Fansprojact WB-007 Dai-Z (Not-Dai Atlus)

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    Looked all over and didn't find any review topics for this mold, a bit surprising if I am the first.

    Preface by saying while I don't actively collect a ton of 3P figures, when I do dabble Fansproject has always been by far my favorite. Bought two Function-X figures, the G3 and Protector trailers, and now my first Warbot. Everything I've gotten from them has been solid and passed the test of time and action. Can't say as much for MakeToys (Damn Hyper Novae). Anyway, sorry for the pic quality but until I invest in a tripod harness this is the best I can do.


    This is how he comes packaged. The treads on his legs are mistransformed, I forgot to fold them back for the pick. Anyway I like to think of this as his 'casual' mode, without the wings, weapons, and extra core bots. He looks great, very articulate, and stands solid for just about any pose (as long as you don't forget about his heel spurs, which some video reviewers have).


    Fully geared up he looks like a proper Dai Atlus look alike. The shield is a big clunky and hard to get around with, but you can always just remove it and store it if you really don't like it. The sword looks great, not another clone of Drift's or the Star Saber from Prime. It's a proper Great Sword with excellent sculpting and a very nice deco.

    The Gun can store on his back. The orange panels can rotate so if you want them to face forward as a blast shield you can have it, or if you prefer a more streamlined look you can turn them. Stands very well despite the extra weight of the wings on his back and the shield on his other arm.

    My first time with Corebots. Heartmasters? Powermasters? Whatever you want to call them, they are little robots with lots of ball joints and massive shoulder kibble. The neck joints are super tight. Balancing them is a bit harder because they have tiny feet, but for what they are they work fine for me.

    Individual vehicle modes with pilots. They fit their seats very nicely. Video reviewers for some reason despise attaching the shield to the drill-jet but the added bulk actually balances out nicely with the other two, in addition to providing another seat.

    Another look. As you can see the added bulk balances out very nicely. Transformation is surpsingly simplistic in hand compared to watching someone else do it. Everything snaps together just fine and it's fairly intuitive, the instructions are also quite helpful without being over detailed. My only issue was splitting the upper body from the legs. That connection was super tight and I had to apply real strength to separate him. But after the first time it loosens up a bit to require less force, though still a fair amount so it's still a tight joint.

    Combined vehicle mode looks boss. Only one corebot snaps into his seat in this configuration, but they are all very secure with the extra bits that hold them in. He doesn't roll or anything, but he's a very nice display piece and rugged enough to survive playtesting.

    My only issue taking him from one mode to the next is also his best quality, his hardness. This figure is solid and feels like something a child could play with, without breaking. At the same time it has all the extra little bits of detail a mature collector could want, but solid little bits can be rough for conversion. I broke every single fingernail learning how he transforms, and he left marks on my fingers that took some time to go away. It was rough. And the seat from the plow/truck/whatever it is, is still very stiff and hard to unfurl. It locks itself in which is nice and secure but there's nothing to grip but tiny plastic edges to 'unlock' it, which is a bit part of what leads to broken fingernails and swearing.

    Combined vehicle mode is big, as big as Titan's Return Sixshot in fighter mode. Also in view is TR Voyager Megatron and Takara Legends Shrapnel (Skrapnel? Whatever they call him, now).

    Robot mode stands somewhere between modern voyager and leader class, which is perfect for a generations Dai Atlus. I couldn't be happier with the scale. Though with my luck we'll get an official Dai Atlus in the very next line. 20170316_201037.jpg Here with TR Powermaster Optimus Prime and the AoE Evolution two-pack Classics Optimus Prime. Stands almost on par with PMOP. Looks great in general.

    I picked Dai-Z over MMC Carnifax because he was cheaper, and I'm very happy I got him. Dai Atlus hasn't gotten much love in a long time so the chance to have any representation of him is nice, and for the price I thought he was worth it. Look forward to integrating him further into my collection.
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    Great write up mate. He is indeed an excellent figure.

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