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Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by spiritprime, Nov 1, 2008.

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    My fancharacter, Fireblast. So what if he's like War Within Optimus Prime? There's a big reason behind that, and there's another behind him being pinkish red. I've made a story about him, but I'm afraid it's dead for the time being, it sucks horribly, but at least I got to put this up anyway. I gotta figure out a better name for this guy.... good Primus! Bio of him can be found below.

    Name: Fireblast
    Faction: Neutral/Autobot
    Function: Warrior
    Alt Mode: All-Terrain Attack Force Vehicle
    Quote: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

    Bio: A young mech with a gread deal of courage, a smart mouth, a daredevil, and a gentle nature, Fireblast is just as much as a good leader than anyone that his adoptive creators, Steelburst and Starfire, had ever had. As young as he maybe at four million years old, Fireblast is a trouble-maker sometimes, but he knows to not cause trouble when he feels that it's a bad idea. He has a deep affection for the femme, Frostblade, and a fine friendship with her brother, Turbostorm. He is very protective of his adoptive family and will not hesitate to do what is right ,especially when it comes to hostile situations. When not doing anything, he can be laid-back, and sometimes quiet when minding his own business. He is quick to make friends amongst different species of creatures and extremely trustful, but there are times when an enemy can use that to their advantage, especially when Fireblast believes that they have a change of Spark/heart. But that's what makes him who he is. Sometimes he can be a bit stoic when it comes to fighting, but when his friends are in danger, he will do everything in his power to protect them.

    Weapons/Abilities: Fireblast wields an Ion Blaster that he received from his adoptive father, Steelburst. In his alt form, Fireblast can reach a maximum speed of 50mph while travelling in a straight line. He has a strange ability of where he has dreams that guide him through times that are difficult, and when he doubts himself. He also has a flame thrower, but he doesn't use it much. In his back are two Energon-Swords that he weilds accurately, and have the ability to give off a sonic burst when they meet in a cross-section when he puts them together, they can cut through steel, iron, and even the most weakest of metals.

    Weakness: Because of his concern for the weak, Fireblast is easily manipulated when his enemies claim that they've had a change of heart, and as soon as he turns his back on them, they will shoot him without a second's hesitation. His concern for the weak, the helpless, and the injured can lead him to his destruction and only a few times has he ever escaped that incident with his life. He maybe big and strong, but he is a little slow when it comes to high-speed chases. Because of his rashness, a little bit of overconfidence, and lacking discipline, he intends to rush straight into danger without a second thought, but that's only when his friends and family are in danger.
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    I was going to say that. :p  Nice sketch and coloring.

    How is he still alive? Never trust a Decepticon. :crazy: 
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    even the weakest of metals? you don't say! :) 

    good bio, i enjoy the depth it has.
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    Nice drawing - colours could be a little better. Bio is fantastic though! Good job.

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