Father's Day And Transformers.

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by GrimlockAutobot, Jun 13, 2008.

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    With father's day this weekend I thought this would be a good thread to start. To all of the fathers out there, please use this thread to tell some stories about how you and your children use Transformers to interact with each other.

    Other boardmembers could also use this thread to tell us about good times you had with your dad while playing with or even collecting transformers as a kid.

    I remember my dad being a big kid and whenever I got a new transformer for Xmas or my birthday he wanted to be the first one to apply the decals, assemble it (if required) and would even play with it for a couple of minutes before handing it over to me. (him and my uncle would both do this.)

    As a dad now, I try to share Transformers with my oldest daughter.....(that's right I said daughter.) I give her transformers that I have.....and I also go out of my way to pick TFs out for her at the store.

    We play with TFs together and I sit there and show her how to transform them over and over again and I also fix them for her when something breaks off of one of them.

    Most recently, I picked up a TF:A Blackarachnia for her. We have had alot of fun with that toy together. Most of the fun involves the grapnel hook and hanging it all over the house and also using it to scare her mother.

    Man that toy is fun!!

    Lots of good times between fathers and kids that involves Transformers as well.

    Do you have any stories you want to share? Let's hear 'em!!
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    Well, my only child is a two year old girl. She does love Transformers though, but as she's young we're in the look and don't touch phase with my collection. We've been learning their names together (apparently all the Seekers are just Star, Prime is Pime & Megatron is just Tron) as we play a little game where she points at one of my figures and I tell her what the name is and than she attempts to repeat it.

    I've also been buying her the Robot Heroes. She loves those little things and she plays with them with her little My Little Ponnies (the tiny ones that come with little playsets and stuff). We play with those together too.
  3. Ironhide2005

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    This is gonna be my first one so I can't wait!
  4. MagnusPrimal

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    My oldest daughter is 5, she has several Transformers, as well as the Robot Heroes. I also have a Classics/Reissue Soundwave waiting for her, but I think I'll let her get a little older before she get that one1

    For every day that I get a gift (Father's Day, my birthday, Christmas) she tell her Mom that they need to get me a Transformer, because that's what I like! I've gotten a few t-shirts from this, as well as reissue Inferno a few years back. I'm sure there are others, but which ones escape me at the moment.
  5. bhaalistik

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    One of the most popular Q&A in my house:

    Me: What do you want to do bud?

    Son: Transformer Battle! :D 
  6. pscoop

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    My daughter is five and is interested in TFs for now. She likes the 86 movie as well as the G1 series and Animated. She has Black Arachnia and every Arcee we could find. She really liked BA's origin story on Animated so lately when we play she likes to play out that story.

    She knows so many character names from just about everything it scares my wife. :lol 
    She still loves Barbie but I think is interested in TFs to be closer to me. I love that little kid.

    My son on the other hand is two and a half and gets pissed off and cries if I transform anything from a car into a robot. He also destroys every TF he gets his little hands on.
    RIP RID X-Brawn. :( 

    He does know some by name though. :) 
  7. IronicHide

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    Feb 26, 2008
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    All very sweet.

    I'm not a father, but most early memories of my step-father, pretty much coming in to my life in '84/5 revolve around TFs - he bought my first one (Mirage) and, when I snapped the arm off Megatron, he fixed it by drilling in to the shoulder joint and adding a screw. Many memories of that screw coming loose and he having to tighten it.

    When I got back in to TFs in 2006, and was self-mockingly telling him I was buying the new-look toys, he asked if there was an updated Mirage...

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