Favorite Botcon 2012 exclusives rank

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by PrimeOQZ, May 1, 2012.

  1. PrimeOQZ

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    Sep 26, 2006
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    I thought this would be a fun thread. Rank the exclusives and why.

    Here's mine.

    1) Gigatron- I like the color and the mold.(and does not suffer from small head syndrome at all)
    2) Metalhawk- simple mold but works for the figure. I like homages to japanese toys
    3) Spinister- Love the color and the detail and the mold is nice.
    4) Treadshot- the jazz mold looks great in all the colors
    5) Kick Off- under rated. This one suprised me as to how much I like it.
    6) Darkmount- last one that I opened thinking I was not going to care for it and was also suprised. Fits the character perfectly. Like Gigatron, I had never transformed this mold.
    7) Junkions- great idea in insecticon colors and using all three available heads.
    8) Octopunch- nice homage and its going with my classics, not SG.
    9) G2 optimus- I know, this one is a lot of other's favorite but not a big fan of the mold, just the character.
    10) Tracks- like it in car mode. Dont care for the purple and wish the flames had been from the united version.
    11) Ultra Magnus- not a fan
    12) soundwave- at least it does not have small head syndrome. Not a fan of the choice of vehicle. His bio makes him a bot that loves life and is hip but a van reminds me something out of a the 60s hippie era(different colors) with the head band
  2. Anguirus

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    Aug 28, 2009
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    1. Gigatron. Good god this guy has presence.
    2. Optimus. Never seen a figure painted this nicely.
    3. Kick-Off. Great colors, great new head. It's an uncanny match for the original. And after Last Stand he makes a great themed pair with Overlord Gigatron.
    4. Soundwave. Not the greatest mold, could nitpick the head, but overall the figure works really well. Appealing colors, lots of nice tampos, and I like the headband add-on.
    5. Spinister. I would have preferred an entirely new head, but this one serves well. Great tampos. The color layout is a little funky, but he's still awesome.
    6. Treadshot. I was really surprised how much I liked him, that head sculpt is just really attractive. The only thing that drags him down is he's not a memorable character, just "huh, good transforming robot there"
    7. Ultra Magnus. The head is just really nice, though he's overshadowed by his bro.
    8. The Bard of Darkmount. A very straightforward repaint, but I like the character.
    9. Metalhawk. Really this guy moves up and down my list, but to sum up, I like the idea more than the execution.
    10. Tracks. Yeah ok, he's a red Tracks.
    11. Octopunch. I just can't say I like this guy too much in the end, he's too much like Seaspray.

    I didn't get the Junkions.
  3. Powersa

    Powersa Car Robots

    Aug 17, 2007
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    It's funny but OP's list in reverse order is pretty much my preference, with the exception of Kick-off, which I rank high too. Personally I think Kick-off turns out better than Treadshot.
  4. mmhand

    mmhand Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2002
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    I decided to forgo the boxset this year and only ended up with Kick-off, SG Prime, and Octopunch. I was originally only getting Prime so that I could get Kick-Off but I probably ended up liking Prime even more due to the excellent paintjob. Overall, all three figures are excellent.

    My rank:
    1. SG Prime--Fantastic paintjob
    2. Kick-Off--Great new head and great paintjob
    3. Octopunch--While the paintjob doesn't match the G1 character, it still looks very late G1ish which adds to the appeal.
  5. PrimeOQZ

    PrimeOQZ Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2006
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    I agree with all of you guys about Kickoff. I could not decide between he and treadshot because I liked them both but he will probably jump treadshot now that I look at it. He has got to be top 4 at least on my list.

    The SG prime is a very nice paint job as well.

    The love for spinister is that the colors really stand out and looks similiar to the original. When they did the sharkticons and sweeps a few years back, the colors were so dull.
  6. Bumblebee3

    Bumblebee3 Autobot

    May 12, 2011
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    SG Optimus=Total Win in every way the paint the detail colors just explodes awesomeness!!!

    Kick-Over/Kick-Off=The best in my opinion use of the Jazz RTS mold he is a MUST HAVE!!!!

    SG Junkion Wreck-Gar=The only one of the 3 I will be getting because well he is WRECK-GAR liked the idea of the 3 but for me they look too much alike to pay for all 3 so I chose the character who appeals to me and the whole insecticon feel is just great IMO

    So those are the only 3 I picked up from this 2012 Botcon all in all for my 1st one I think I got 3 great exclusives and am very happy with them and after all as a collector thats all that really matters in the end :) 
  7. allew

    allew Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2009
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    The City by the Bay
    I don't have any of these toys in hand yet, as I haven't gotten in my Iacon set and I still have to get Octopunch/Spinister set from the club store and Kick-Off on ebay, but from what I've seen here's what I think.

    1. SG Tracks – will be Road Rage in my collection, big fan of Diaclone homages
    2. Kick-Off – good headsculpt, love Actionmaster homages
    3. Metalhawk – turned out very nice, was worried that the head would be too small but from what I’ve seen it looks ok. Looking forward to Renderform’s custom sword and gun for him
    4. SG Treadshot – love that I get to replace the awful Armada Sideswipe figure, just needs a new faction symbol. Cool new headsculpt
    5. SG Longarm – the Jazz mold is so sexy in purple! Alternator Shockblast head and hand a great bonus!
    6. Gigatron – imposing, looking forward to Renderform’s gun for him and Maiden Japan’s armor to make him look less skeletal
    7. Spinister – great colors, Vortex head better than Tomahawks but still a little weird.
    8. SG Octopunch – has grown on me, I don’t plan on replacing his scuba head for a diver head anymore
    9. SG G2 Prime – well painted but too small
    10. SG Ultra Magnus – like the Diaclone colors, don’t mind the crystal skull, original mold is just too small, even with Tanker upgrade.
    11. SG Junkions – love the use of three different heads, but I’m happy with my regular Junkions
    12. SG Soundwave – don’t have a SG collection, so don’t need him. Would have preferred SG Ironhide in the boxset as he could have been a triple Diaclone/Movie/SG homage.
    13. SG Bard of Darkmount – green and gold was my middle school colors but like with SG Soundwave I just don’t need him.
  8. Abrogate

    Abrogate Nondescript Former Poster

    Apr 19, 2004
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    I also dont own them yet, but I want the majority of them

    1. Kickoff - just looks really nice, and is a normal Autobot I can add with no fanon changes
    2. Metalhawk - despite being rather goofy, I want him for my Elite Guard shelf, and his colors look good
    3. Octopunch - nice colors, will be using him as normal Octopunch next to ROTF Bludgeon on my shelf
    4. Treadshot - despite being a totally out of left field character, he has interesting colors and I feel like I can ignore his character and use him as a nice template for a new Decepticon
    5. Magnus - not sure where he fits into my collection, but I just really like his colors (always preferred Diaclone Magnus) and like the idea behind him with the alternate head sculpt. He'll look great with the Battle Tanker set and his own head.
    6. Gigatron - odd mold choice, but I love the colors and I need the character, so he's in. He'll go well with his Japanese Botcon brother, 2005 Deszaras
    7-8. SG Prime+Straxus - I feel odd putting these guys above Spinister and Road Rage, who are characters I have a legitimate use for. I don't really do SG and Prime/Straxus' colors are so distinct that I don't feel I can use them as different characters. But the colors are just so friggin nice, I am oddly drawn to wanting them anyway
    9. Spinister - while he's not quite as alluring as the above mentioned, I love the late G1 pastels and I think it's a good use of the mold. Mostly I don't like the head sculpt that much (odd that Kickoff got his own head when it doesn't look much different from Treadshot's default head... but they did the same thing in 2009 with Flak)
    10. SG Tracks - I have no use for SG, but as Road Rage this gal will work. But she ranks so low because the colors look a little clownish (which normally isn't something you'd say about a red corvette), and the shape of the feet don't help
    11. Junkions - Great colors but since I don't do SG, I have no use for these guys
    12. Soundwave - unlike the Junkions, I have no use for this and his colors and his head all stink. I realize FunPub have been sitting on the chance to use this mold since 2008, but his original Music Label White pre-Earth mode was so superior. This guy's a total dud

    I'm not including Longarm cos I'll probably never own him, but he does look great and I wish I could own him. But since I don't need the character (I have plenty of Shockwave stand-ins already), I keep telling myself I'll be fine without him
  9. Lbsammills51

    Lbsammills51 Well-Known Member

    Oct 11, 2008
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    Alta Loma, CA
    1 - Spinister - Love the mold, love the deco
    2 - Kick-Off - See above
    3 - Overlord - No it may not be a perfectly satisfying Classics Overlord, but I do like the mold and deco so it works in the meantime
    4 - SG Junkions - I don't collect SG unless it's a dual-purpose toy (Ravage, Thundercracker) so I'll probably pass on these, but I really like how the concept played out and am glad they used all three heads. I like them enough to be tempted to track down them down anyways.
    5 - SG Treadshot - No connection to the character (SG or normal) but again, I like the mold and deco and the head mold works for me...plus it kind of works as a Classics Armada Sideswipe
    6 - SG G2 Optimus Prime - Again, I don't collect SG so I'll probably pass on this, but I was surprised by how much I liked the deco on this toy
    7 - SG Tracks - Hello Classics Road Rage...perhaps not the most adventurous choice, but the one I was always intent on buying and the actual release has not disappointed
    8 - SG Octopunch - I like the mold, the deco's okay...it works enough as a Classics Octopunch I guess, but I'm not in love with it. The fact that it comes with Spinister makes it a convenient pickup.
    9 - Metalhawk - I can't get Peter Weller's face and "Robohawk" out of my head when I think of this toy...it's not necessarily bad, but the face really throws me off. In the end I'll get it and hope Renderform or someone makes a 'bot head so I have the option of choosing between the two.
    10 - SG Straxus - Again, not an awful deco...but I wish they would've used this opportunity to use the G2 Pimp Daddy deco instead of what we got. The latter would've been an instant purchase.
    11 - SG Ultra Magnus - I do like the head mold and the deco's okay...I just prefer a Diaclone Powered Convoy-styled deco on the Voyager Optimus mold, not the G2 toy so it doesn't even work as a Classics Diaclone toy for me
    12 - SG Soundwave - The headband issue is embarrassing and I'm not a fan of the head mold. The only definitive pass of the bunch for me.
  10. T4mercustomz

    T4mercustomz Genus time! TFW2005 Supporter

    May 19, 2011
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    Don't own any yet
    Gigatron: wow I just love this guys style perfect in my mind
    Metalhawk: a good referince to masterforce I like it all exept for the derp face
    Junkions: out of the ball park with me on these guys
    Ultra Magnus: many don't like him but he really works this mold and that face is awesome
    Prime: much like Magnus the paint makes him awesome but I don't see myself hunting him down
    Most of the rest were ok in my book but I dont think ill try and catch em all
  11. Grimlock_13

    Grimlock_13 Rattrap Teabag

    Dec 7, 2002
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    Boise, ID
    I don't have any yet, but of the ones I have on the way I'm most excited about in order:

    1 Kick-Off
    2 Spinister
    3 Tracks
    4 Octopunch
    5 Metalhawk
    6 Treadshot (don't like the huge SG symbol but I love the mold, that's why I got it)

    Octopunch, Tracks and Treadshot will definitely need Reprolabels if I can make them fit nicely.

    The Junkions looked great but I held off on them for now. Maybe I'll track them down another time. I have no desire to own Overlord, Soundwave, Ultra Magnus or Optimus. The Bludgeon mold is good but I don't think the head fits it in any way, shape or form. I don't want the others because I'm not into the SG thing (other than a couple exceptions obviously).
  12. FAKER II

    FAKER II Cheap Repaint

    Jul 19, 2011
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    1. Metalhawk
    - I like the mold. Looks good in both forms and transforms relatively easy.
    - The mold and the colors suit Metalhawk well.
    - He is one of my favorite G1 Japanese exclusive characters.
    - The character has never been redone.
    - The original figure costs a fortune.
    - Having a human head on a transforming toy is just plain creepy in a fun way.

    2. Tracks
    - One of my favorite CHUG molds.
    - Pays homage to Diaclone.

    3. Kick-Over
    - A fun mold that suits the original character.
    - It’s fun getting transformable toys based on Action Masters who original couldn’t transform.

    4. Octopunch
    - I think the mold suits Octopunch better than Seaspray.

    5. Gigatron
    - I always welcome homages to Japanese G1 Transformers.

    Beyond that, I don't care for any of the other figures.
  13. optimusfan

    optimusfan Kill your heroes Administrator

    Jul 23, 2002
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    Sure, I'll play:

    1. Shockwave / Longarm - Longarm? Whatever. Classics Shockwave with an alternators homage? Friggin' awesome.
    2. Kickoff - Gorgeous. This kind of deco is what Botcon excels at.
    3. Gigatron - Great tank mode. Bot mode is a bit off. Arms are too spindly and head is too big. However, if I don't look at him too closely I don't see the issues.
    4. Metalhawk - Looks better in hand than I expected. Nice colors and is something "different".
    5. Treadshot - Nice deco, but was outdone by #1 and #2 on the list.
    6. Prime - Nice deco. Love the metallic brushstrokes. I like this mold more as time goes on.
    7. Spinister - Pros: Pink pants Cons: It's still a movie mold
    8. Junkions - More Junkions. Yay?
    9. Octopunch - Uninspired, yet somehow a competent update.
    10. Soundwave - The faceplate is just too long. However, he will be rocking the third party headband as a wacky G2 Soundwave in my collection.
    11. Ultra Magnus - Head mold does not do the comic art justice. At all.
    12. Tracks - Hey everyone, it's red Tracks.
    13. Straxus - I don't know if I could possibly care le....zzzzzzzzzzzz
  14. videriant

    videriant Well-Known Member

    Sep 11, 2007
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    Kick-Out/Off/Over/Back/Forth - really liking the way this figure pops.
    Shockwave - really like what they did with this. Bio, figure, head, Alternators homage.
    Junkions - good army-builder. Prefer them in the insecticon colors over potential sharkticon colors.
    Metalhawk - I like what they did with this. Their reasoning that his bot mode resembles a human-form the most makes sense.
    Tracks - the purple does bother me a little. Was also hoping for a deeper red.
    Straxus - the deep yellow with gold flecks in it turned out very nice even though the mold has always been average to me.
    Spinister - one of this guys was enough for me.
    G2 SG OP - his colored turned out very well even though the mold has been over-used. Wondering why he has a crack in his windshield and battle damage when this is supposed to be a new body. :p 
    Ultra Magnus - not a bad color, really hoping for the rumored car-carrier trailer.
    Octopunch - Like the homage. Prefer this over the use of the robot mode as seaspray.
    Gigatron - the bone-gears are still too uniquely Bludgeon for me.
    Soundwave - they did the best they could.
    Treadshot - this figure was a stretch. Not bad but I like him the least out of the three uses of the mold.
  15. MaxGoof

    MaxGoof Preordained Soul

    Jul 2, 2002
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    Sounds like fun...

    1) Spinister -- Just fantastic. I never, ever thought we'd get another Spinister, and certainly not such a great one.
    2) G2 Optimus -- The original is far, far out of my price range. I'm exicted to have this one, and I actually prefer this mold.
    3) Kick Off -- Never cared about this character, but it's awesome to finally be able to transform him.
    4) Junkions -- Insecticon deco was inspired, IMO.
    5) Octopunch -- I like that he's Octopunch, but he's not as cool or authentic as Spinister.
    6) Treadshot -- Nice, though Kick Off has better colors.
    7) Soundwave -- NINJA SOUNDWAVE!!! I don't like the mold choice, unfortunately.
    8) Gigatron -- Again, don't like the mold choice for this character.
    9) Tracks -- It's red Tracks. Okay.
    10) Darkmount -- Don't care.
    11) Ultra Magnus- Bizarre.
    12) Metalhawk -- HATE HATE the human head. I understand it's a Pretender, but it just seems so freakish here.

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