Fan-made Australian Transformers Calendar

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    As the first of several (hopefully) Transformers commemorative items for our 15th Anniversary at Ozformers (Australian fan community/club), the 2011 Calendar is now available for non-members. There are 120 left.

    I had asked Hasbro for permission to do this, so that we could at least be seen as trying to do the right thing, but didn't get it, so I produced it anyway. I just want to make sure people know that this was not an authorised item at time of production.

    The theme of the calendar is 'Transformers Icons', and each month features one iconic character name (as voted by the Australian fans), with a collage of up to 10 toys of that name throughout the 26 years of Transformers.

    The Calendar is proper gloss paper and card-stock front and back covers. Full colour, and wire bound - it has the same quality and appearance of ones you'd find in stores. The only notable difference is that the pages are single sided, to make it a little cheaper to produce, but that just means it'll take up less space on a desk. Unfortunately they punched the hole on the wrong end, so when it hangs on a wall, it will end up having a blank page showing with each month. If I'd known they were going to do that, it would have been printed double-sided to save pages and money.

    Below is a sample pic of January:.


    Cost is US$15 (postage included), and for non-Australians, Paypal would be the only viable option.
    If you're Australian, I can take bank transfers.

    Email me at - griffin @ - for payment details, and your postage address.

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