Minor/Repaint: FE Bulkhead w/ rubber tires

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by rkg123, Jul 16, 2012.

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    Hey everyone,

    This actually turned out ok so I thought I'd post some pics! I really like some of the new Prime figs - but like most new stuff, with exception of MP line and a few others, they lack rubber tires!

    I used Movie 1 Leader Prime rubber tires and managed to get them on to FE Bulkhead.

    The following is just a summary of what I did, maybe not best way, but had to use tools I had!

    • Had to cut Bulkhead's plastic tires off with a pair of wire cutters. If you try this, be really careful not to cut the plastic axle - you'll need this to mount Prime's tires. Just cut enough tire away to expose the pin and pull the rest away
    • Once plastic tire is removed, use pliers to pull Bulkhead's pin that held the tire on; this requires lots of force and twisting, careful not to break the fig!
    • Once pin is removed, mount Prime's tire and pound in pin with hammer and 'punch' tool; if you don't have one I think just a big nail would work if you're careful.

    Overall, the tires fit well and look nice in my opinion. The fig has a much better overall feel with the rubber giving it some weight and without the plastic tires clanking around.

    This is the first time I've done this - so if you have any helpful tips I'd be happy to hear them!

    Thanks for looking!


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    They look pretty good on Bulkhead. A bit too big and 'street gangsta', but still pretty good.
    See how they look with them being folded upwards in bot mode. It'd probably add a nice bit to the shoulder/back area.

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