, matches the show model better overall. Honestly, if we didn't have the FE one, I bet people would be gushing over the RiD one. He does have a bit of ugly kibble, though.

    FE Starscream is perfect, once you add a little red paint/sharpie. He's got personality, great articulation, and is in scale with the other figures. However, the RiD one doesn't look that bad...I may pick it up to pose with my FE Arcee. I would say that of the FE figures, Starscream is the one to get first, followed closely by OP.

    FE Arcee is a great figure. However, I prefer the RiD one because it scales better (FE is WAY too tall) and I find the kibble is less annoying. Sure, it sticks out more, but it doesn't interfere with her arm articulation and it's less visible from the front than on the FE one (I can't stand the handlebars sticking out behind her head. That's just me, though). Her gun sucks, but I gave her Armor Topspin's larger guns, and she looks f-ing badass.

    FE Cliff is great. But considering the prices you'll pay for him and the fact that he's barely in the show you could get away with the RiD one. His arms are a little awkward and he's got a false chest, but he's actually more screen accurate than the FE one, apart from the weapons.

    Bumblebee...FE BB is very screen accurate and has really good articulation, but he's kind of a pain to transform and you have to keep fiddling with his chest pieces to make it look good when you pose it. RiD BB is actually a lot better than everyone gives it credit for-decent articulation, much better transformation-including the one of the best automorphs ever, and is much less fiddly. Plus it comes with both guns. If you can stand his slightly awkward chest, the RiD one is just fine. However, you may as well get the FE BB, considering you can get him online for about $12 before shipping.

    RiD Soundwave is great. His knee's a little awkward, but he pulls off everything else about Prime Soundwave so well you don't even notice. There's a reason he's hard to find.

    RiD Wheeljack would be perfect if he had slighty better bicep swivels and a couple more paint apps. However, he's still nearly perfect and probably the best of the wave 1 deluxes.

    RID Ratchet is really great. Only problem is he's slightly too short and his rear end in vehicle mode is a bit bland. But, what can you do?

    RiD Megatron. Yes, he's a little too light grey. If it really bothers you, just get some silver paint or a sharpie. He's not as good as the deluxe version, but he's the only one that scales decent. The light up gimmick is the best integrated of the voyagers so far-he's meant to have a giant cannon and his light up areas look like he's full of dark energon so it's screen accurate.

    TL; DR

    Here's what I would get:

    Optimus: FE (worth the extra money!)

    Bulkhead: RiD, unless you can afford the FE. (I do think FE is worth it, though)

    Arcee: RiD

    Bumblebee: FE

    Ratchet: RiD (but wait till you find him at retail, still holding out hope for a voyager eventually)

    Wheeljack: RiD

    Cliffjumper: Hmm. I prefer the FE, but if price is an issue, RiD isn't bad.

    Starscream: FE. Definitely FE. Best deluxe TF in years.*

    Soundwave: RiD

    Megatron: RiD

    *Keep in mind that I don't have any Animated figures, so those don't factor in my rating.

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