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    Which is your favorite episode, the one you thought was disgusted or hated the most? Which character from which series you wanted to kick or beat up and where and who do you want to kiss and hug from what series?
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    Well my favorite TF episode was G1 Ultimate Doom, it showed a bit of character development and I liked the story. I hate the armada series as a whole but the worst episode I've seen was Carnival and there is no redeeming it imo.

    My favorite character was G1 Optimus.

    I hated armada Hotshot and those kids should have... disappeared.....
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    Since I am incapable of hating anything in the original series.
    I'll give you my love hate tfs from armada, energon, and cyber tron.


    love wheeljack- he's a already hard edge autobot who's been pushed to far and left for scrap. Betrayed he turns to service the cons not because he agrees with their ambitions but for simple revenge. brilliant.

    Hate cyclonus- The humanoid face takes a while to get used to, but with a unimpressive conversion to vehicle mode, a grating voice complete with unintentionally pierceing laugh, and biologically functioning need to nap often, this guy had zero interesting qualities. He's the unlikeable jerk of transformers.


    love Rodimus- he had a killer backstory episode as a legendary hero of cybertron with a few loyal and reliable autobots on the crew. In the end we find he's been hired by the quintessons to help restore unicron. Rody has a great looking design for a energon splitt autobot combiner.

    Hate optimus prime- seriously why does he insist on standing around in his weak disproportionate mode. Most episodes he fights battles in this mode up until the last few minutes. It's a irratating basic mode and the dialog they chose for ops this time around made him overbearing and oppressive. Prime is the man keeping rodimus down.


    Love Red Alert- I've liked red alerts character since armada but the character got loads of development here. Mainly hes just a loyal, like able medic/scientist filled with techno speak and great looking form as robot or vehicle.

    Hate Thundercracker- A incompetent seeker? with a southern yahoo dub? Though I'm ok the look of the robot/vehicle, he just lacked that some things that great cons have. perhaps he just did'nt seem cruel or dark in the slightest. It's mainly the yahoo status.
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    I love almost any episode of G1. They were almost all good (few exceptions like the one where Seaspray falls in love with a mermaid). I also really liked Beast Wars but here are my candidates from these two series.


    Liked: Megatron-He is STILL my favorite version of Megatron and he was a leader first and foremost. Some people dislike him since the Decepticons never won but let's face it it was a cartoon show. I am still amazed how close they almost won so many times but some sort of blind luck or chance always messed them up! I would be furious if I was Megatron.

    Disliked: Powerglide-Just because he is such a cocky bastard.


    Liked: Tarantulas-He was the MOST cunning and dangerous character on the show. I loved his character development and he always seemed one step ahead of everyone.

    HATED: Tigatron- Tigatron sucks. His background is lame and his voice really gets on my nerves. I kept hoping he would die but taking him away for the later part of the show was a close second. The Maximals never really seemed to care too much that he was gone and I know I didn't. He never did anything worthwhile. "But what about the forest? Don't destroy the trees!" These are the types of lines I expect from this whiner. What an awful character.

    Other Shows: The fact that I link them together as "Other Shows" pretty much should tell you what I think of them.

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