fanfic: attack of the rainmakers!

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    this takes place in my personal canon g1/classics continuity

    starscream has recently gone missing. to replace him, jihaxus and shockwave use spark traces left from starscream to make 3 clones. the clones would be charged with extreme energys. the clones were finished. shockwave and jihaxus brought them to megatron to demonstrate their power.the first clone named acidstorm was able to melt duplicate-autobot-aloy. the second one, hailstorm, was able to stop the training drones with tons of liquid nitrogen. the last one, sunstorm, looked like he was on fire. dirge tried to go near him, but he was incinerated by the mass radiation. sunstorm was able to wipe out a legion of drones in 5 seconds. megatron was pleased,but unaware of what sunstorm would do in the near future.

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