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    A word from the author:

    About 3 years ago I wrote a story... it was something to pass the time and distract me from unemployment and my then fiance (die whore! DIE!). After about a year, I completed this 100+ page story to the joy of many, myself included. After a failed attempt to write a sequel and two sidestories, this story was lost in the internet due to the fact my old computer liked to steal the souls of harddrives. Thanks to the dilligent work of our resident Pugsly Addams look-alike DevilzFan, I was able to restore my story.

    Two months ago, I gave this story to a friend of mine who works for Marvel comics (Ralph Macchio, current head editor of the Marvel Ultimate universe). After a month of waiting, he finally gets back to me. The result? I am happy to report that I am in the process of finding an agent to get some of my other writings out there and published.

    With that all said, I'd like to thank everyone who originally read this story and provided me with the feedback and criticisms that helped me define my style and keep me motivated to continue. I'd like to give a big thanks to King Starscream who helped bring a few of the characters to life. Those works and many others can be seen at his website.

    Now, sit back, relax, and please, enjoy!
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    Cybertron, post Beast Machines, is under assault by a group of Neo-Decepticons. The Maximals are all but extinct. It is their darkest hour. The Matrix is gone. The Oracle is dead. The only hope for Cybertron lies lost in it's past. A Hero of legend returns. Comrades long forgotten are found once more. But will it be enough to save Cybertron and restore peace to the world of...The Transformers?


    Three hundred years ago, the planet Cybertron was converted into a techno-organic planet. While many of the inhabitants needed time to adjust to their new world and selves, there was peace. True peace. The planet was unified under a single banner: Cybertron. Autobot, Decepticon, Maximal, Predicon… these words no longer held any meaning to the masses. That is until they came. A group of rogue Transformers assaulted the planet. The Cybertrons fought back, but were quickly overwhelmed by these larger and stronger foes. This rogue group, calling themselves Neo-Decepticons, had quickly laid waste to the planet Cybertron turning the surface into a barren desert in under ten years. Now, the remaining Cybertron resistance groups, calling themselves Autobots, have reformatted themselves into war machines once again. Their former beast modes now holding no meaning as their organic world has died. Though larger and stronger than they were as techno-organic Cybertrons, the Autobots are fewer in number, scattered across the planet, and losing.
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    Chapter 1

    ::Where am I?::

    “Is he active yet?”

    “Sorry sir, not yet. It’ll take a few moments for his spark to get re-adjusted to his body.”

    ::New body? What…?::

    “Activate him! NOW!”

    “Sir! This has never been done on a protoform of this size before! By the matrix, is was only done successfully once during the war on ancient Earth… and that’s reguarded as a fairy tale!”

    He groaned.

    “He’s awake!”

    “About time!”

    His optics came online. “Where… what…” he looked around his surroundings. He was in some sort of lab, but it looked like it had been bombed out. The walls were riddled with holes and deep cracks. The lights were dim and flickering. Console screens were shattered on many of the equipment. Before him stood two robots he was unfamiliar with.
    One was a short, white robot with no recognizable transformation from viewing his robot mode. The other was a large brute of a robot, obviously built from the start to be a warrior. The large cannon over his shoulder was evidence on that. “Who are you two? What happened to me?”

    The taller ‘bot chuckled. “For a Prime, you’re pretty thick. You’re inside an Autobot stronghold. A medical bay, actually.”

    The shorter figure smiled. “I’m so glad this worked! Maybe now we stand a chance.”

    He shook his head. “You really didn’t clear anything up for me. Last thing I remember is that giant battleship… then…”

    The smaller bot’s smile faded. “Yes… the invasion. Many of our kind perished with in the first days. My name is Wrench. My friend here is Jackhammer. Welcome back to the world of the living.”

    Jackhammer let out a sigh. “Yeah, the dead world of the living. But, now with you here Prime, we can…”

    ”Hold it! I’m not a Prime! I gave up the Matrix long ago.”
    Wrench stepped back. “But… you were once a Prime! Rodimus Prime, you’re our last hope!”

    “I am NOT Rodimus Prime! My name is Hot Rod! Now tell me everything that has happened since that ship came here!”

    Wrench sighed. “It’s not a very happy tale, I’m afraid Rodimus…”

    Hot Rod jumped off the table with a loud clank. “For the last time! I am not…” He caught his reflection off one of the monitors. “What the…? I’m huge!”

    Jackhammer stood next to Hot Rod. “Yeah, most of us have undergone the procedure. In your case though, we had no choice. Your old body was scrapped beyond repair. Wrench here had a hell of a time hunting down your spark in the Matrix.”

    Hot Rod spun around. “What are you talking about? You mean all the Cybertrons reversed the Maximal upgrade?”

    Jackhammer laughed. “Not much of an upgrade if it makes you easy pickin’s for your enemies.”

    Wrench stepped in. “That’s enough. Unfortunately, what my friend here says is true. Rodimus… Uh, I mean, Hot Rod, you’ve been brought back from the dead. You see… the Autobots have been fighting the Decepticons for a long time now. They were the ones in control of that ship. They were the ones who kill so many of our kind. They were the ones that destroyed our world!”

    “Whoa, slow down! There are no more Decepticons!”
    Jackhammer sat himself down against the wall. “That’s what we thought too. In the few times we get a break from fighting, we’ve been trying to figure out where these guys came from. At first we thought they were some sort of splinter cell that broke away from the original Megatron’s rule eons ago… or Galvatron’s. But they’re too blasted strong to be THAT old… er… no offense.”

    Hot Rod sat himself down on the table he woke up on. “None taken. Go on.”

    Wrench interrupted. “I can probably explain the other theories a bit better than Jackhammer can.” Wrench took a step back when he caught a glance of the look Jackhammer gave him. “Uh… yes. Well, another theory is that this group of Decepticons come from another dimension where Unicron was victorious and granted the survivors amnesty from destruction. However, the fact remains that we don’t know anything about these invaders other than the fact that they are our enemies and they will not rest until we are all dead.”

    “The Counsel of Elders… what happened to them?”

    Jackhammer let out a sigh. “Vaped. The citadel was one of the first targets.”

    “And the Matrix?”

    Wrench began typing something into an active computer. “Lost. Presumed destroyed. When we tapped into the Matrix to revive you, we thought that if it were destroyed, it would bond with the last Prime to wield it. Being once a Prime yourself and the most recent one to join the Matrix, we brought you back online… however, it seems that our group’s theories were wrong.” The computer began beeping. “Now, we must get moving. We don’t have much time.”

    “Why? What’s going on?”

    Jackhammer pulled one of the floor panels up revealing a passage. “Yanking you out of the Matrix left a pretty big energy signature. The D-cons are gonna be on top of us in a few minutes. Now come! This place is set to blow! Think you can transform?”

    “Of course! Hot Rod, Transform!” Nothing happened. “What…”

    Jackhammer transformed into an armored car like truck with a turret at the rear that extended nearly to the front of his vehicle mode. Wrench jumped into Jackhammer’s turret seat. “We no longer use command codes! Yelling them out in battle tends to give away your position!”

    Hot Rod just stood dumbfounded. “So how do I transform?”

    Jackhammer began to speed away. “You shut up and just do it!”

    “Simple enough.”

    It felt like old times. Before the upgrade. His body shifted and locked into place. Key internal systems for his alternate mode phased into place from his sub-space pocket. Now transformed Hot Rod sped off after the two who had brought him back to this war with just one thought going through his head.

    “Outnumbered, out gunned, and no Matrix or a Prime… slag.”
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    Chapter 2

    The trio sped down the corridors into the depths of Cybertron. They had been moving at top speed for some time now and Hot Rod was getting tired.

    “Guys… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but can we pull over? I’m exhausted!”

    Jackhammer let out a chuckle. “No can do, Grandpa. If you’re tired, pop into neutral and latch on.”

    Hot Rod grumbled. “Yeah… thanks… Just where are we going anyway?”

    Wrench looked back as Hot Rod attached himself to Jackhammer’s hitch. “You remember Cheetor talking about the Oracle Chamber?”

    “Yeah… a little. That place was supposed to be a myth! Don’t tell me it’s real!”

    “It is… well, was. It died when the organic Cybertron died. You fought against the rogue Predicons after the re-formatting, didn’t you?”

    “Yeah. I lead one of the Maximals main platoons.”

    Wrench smiled. “Ah, I thought that was you. So why do you not wish to be called by either of your more… shall I say, glamorous titles?”

    “You’re kidding, right? Well, first of all, I’m not a Prime anymore. Frankly, I’m not cut out to be one… as for Rodimus Major… well, never liked the title. Besides, from you tell me, that title doesn’t hold any value seeing as how the army I lead is now long dead.” Hot Rod’s statement got only a nod as a response from Wrench. “Ok, now here’s one for you two. If you guys have the ability to bring back the dead, why just me? Why not Fortress Maximus or Computron… and why is my gun sticking out of my hood?”

    The two Autobots laughed. “Probably a left-over side effect from your time as a… target master I believe you called yourselves back then, correct? As for bringing back an Autobot the size of Fortress Maximus or one of the old gestalt teams, that’s a bit more complicated to explain. First of all, pulling a spark from the matrix is a very time consuming and energy extensive procedure. You see, we have to cut our way into another dimension to do so. It leaves a very distinct energy signature and the physical side effects on our realm are very easy to detect. Then there’s the issue of there only being a few locations left on Cybertron’s surface that still have the capabilities of performing such a task. It is impossible to do so from our headquarters in Neo Iacon. We can also only bring one spark back at a time and we would need suitable bodies for each spark. While we would be able to bring back the spark of Cerebros, with out a human’s life energy to contribute to the process, rebuilding Fortress Maximus would be futile.”

    Jackhammer butted in. “And don’t even ask about brining new sparks online. Vector Sigma is long gone. We think that the Neo Decepticons took it to help bolster their ranks.”

    Hot Rod was in shock. He knew things were bad, but this was beyond anything he could imagine. “So why me?”

    Wrench sighed. “After Optimus Prime deactivated naturally, you held the Matrix of Leadership for a while afterwards, didn’t you?”

    “Yes, but only for safe keeping until the Council of Elders could be properly established.”

    “I see. Therefore, you were the last Prime to ever actually have contact with the Matrix, which is what we theorized. We thought that a former Prime would have some sort of… oh what do the organics call it… ah, yes… some sort of telepathic link of sorts to it. A way of homing in on it and finding it. If you became Rodimus Prime again, the Autobots would definitely be able to retake our planet!”

    “Hold it right there! I am not a Prime! I was never cut out for that roll! Just because I was chosen by the Matrix, doesn’t mean I was destined to be a Prime. When Optimus was killed by Megatron, the Matrix chose me out of necessity! It was saying ‘you’ll have to do’.”

    Wrench turned away from the conversation, much displeased. “I see. Well, that is very unfortunate.”

    After roughly an hour of silence Jackhammer began to slow down. “Well, we’re here.”

    Hot Rod had shut down, but the decrease in speed woke him up. “Here? Where’s here?”
    Wrench hopped off of Jackhammer. “Neo Iacon. Our last fortress.” He walked over to a panel in the rock wall. “Well, even if you’re not interested in becoming our Prime, maybe you’d be interested in helping us find someone who would.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You’ll find out.” A door opened up under Hot Rod plunging him into the darkness below.
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    Chapter 3

    Audio receptors…. Off line*

    *Optic sensors… off line*

    *Vocal emitter… on line*

    “That’ll do. HELP!” He knew he was awake. His physical sensors were functional and he was happy he had stopped falling. He just wished he had stopped a bit softer than he did. “Is anyone there?”

    *Audio receptors… on line*

    The voice that answered was familiar. “Sorry kid. Shoulda warned you that the door was underneath ya.” Jackhammer laughed. “You’re tough. I’ll give ya that. You landed square on your head! If you didn’t transform when you did, you’d be a goner!”

    Hot Rod groaned as he stood up. His optics were still out, but his internal repairs were doing their job. “Yeah, lucky me. Give me a hand here, would ya? My optics are out.”

    “Nothing to really see anyway. We’re outside the secondary gates. Wrench went ahead to get you clearance… and medical attention.”

    His optics came back online. “Oh, there we go.” He looked around. “Yeah… I see what you mean. Wrench didn’t seem too happy with what I said back there.”

    “Yeah, but he’ll get over it. It’s just that… well… why are you so against being a Prime again?”

    Hot Rod sighed. “This again… great…”

    Jackhammer gave a perplexed looked. “What do you mean?”

    “Oh, nothing. Just after I gave up being a Prime, my… mentor I guess you would call him, would keep asking me if I’d ‘step up to the plate’ again.” He sighed. “I’m sorry, I just can’t do it again. It’s too much pressure and…”

    “You’re not Optimus Prime….”

    Hot Rod jumped back from Jackhammer’s comment. “What did you say?”

    “It’s alright. I think I can understand where you’re coming from. Optimus was an amazing leader. Trying to fill that face mask must have been a near impossible task.”

    Hot Rod settled down a bit. “Glad you understand. I just wish Wrench would.” Hot Rod looked around again. “What did he mean ‘finding someone else’?”

    Jackhammer shrugged. “Not sure. I’ve known him for quite some time and I still haven’t figured the little guy out… I don’t think I’ve ever seen him transform…”

    “Really? That is pretty strange… I mean, even Grimlock transformed every once in a while, but…” The sound of the gate doors cut Hot Rod short. “Looks like we have company.”

    The figure’s features were blotted out by the dust that spilled into the space Hot Rod and Jackhammer occupied. “Ok, which one of you needed the medical assistance.”

    Hot Rod raised his hand. “I did… but I’m ok now. My internal repair systems took care of it.”

    “Internal repairs can only do so much. Let me have a look at ya anyway. Never liked the Maximal repair systems much. Nearly put medics like me out of service.” The medic walked closer to the two Autobots. “Wrench told me he was bringing in new blood, but I swear I’ve heard your voice before.”

    Hot Rod smiled. “Now that’d be great… to see a familiar face. How long have you been on line?”

    The medic laughed. Hot Rod still couldn’t make him out with the dust and dirt flying around the room. “Longer than most of the ‘bots I put back together again. Around long enough to see every great advancement in Transformer technology. Heck, I think I’m the only Autobot active that started out as one.” The medic laughed. “There you go. That should patch you up. Just to give you an idea… ever heard of a Decepticon by the name of Galvitron.”

    Hot Rod stood up smiling. The dust had finally cleared away enough to make out the old medic. “First Aid?”

    First Aid stumbled back and tripped landing on his backside. “By the Matrix… can it really be you? Rodimus…”

    Hot Rod cut him short. “Just Hot Rod I’m afraid.” He helped up the old Autobot.

    Jackhammer started walking through the doors. “Not to interrupt, but you guys can catch up more INSIDE the gates. Let’s go.”

    Hot Rod and First Aid trailed behind Jackhammer as they walked along. “I heard you were killed when these Neo-cons attacked!”

    “Well, it’s a long story…” Hot Rod looked over First Aid “You haven’t changed a bit. You never were a big fan of the Maximal upgrade.”

    First Aid smirked. “Just meant I’d have to walk a lot farther to get from one place to another. Besides, I was able to transport a lot more wounded like this than if I had gone through that upgrade.”

    Hot Rod chuckled. “Always about the job with you. Are any of the others…”

    First Aid shook his head. “I’m the last Protectobot I’m afraid. Groove and Blades underwent the upgrade. Streetwise and Hot Spot left Cybertron even before that to be part of a colony police force. I stayed here to help people. Let’s just say I’ve been busy.”

    “From what I heard, I can’t even imagine.”

    Jackhammer stopped in front of a small complex. “Sorry to break up the reunion, but DJ wants to see you. He’s in there.”


    First Aid looked at Hot Rod “Good luck to you. Hopefully I’ll see you outside of the medbay.”

    Hot Rod smiled. “You bet! Take care.” He looked back at Jackhammer. “Who’s DJ?”

    “He’s Neo Iacon’s City Commander. He wants to talk to you.” Jackhammer lowered his head. "And he isn't too thrilled with what Wrench told him."
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    Chapter 4

    Hot Rod stood in the make shift office. There were trophies that dated before the war for various accomplishments. There were holograms of various transformers that Hot Rod didn’t recognize. Probably of comrades lost over the years. And then, sitting in front of him, was DJ. He was a large ‘bot that was probably a head taller than Jackhammer. He could tell DJ was the type to throw his size around to intimidate other Autobots. Hot Rod wasn’t impressed. “You wanted to see me?”

    DJ stood up and hurled his desk across the room. Hot Rod ducked under the airborne furniture. “What is your problem, boy?”

    He stood up. “My… My problem? You’re the one throwing things!”

    DJ started stomping toward Hot Rod. “Think you’re too good for us, punk? Well let me tell you something! I…” Hot Rod began laughing. “What the slag do you find so damn amusing, boy?”

    “Do you even know who I am?” Hot Rod stepped up to the larger Autobot “leader”. “Do you?”

    “Yeah, you’re a punk who won’t take any responsibility!”

    “Right. Ok. And attempting the threaten me to take charge is smart.”

    DJ pushed Hot Rod away. “Take charge? Ha! I’m the one who’s in charge! However, we need unity in our ranks. Respect. We need a Prime, and you’re going to be it! Do I make myself clear!”

    Hot Rod smiled. “Oh, yes. Crystal clear.” With a lightning swift kick to the knee, the larger bot came tumbling down to all fours. Hot Rod knelt down beside him placing his arm blasters to the larger bot’s head. “Now, I can tell you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t really receive audio messages well, so I’m going to make this short and simple, something even a muscle head like you could understand. You guys wanted Rodimus Prime. You got Rodimus Major. I will not become a Prime again. I can’t because I no longer have the will to become one. Now, if I hear one more thing about me become Prime, I’ll bring you right back down to this position, and put enough holes in your body that you can be used as a wind instrument. So, do I make myself clear, DJ?” He heard the larger bot gulp. “Good. Now, if you’ll excuse me.” Hot Rod began to leave to room.


    Hot Rod turned around. “I thought we were clear on this!”

    DJ grunted as he brought himself up to his feet again. “Wrench told me that probably wouldn’t work… we’ll do it his way. Help us.”

    Hot Rod crossed his arms. “Depends on your definition of ‘help’. Remember, me becoming Prime doesn’t compute.”

    DJ sat back down rubbing his knee. “I know. We are in real need of experienced fighters. We need someone to train our soldiers. The best we can do are low level drills. Very basic stuff.”

    Hot Rod thought a moment. “That I can do. Is there anything else?”

    DJ nodded. “Yes. Well, at least I hope so. We need a bit of information from you.”

    “Ok. Shoot.”

    DJ stood up and began pacing. Hot Rod forced back a chuckle as the larger bot paced with a limp. “Most of our historical records were lost during the early part of this war. Events, locations, identities…”

    Hot Rod huffed. “Get on with it.”

    “If you were to have a map of Cybertron’s surface prior to the war, would you be able to show us where the Hall of Heroes was located?”

    The request was almost a joke. The Hall of Heroes was a memorial for warriors of the Great War with nothing of any significance to anyone in this day and age. “I guess, but why do you want the location of a tourist attraction? What’s there?”

    DJ stopped pacing and smiled. “Hope.”
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    Chapter 5

    Jackhammer ran to Hot Rod as he came out of the building. “What the slag happened in there? I almost got scrapped by a table!”

    Hot Rod laughed. “Yeah… about that… get that guy a stress manager, will ya? Who put him in charge?”

    Jackhammer laughed. “He gets the job done. Besides, he’s the only thing keeping this place from being detected.” Jackhammer noticed a little confusion passing over Hot Rod. “DJ can disrupt and block all forms of communications and disrupt scanner waves in all three of his modes. It puts a lot of strain on him.”

    “I bet. He doesn’t get out much, does he?”

    Jackhammer laughed. “Nah, not really. Besides, he’s not really equipped for offense. His jamming systems replaced his weapon systems. He wouldn’t even be able to handle a photon pistol. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him transform either…”

    Hot Rod smirked. “Oh, I’m sure he’d make due… he’s pretty lethal with a desk. So, where’s the training ground?”

    Jackhammer pointed straight ahead. “Four blocks up, then hang a left.”

    “Thanks! Hot Rod, trans…” Jackhammer burst out laughing. “Yeah, yeah, shut up.” Hot Rod transformed to his sports car mode. As he sped along, he marveled at the accuracy of his new body compared to his original form. It was near identical. The only difference was that his rifle was fused to his hood. He let out a “yeeha!” as he took to the air after a steep incline. “Oh man! These roads were built for me!” The road ahead of him suddenly erupted into a fire ball. He plowed through the wall of flames and shot out the other side. He screeched to a stop and transformed with his weapon drawn at the ready. The sounds of explosions and blaster fire filled the area. The smoke and dust from the blast that nearly hit him made it difficult to see where he was being attacked from. A flash of light caught his eye. He dove to his left and he was clear of the smoke.

    Before him stood a beat up, reflective, metal wall. He walked carefully towards the smoldering hole where the shot came from. Using a trick he learned on Earth, he used the butt of his rifle to chip away a small piece of metal from the wall. Using it as a mirror, he looked through the wall. It was difficult to see, but he could make out dozens of Transformers of different sizes engaging in mock battles. Hot Rod swung around to the sounds of heavy foot steps. Jackhammer appeared out of the smoke.

    “Jackhammer, what the slag is going on in there?”

    “That’s our training center.”

    “You guys use live ammo in the middle of the city?”

    “There’s another kind?”

    Hot Rod rolled his optics. “Never mind. How do I get in there? Or do I just blast my way in?”

    Jackhammer smirked a bit. “There’s a door on the other side. I have to warn you, some of these guys are pretty green. Other’s don’t really like to listen to superiors they don’t think are a threat.”

    Hot Rod smiled. “No problem, I think I can…” Suddenly the wall next to Hot Rod bulged out in the shape of a large figure. “You go first.”

    Jackhammer led the way. Hot Rod admired just how massive the guy was. Now that he was in the light, Hot Rod could see just how powerful his new ally was. Along with the large cannon over his left shoulder, Jackhammer’s blocky blue arms had two blasters one each wrist. At his shoulders were two, red, wing like protrusions which became Jackhammer’s spoiler in his armored car mode. His blue and gray legs were very blocky but visibly powerful. Jackhammer turned around about to speak. His silver face buried inside a full head, black helmet showed the scars of battle. Hot Rod couldn’t believe how much of a soldier Jackhammer really was.

    “Is something wrong?”

    “Oh, sorry… Just… I can tell that you’re one hell of a soldier. I’ve seen that kind of face before.”

    Jackhammer was noticeably rattled by the comment. “Uh… thanks? I think. Yeah. Well, here are the recruits Hot Rod. Do your best.”

    Hot Rod took one look at the twenty Autobots running simulations and target practice. He knew he was in for a long day. “This is going to be tough.” He sighed. “Remember what I said about calling me Rodimus Major?”


    “Forget it. These guys will eat me alive.”

    “You think changing your name is going to help any?”

    “Best I can do without having an army of my own at the moment… Listen, is there a larger, more secluded field than this somewhere down here?”

    Jackhammer nodded. “Sure. On the other end of Iacon. We use it for dumping though.”

    Hot Rod smiled. “Thanks. You’re not going any where, are you? I could really use a hand with these guys.”

    “I’m at your service, Major.”

    “Thanks.” Hot Rod turned his attention to the rag tag group. He turned his voice synthesizer volume as high as it could go. “Attention Autobots! I am now your commander. You will do as I say. I’m going to turn this slag heap of recruits into a fighting machine! Now, Autobots! Transform and roll out!”
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    Chapter 6

    Hot Rod sped along and sighed. “Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea.” The group was entirely out of control. While they had been following him, a few liked to stray away from the set course. The three flyers in particular had some serious issues staying on the route. “Rodimus Major to Jackhammer.”

    “Are they always this… independent?”

    Jackhammer sighed. “Unfortunately. They don’t understand what’s at stake here.”

    ”They’ve never been outside the city?”

    “A few have, but only in dares and they’ve been lucky to never have seen a Decepticon.”

    “That explains a lot. We may have to schedule a field trip.”


    “I’ll explain later.” Hot Rod’s sensors detected that once again the flyers were going off course and a few of the sportier rollers were swerving in and out of ally ways. “Ok, that does it. Attention all Autobots! Don’t think I don’t know what’s going on back there. As of this moment, anyone who deviates off the set course will be considered deserters and will be shot!” In response he received numerous curses and laughter. “Try it. Go on.”

    Still moving at top speed, Hot Rod detected one of the flyers, the helicopter, veering off course yet again. With out slowing down, the Autobot commander transformed with his rifle drawn in his right hand. Not wanting to do too much damage to the flyer, he fired his wrist blasters. The three energy blasts scorched the armor of the flyer. Hot Rod slid to a stop in front of the pack.

    The flyer, still smoking, transformed and landed in front of Hot Rod. The flyer, mostly a blue on light blue robot, was a head taller than Hot Rod. He looked down at Hot Rod, visibly upset about the damage. “Why’d you do that? I wasn’t doing anything wrong!”

    “I’m so sorry, are your audio receptors not functioning correctly? Did you not hear what I said, son?”

    “Son? SON?” The blue Autobot swung his fist at Hot Rod’s head. Hot Rod could see the attack coming from the instant the bot had transformed and was ready for it. Making a sweep kick, the blue Autobot was floored on his back. Hot Rod pushed the mussel of his rifle to the flyer’s chest. “Wait! Wait! Don’t shoot!”

    Hot Rod sneered at the fallen Autobot. “You’re lucky we’re desperate for troops other wise I would’ve slagged you as an example to the others.” Hot Rod looked at the pack of Autobots. All of them had transformed into their robot modes and were visibly shaken by the site. Even Jackhammer was a bit stunned. “I want all of you to remember something. Decepticons won’t listen to your pleas for mercy. They don’t know the meaning of the word. Now, am I going to have anymore trouble from any of you? Or from you?” He looked down at the flyer.

    “N… no.”

    “You’ll respond, ‘no sir’!”

    “No, sir!”

    “What’s your name, son.”


    “Tri-blade, from now on, I’m making you completely responsible for everyone’s actions here while we’re in training. If someone goes off missing, it’s your fault. If someone disobeys, it’s your fault. If someone deserts, it your fault. Am I making myself clear?”

    “Yes sir!”

    “Good, now get back into position.” Hot Rod transformed. “Autobots, roll out and on the double. We lost a lot of time here.”

    Once they started moving Hot Rod tried to relax himself. “I needed to do that… I need to teach these kids that this isn’t a game…” A comm. Signal broke his thought. “What’s up Jackhammer?”

    “Wasn’t that a bit much? I mean, drawing your rifle…”

    “Do you think I could’ve gotten control over these kids any other way? It’s not like I enjoyed doing it.”

    Jackhammer sighed. “I understand. Is that something Optimus Prime taught you… or your time as Rodimus Prime?”

    Hot Hod let out a chuckle. “You don’t have to be a Prime to be a great leader or soldier. A friend of mine, Kup, he taught me a few things about being a drill sergeant for troops. Guess that old man’s stories finally paid off.” A few minutes passed in silence and without incident. “Jackhammer, do me a favor. Remember that medic that greeted us coming into the city? Do you know where his medical bay is?”

    “Yes. I believe so.”

    “I want you to go bring him to the training camp. Tell him to bring a few holograms of some before and after pictures, ok? I think he’ll understand what I mean.” Without a word Jackhammer drove off from the pack. It didn’t take long for one of the kids to shoot off his mouth.

    “Aren’t you going to shoot him too?”

    “He has a mission to carry out and so do you.”

    ”And what would that be? To drive like a nanny-bot?”

    “To shut up and follow my orders. What’s your name, soldier?”


    “Thanks. I’ll remember that.” Within a few minutes, they entered the junkyard. Hot Rod slowed to a stop. “Autobots, transform and take a break.” Hot Rod walked over to a pile of junk and took a seat. One of the new recruits walked over to him.

    “Sir, what will be our first exercise?”

    Hot Rod smiled. “Target practice.”

    The recruit gave a confused look. “We were doing that back at the training camp. What’s different here?”

    “You’ll have a moving target.” He pointed to Firecracker.

    Firecracker gave Hot Rod a dirty look. “What?”

    “Start moving target.”
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    Chatper 7

    Several hours had passed and already the recruits Hot Rod was given had improved dramatically. They had broken up into their own squads, had team leaders, organized decent plans. Hot Rod smiled. The kids were smarter and tougher than he even thought they’d be. First Aid and Jackhammer had arrived a short while earlier. First Aid had been busy repairing those that needed it while others kept moving with the war games. Hot Rod waited for a lull in the fighting and fired four times with his rifle. That was the signal to end the game.

    Within moments the entire group was in front of him, save for the few that First Aid was still working on. “Not bad at all. I’m impressed. I mean that. But it’s time to turn things up a notch.”

    Tri-blade, who had been performing incredibly well, stood up. “How so?”

    “I’ve noticed that you guys act great in small groups. I take it that the groups you made are really your gangs, so it’s time to see how you all work as a single entity. It’ll be all of you versus myself, Jackhammer, and First Aid.”

    Tri-blade started laughing. “What?”

    First Aid ran to the front of the group with a worried look. “Yes, I agree. What are you thinking?”

    “You guys show real potential, but you haven’t faced seasoned warriors yet. Jackhammer has seen plenty, but First Aid and myself have been up against more Decepticons in our lives than the lot of you have circuit boards.”

    Tri-blade laughed. “You’re nuts. First Aid is a slagging medic… and you… ha, you…”

    Hot Rod began to make his move towards the blue Autobot, but First Aid stepped in and slugged Tri-blade in the faceplate. “Show some respect! Do you have any idea of you speak to?” First Aid didn’t let the younger Autobot answer and placed his foot on Tri-blade’s chest. “You’re speaking to Rodimus Major of the 15th Foot Brigade of the Maximals! Hot Rod of the Earth Defense Autobot team! And most importantly, you speak to the Autobot formerly known as Rodimus Prime.” He released the young Autobot from his weight. “Now, get up so I can repair you.”

    Tri-blade, shocked, dusted himself off. “I… I’m…”

    Hot Rod shook his head. “Shut up and get yourself fixed up.” Hot Rod grabbed First Aid by the shoulder and pulled him close. “Why the hell did you do that? You know I don’t want to be remembered or respected for a title I was never worthy of!”

    First Aid sighed. “Rodimus… I mean, Hot Rod, I am sorry for my outburst. I’m just so tired of seeing these young bots come into my shop battered beyond repair… they don’t even know what they are fighting for.” He let out a sigh.

    Hot Rod released his grip. “I understand. I think it’s time we show these kids exactly what we’re fighting for. Care to come along? We may need you.”

    First Aid nodded. “Yes. I think that would be wise. I’ll get my tools.” First Aid began to walk away. “Oh, and Hot Rod… for what it’s worth, everyone who served under you during your time as Prime thought you did a marvelous job at it. You were the only one who thought you were inadequate.” He then continued on his path.

    Hot Rod was left speechless. “Damn you First Aid… Hot Rod to DJ, you there oh mighty thrower of desks?”

    DJ grunted. “What is it?”

    “I want to let you know that I’m taking these guys out for a little site seeing. Do you have that map ready?”

    “Transmitting now… but don’t you think you should wait until they’re a bit more… ready?”

    “Map received. If I don’t take them now, they’ll never be ready. Besides, I want to know exactly what you’re looking for in there.”

    ”Jackhammer will explain. DJ out.”

    He turned to face the troop. “Autobots, we’re going to the surface. Flyers, I want you as low as possible, but don’t kick up too much dirt. That mean’s you, Tri-blade.” He looked at the other two flyers. They were jet types. “You two, over there… names!”



    “Ok, I want you guys to ride on one of the others. You guys won’t be able to go slow enough and may give us away. If need be, you’ll be our recon. Jackhammer, I want you riding up front with me. First Aid, I want you in the rear with someone with some artillery.”

    First Aid smirked. “Hot Rod, I was with the Protectobots for most of my early career with the Autobots.” He transformed into his ambulance mode. After a second, a large, double barreled cannon appeared on his roof. “Lest you forget, we did what he had to do to protect.”

    Hot Rod smirked. “That thing still work?”

    First Aid replied jokingly. “Care to try me?” The cannon swiveled towards Hot Rod.

    “Ok! Ok! Truce!” Hot Rod Transformed himself. “Autobots! Transform and roll…”

    Hot Rod’s words were drowned out by the sound of a gigantic explosion. Debris from the cavern’s ceiling began falling towards Neo Iacon’s living sector. As the dust cleared from the massive hole, Hot Rod could see robots diving through it. The Decepticons had done it. Neo Iacon was about to fall.
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    Chapter 8

    Hot Rod couldn’t take his eyes off of the swarm. There had to be thousands of them coming into the city. Blaster fire rained down from the attackers while lighter return fire raced towards the attackers. Hot Rod turned to his group. He saw a small number running towards the city. “Stop! Come back! Slag it!” He transformed and raced passed Jackhammer. “Keep them here! Hide them in the junk!” He didn’t wait for a response and darted in front of the fleeing Autobots and transformed “Stop! You’re running towards a death sentence!”

    One of them pushed Hot Rod to the side. It was Vector. “We can’t let them have Iacon! It’s the only thing we have left!”

    “You have your life!” He grabbed Vector. “Listen, if you die here, that’s one less Autobot we’ll have to help fight later! We need to regroup and get a game plan. Take this fight to them!”

    Vector pushed Hot Rod away again. “Forget it! You may not care about Iacon, but I do! Some Prime you must’ve been… you don’t even care about those dying around you!” Vector transformed and darted off towards the incoming swarm.

    “Slag it!” Hot Rod turned to the remaining group. “I won’t fight against you, but I’m begging you, don’t…”

    “By Primus! No! Vector!”

    Hot Rod turned around. He could see Vector pulling some incredible maneuvers to evade enemy fire, but there were too many of them. “Go! Move! Back to the junkyard! There’s nothing we can do for him now!” Just as he finished his sentence, he heard an explosion that he knew was that of an Autobot being destroyed. “Go!” The group obeyed and transformed. Hot Rod trailed behind to make sure they got into the yard. As he pulled into the yard a large hand reached out and grabbed his spoiler.

    It was Jackhammer. “Glad you made it back.”

    Hot Rod transformed. “Slag it! I couldn’t stop him! I should’ve been able to! I’m supposed to be protecting these guys, not letting the rush off to their deaths!” He punched a large piece of junk. “Slag!”

    Jackhammer put his hand on Hot Rod’s shoulder. “He was being trained to be a soldier, as are the others. They may as well see war first hand now. Think of it as a life lesson to them.”

    “No.” Hot Rod slumped down into a sitting position. “No… they’re… they’re not ready for this. Not yet. Slag it! How long will we be able to hide in here, Jackhammer? How long?”

    Jackhammer sighed. “For as long as we need. Long ago, we hid sensor jammers all around the area. I told the others to stay put until they got word from either you or myself.” He let out a heavy sigh. “Don’t blame yourself. This was bound to happen sooner or later. While you were gone, DJ contacted me. We’re moving out once he gets here. Wrench is with him.”

    Hot Rod chuckled. “Terrific. Was that supposed to make me feel better?”

    “No. Once DJ and Wrench get here, we’ll be leaving for the surface. We need to reach the Hall of Heroes as soon as possible. With this invasion, all of our plans have been forced into action way before we had planned them to be.”

    “You know, for once I wish SOMEONE would tell me what was so damned important there!”

    A voice whispered from behind Hot Rod. “A spark.” It was DJ with Wrench beside him. “A spark that can never truly die.”

    Hot Rod laughed. “You got to be kidding me. An indestructible spark? You actually believe those rumors?”

    Wrench punched a large piece of debris. “Rumor or not, we have no other option! We have a vessel hidden here waiting for it! We have everything we need to precede with the operation buried here! All we need to do is move it to the Hall of Heroes. Rumor or not, it’s our only chance!” He walked towards Hot Rod. Though much smaller, he became very intimidating. “We have worked years on this technology and this plan. I have seen too many of my friends die to these monsters. We have risked too much to come this far, and I swear to Primus that I will not let anyone destroy our efforts.” Wrench reached behind his back and for the first time, Hot Rod saw the little Autobot draw a weapon. A blade of raw energon.

    Hot Rod put his hands up in defense. “Whoa! Wrench! Easy!”

    He came even closer to Hot Rod. “Not even you.”
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    Chapter 9

    Wrench lunged at Hot Rod; the energon blade swiping at his chest plate. The small autobot made a second attack immediately after the first, this time cutting a chunk of armor from his upper arm. Wrench made another attack, this time connecting with his leg, cutting deep into the armor. "My work… my life will not be mocked!"

    Hot Rod let out a yelp of pain. "Wrench… I'm sorry… calm down will you!" He tried to scurry away, but Wrench's blade had damaged his leg to the point where he couldn't move it. "Jackhammer! Stop him! I…!" His words were cut short by a battle cry from Wrench.

    "I'll kill you!" He pounced on the crippled Autobot. Rage had completely taken over his senses.

    Jackhammer dove in front of Hot Rod. At first Hot Rod was relieved. He could see Jackhammer's larger frame had knocked Wrench out of the way, but his relief was soon shattered. When the two Autobots hit the ground, Jackhammer landed on his back. Embedded in his chest was Wrench's blade.

    Wrench crawled up to his friend. "No. No… Jackhammer… I…" Jackhammer grunted in pain as he tried to remove the blade. "I'm sorry… please… I'm so sorry… Medic! We need a medic over here!"

    Hot Rod, crippled and confused, sat down next to them. Within seconds, First Aid pulled up and transformed next to Hot Rod.

    "You're a mess! Hold still."

    Hot Rod pushed First Aid away. "Forget me! Jackhammer needs you more!"

    First Aid turned to the larger Autobot. "Oh my…" He ran next to Jackhammer and examined the wound. "This is not good." He pulled out the blade and took a closer look. "As I thought. The blade pierced his spark chamber… this is bad."

    Wrench stood up and stepped away from his friend. "His spark… is it…"

    "It seems to be fine… for now. Surprisingly, the chamber is still keeping it stable, but I can't be sure for how long. I'll need to operate on him, but I can't do that here. If a fire fight happened near here with his chest plate open, even a blaster discharge could destabilize his spark chamber!" First Aid turned to face DJ. "We need to move him out of here, now."

    DJ nodded. "I agree. In fact I feel we should all get out of here. First Aid, do what you can for Jackhammer, then fix up 'Mr. Hero' here." He started to walk off. "I'm going to get what troops we have left."

    Hot Rod grabbed DJ's leg. "Hold it. Give me that map before you go." DJ handed him a hologram displayer. "Before we leave, we need to figure out where we're going." He looked at the map for a second, then asked, "By the way, whose spark is supposed to be hidden in there? I'm only familiar with the rumors of one indestructible spark… and I doubt he'd want to help us."

    DJ kept his voice emotionless. "Nobody knows. If there's nothing there, we get a new home. If there is something there, we get our planet back." And with that, he walked off.

    First Aid then came over to Hot Rod. "Now let's get you patched up." As he started working on the leg, he leaned toward Hot Rod and whispered, "What the slag happened here?"

    “Wrench there got a little too sensitive. Must’ve hit a nerve.” Hot Rod winced as First Aid began working on the worst of the damage. “There’s something… strange about him.”

    First Aid sighed. “He’s seen both of his civilizations wiped out. I think you’d be a bit short tempered as well.”

    Hot Rod gave First Aid a curious look. “Back up a second there. Did you say ‘both’ civilizations… meaning two?”

    “Yes. Wrench is the only living Earth creature in all of existence.”
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    Chapter 10

    A few hours had passed and the survivors of the attack on Neo Iacon began their journey. Several of the rollers had become the base for a giant moving platform which held the hidden equipment from the junkyard. All the Autobots were in motion except for Wrench and DJ, who were on top of the platform keeping an eye on Jackhammer’s condition. Hot Rod was in the front of the pack leading the way to the Hall of Heroes. He drove in silence. He couldn’t believe that his small group of soldiers were the last of his kind. Anyone who wasn’t inside the jammers when the attack started were wiped out. After the Decepticons had left, they had gone out to look for survivors. All they found we corpses.

    “DJ, how many are we?”

    “Thirteen, but only ten of us are capable of putting up a good fight.”

    Hot Rod sighed. “Terrific. Thirteen against a thousand.” He chuckled. “Maybe we could ask the Decepticons to fight fair?” Before he could make another comment, a blaster discharge shot past his windshield, just barely missing him. “Take cover!”

    The rollers transformed and crawled out from under the equipment sled. The winds on the surface were kicking up a lot of small debris making visibility very low. The small band of Autobots hid behind whatever they could find for cover. Hot Rod dove behind a small wall and landed next to Tri-blade. The two of them were isolated from the main group.

    “Now what, Rodimus?”

    Hot Rod peaked around the wall. He couldn’t see much except for bursts of blaster fire. “I don’t… what a sec!” Hot Rod strained his audio receptors to their max. In the distance he could hear unfamiliar voices commanding others to attack the “Decepticons”.

    Tri-blade leaned over and whispered. “What’s going on?” The whisper sounded like a sonic boom to Hot Rod and he let out a yell in pain. He dialed down his receptors. “Oh! Sorry!”

    “Remind me to hurt you when we get out of this! Those are Autobots shooting at us!”

    “What? Are you sure?”

    “Last time I checked, there were only Autobots and Decepticons on this planet or have I missed something?” Hot Rod transformed. “I want you to stay here until I get back. Don’t try anything stupid!” He sped off flashing his headlights at the attackers. “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! We’re the good guys!” He kept driving to the nearest identifiable figure. “Please, don’t shoot! We have wounded and we’re not your enemy!”

    The Autobot aimed his rifle at Hot Rod. “I’d like to see you prove it!”

    Hot Rod transformed. “Here, see?” He pointed at his Autobot logo. “The same as yours. Everyone back there is an Autobot. You have to stop this!”

    The other Autobot’s aim did not budge. “That all you have to offer? You don’t look like you’ve seen any battle. In fact, you look factory fresh… something I know no Autobot outpost has the capability to do these days.” He cocked his rifle. “Nice knowing you, Decepticon!”

    “No! Wait!” Just as Hot Rod prepared himself for intense pain, it came to him, but not from the shot of a rifle. Instead, Hot Rod’s audio receptors were on fire. He pressed his hands against his head and tried to focus his vision. He saw the attackers were also experiencing the same type of pain he was. A second later, he blacked out.

    DJ continued his audio assault on the attacking troops until First Aid stopped him. “I feel you have done enough, commander.”

    DJ sighed. “Sorry. Two hundred and fifty years of blocking all sorts of scans makes you a bit frustrated.” He transformed out of his Earth boombox alternate form. “Autobots! Get out there and disarm all of them before they recover!” Out of the corner of his visor, he saw something running towards him. It was Tri-blade. “Glad to see you’re alright kid. Where’s Rodimus Major?”

    “He went out there to try to…”

    DJ cut him off. “First Aid, get out there! Make sure our boy is ok!” DJ watched as the medic sped off to Hot Rod’s location. “Wrench, has any of the equipment been damaged?”

    The smaller Autobot shook his head. “Thankfully, no. Nor has our other cargo been damaged, how ever I am quite worried about Jackhammer. His condition is worsening by the hour. If we cannot operate soon, his spark will extinguish before daybreak.”

    First Aid and Hot Rod rolled next to the two and transformed. First Aid gave his opinion. “I fully agree. Those Autobots out there aren’t doing too well either.”

    DJ’s jaw dropped. “What? Autobots?”

    First Aid nodded. “From the looks of it, they were part of that small group that vehemently opposed the Maximal upgrade. I’m surprised they’ve lasted this long. Compared to us, they guzzle quite a large amount of energon… and with so many soldiers…”

    DJ turned to Hot Rod. “And how are you doing?”

    “I feel like road kill.”

    “Well, you’re active and online. We need to move out now.”

    “Alright, but what should we do about those street thugs? They won’t believe we’re Autobots. One of them nearly scrapped me!”

    DJ looked at the still unconscious transformers. “We leave them. We don’t have time for diplomacy. We need to find the Hall at all costs. I used up too much power with my attack and our jammers are running low on power. We need to get this convoy moving.”

    Hot Rod nodded. “You got it. I’ll get the troops under the sled again.” He started walking off, but stopped and turned back to DJ. “You know, for a guy who’s said not to be able to fight, you kicked some major tailpipe out there.”

    Suddenly, Wrench’s screams broke the silence. “First Aid! Someone! Jackhammer… his spark…”

    First Aid ran over to the small, white Autobot’s location. The others were close behind.

    “What’s wrong?” For the first time in his entire existence, First Aid had seen something that was thought to be impossible. Wrench was crying.
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    Chapter 11

    The pace had been quick, but painful. Hot Rod led the way in silence save for the engines of his fellow Autobots. All of them had known Jackhammer for quite sometime and to most of them, it was the equivalent of losing an older brother. He could still hear Wrench grieving over his lost friend. Wrench had begged DJ to allow his body to be taken with them. DJ was opposed, but Hot Rod insisted that he be given a memorial with the rest of the Autobot warriors in the Hall of Heroes. The rest of the group agreed, and DJ wasn’t going to argue.

    To avoid any more ambushes, Tri-blade and Nova, the other flyer in their group, were flying ahead and around the convoy. Hot Rod did not like the idea since if the flyers were to be detected, they had strict orders to fly as fast and far away from the convoy as possible. It was a suicide mission.

    Something Hot Rod couldn’t shake from his mind was Wrench. “First Aid, you busy?”

    “No. Thankfully.”

    “How did…”

    First Aid knew what Hot Rod was going to ask. “It would seem that more than just his human brain was left in tact. On another topic, I suggest that you try not to irk him too much in the future. Humans are rather emotional, and you do remember what he did the last time you went to far.”

    “Yeah, he handed me my tail pipe.” Another question filled his mind. “Do you buy this ‘indestructible spark’ business? It seems very… I don’t know… so unreal.”

    First Aid sighed. “While rather hard to believe, I do feel it’s possible. I once spoke to one of the members of the Axalon crewmembers who had been on duty during it’s ‘stay’ on pre-historic Earth. He swore to have encountered the spark of Starscream. While hard to get along with, he is known for being truthful… although quite bluntly. We should go to silent running again. I haven’t heard DJ talk to the flyers in a while. It could mean trouble.”

    “Good plan.” Hot Rod continued driving. As they got closer to the location of the Hall of Heroes, he noticed that the terrain was in worse condition than what they had seen prior. The ground was riddled with craters deeper and wider than he’d ever seen before. He then reached the coordinates of where the Hall of Heroes once stood. Instead of a tall, proud structure, there was a pile of rubble. “Everyone, we’re here.” Everyone transformed. “This place has seen better days.”

    DJ walked up to the rubble. “This entire planet has.” He then began to transform, however, it was a much larger form than his boombox mode. “Rodimus Major, I suggest you stand clear.”

    Hot Rod took a step back in nearly tripped over Wrench. “What is he?”

    Wrench was very distant and barely had any emotion in his voice. “A triple changer. This is his third form: a sonic array station. Like this he can do anything from block transmissions, act as a communications array, or even use sonar.”
    Hot Rod finally figured out his plan. “He’s looking for the entrance!”

    “More than that, he’s trying to find if all this was worth it.”

    As Wrench finished his statement, DJ quickly transformed and ran to the group. “I detected a huge room under all this. We need to get in there…” An explosion rang out from the distance. “NOW!”

    Hot Rod looked at DJ. “I’m going to take a small group with me. You keep the rest working here. What ever is out there, we’ll keep them occupied as long as possible!” DJ nodded and ran off. “Firecracker, Pyro, Chrono, and Cam, you’re all with me! Roll out!” The five of them sped off leaving the ruins behind. “Before any of you ask, yes, we’re going to buy the rest of them time. Do what ever you have to, just don’t fail.”

    The four replied in unison. “Yes, sir!”

    Hot Rod could see a firefight in the sky. It was Tri-blade and he was spiraling out of the sky. “Floor it guys! He won’t last long without backup!”

    The five rollers came into range and transformed, immediately opening fire on the seven Neo-Decepticons. The opening volley took out three of the aggressors. The remaining four scattered and began raining blaster shots down on the five Autobots. The five ran for cover, but only four of them made it behind a large slab of rubble. Pyro had been crippled and the Decepticons were swooping in like vultures to finish him off. Hot Rod dashed out of his shelter and fired his rifle and his wrist blasters in the general direction of the attacking transformers. His plan was to scare them off from his ally, but if he hit one of them, it was a bonus. The three other hiding Autobots ran out to keep the Decepticons away from Hot Rod and Pyro.

    “Pyro, can you move?”

    “It… it hurts!”

    Hot Rod looked at the wound. It was pretty bad. There was a hole shot clean through Pyro’s leg. “Slag! I’m going to transform. Think you can climb on top of me?”

    Pyro winced. “I… I don’t know.”

    Hot Rod transformed. “Try!”

    Pyro grabbed onto Hot Rod’s spoiler and screamed as he pulled himself on top of the sports car. “I… I’m on!”

    “Hang on!” Hot Rod pushed himself as fast as he could go. He heard a scrapping sound, but thought nothing of it as it quickly stopped. He pulled around the rubble wall. “Ok, you can get down now.” Pyro did not move. “C’mon kid! No time to get comfy!” Hot Rod transformed slowly and let Pyro slide off his back. “C’mon, kid, say…” Hot Rod lost his ability to speak. Pyro’s eyes were dead black and his leg was sheared off from just below the waist. “Slag it! Slag it all to the Pit!” He opened his comm. “Firecracker, Chrono! Status!”

    Chrono’s voice was shaky. “We found Tri-blade… what’s left of him. He’s a goner! We’re under heavy fire!”

    “Hang in there! I’m on my way!” Static filled his comm. “Chrono! Chrono come in! Tri-blade! Respond… Firecracker!” He heard the sound of jet engines closing in. “Slag.”

    Four Decepticons landed in front of Hot Rod in a line smiling and sneering. One of them spoke. “Well, well… I thought we took care of most of the elite years ago. You’re too good to be a rookie.”

    Hot Rod aimed his rifle. The Decepticon to the far right shot Hot Rod’s hand and his rifle went flying. “You’re a brave one, aren’t you. We won’t kill you…”


    The Decepticon to the far left laughed. “No, why would we want to do that? You Autobots are a dying race… we won’t kill you. We have to torture you first. We need to find out where your friends are hiding.”

    “Have to catch me first!” He dove to his right and fired his wrist blasters. He managed to shoot the head off one of them in his dive to the ground.

    The small explosion dazed the Decepticons long enough for Hot Rod to get his rifle. He fired wildly before transforming and driving off. The three remaining flyers let out a scream of rage and transformed to pursue the Autobot. He was driving as fast as he could, but the three flyers were catching up and would soon be right on top of him.

    “DJ, this is Hot Rod… I hope you’re reading me. I’m leading these guys as far as possible from your location. I can’t hold them off anymore. The troops I took are gone. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more. Till all are one!” Hot Rod let out a sigh. “If I’m going to go out, may as well take as many of you with me as possible!”

    The three flyers were right above him. They transformed and were diving for his position. Just before they landed on top of him, he slammed on his breaks and transformed, firing everything he had into the three stunned Decepticons. He slid to a stop a meter away from them and he could see they were heavily damaged and non-functional.

    “Not bad if I do say so my… GAH!” A blaster bolt slammed into Hot Rod’s back. He landed face first into the ground, but rolled onto his back to see his attacker.

    The large Decepticon walked slowly towards him. “You’re a tough one. Not only did you survive my shot, but you took out my troops. But…” He cocked his rifle. “You had no right to do that.” He aimed. “You have no right to live.”

    Hot Rod braced himself for his destruction. He was prepared for it. He was ready. What he wasn’t prepared for was what followed. From distance he could hear someone yelling. He knew the voice. It was familiar. It was…

    “Life is the right of all sentient beings!”

    … Optimus Prime.
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    Chapter 12

    Hot Rod’s jaw dropped. It was like a dream. “Optimus Prime…”

    The Decepticon laughed. “Optimus Prime? The dead guy? This should be fun.” He looked down at Hot Rod. “Sit tight, boy. I’ll be right back to kill you.” He turned to face the Autobot leader, but the first thing he saw was the grill of truck.

    Hot Rod smirked. “And I thought I was in pain.”

    Optimus Prime transformed and kicked away the Decepticon’s weapon. He leaned over and grabbed the injured transformer by the neck. “I’m only going to ask you this once. Where’s Megatron?”

    Liquid energon and lubricate sprayed out of his mouth as he chuckled. “Megatron? Never heard of him! Our leader is a real warrior. He’s my one true leader. That’s all you’re getting out of me!”

    Prime’s optics narrowed as he drew the Decepticon’s grinning face closer to his. “Wrong answer.” He then slammed the battered Decepticon into the ground hard enough to crack his armor. Optimus drew his weapon and aimed it at the Decepticon. “Last chance. I suggest you take it.”

    The Decepticon’s eyes began to glow bright red. “Slag off!” They fired a shot into Prime’s chest sending him sprawling to the ground next to Hot Rod. The Decepticon grunted as he got up and began to limp towards the two injured Autobots. “Oh goody. I do so love two for one deals.”

    Hot Rod looked over to Optimus; his chest was still smoking from the blast. “Optimus… is that really you? Are you ok?” Optimus didn’t reply. He sprung to his feet and immediately began firing his rifle. “I’ll take that as a yes.”
    Prime rushed towards the Decepticon. “Big mistake.”

    “What the slag are you made of?” The Decepticon transformed and began to flee by air.

    Hot Rod struggled to stand. He took aim and began firing his wrist blasters but the Decepticon was quickly moving out of range. “Slag it! Prime, he’s getting away!”

    Prime chuckled. “You think so?” Out of nowhere a flurry of heavy blaster fire came from behind the two Autobots. In surprise, Hot Rod turned his head to see a small weapons array firing a multitude of weapons.

    Hot Rod smirked. “That’s new.” His attention drifted back to where the guns were firing. Hot Rod was in time to see the large explosion that was once the fleeing Decepticon. “Whoa.”

    Prime turned to Hot Rod. “How badly are you hurt?”

    “Been better. Internal repairs are doing their thing…” Hot Rod winced as he stood up. “The sooner I see First Aid, the better.”

    Optimus nodded. “Good. Move out. And take Wrench with you.”

    “Wrench is here?”

    A voice came from the weapons platform. “Who do you think was firing those things?” He ran towards Hot Rod. “Now transform already! We need to get back to the others now!”

    “Optimus, what about you?”

    He sighed. “I shall gather the remains of our comrades. I can only hope they are all not lost. Now move out!”

    “Yessir! Let’s go Wrench.” A moment later they were at Hot Rod’s current top speed.

    “Is this as fast as you can go?”

    “Shove it! I took a bad hit out there. Why are you in such a rush to get back? I know first hand you’re not scared to fight.”

    Wrench smirked. “I need to operate the spark retrieval equipment!”

    “I thought you couldn’t use that thing more than once.”

    “We haven’t used it yet. Optimus Prime’s spark was locked away inside that tomb.”

    “It was him? That’s not possible! I was there when Prime died, both times.” Wrench sighed. “What is it?”

    “You still don’t understand.” Wrench paused for a moment before going on. “When Prime was killed by Megatron, his spark did join those of other slain Autobots. However, when he was revived by a Quintesson, and later regained possession of the Matrix of Leadership, his spark mutated."

    “You’re not making any sense. Are you saying that the Matrix made Optimus immortal? If that was true, then wouldn’t the same thing hold true for me?”

    “No.” Wrench thought for a moment. “While I don’t have all the knowledge available about how it works, I feel the Matrix will alter its holder to better suit their role as leader. That is why your physical body was altered when you become Rodimus Prime. After Prime gained hold of the Matrix again, it considered his mortal spark a weakness… and mutated it, but it was stable… unlike that Protoform X tragedy.”

    “You knew about that?”

    “I led the research team.”

    There was silence for a moment. “Here’s something I don’t get. If Prime’s spark is immortal now, why did he pretend to die?”

    “That’s a good question, but I feel that Optimus Prime is the only one who could tell us that.”

    “One last question: If that’s Prime’s old body, why didn’t the Matrix enhance it as well?”

    “Simple. It’s not his old body. Myself and Jackhammer built it to resemble it, but we made some… improvements.”

    Suddenly, Optimus Prime sped past Hot Rod on his left. “Well, that’s pretty obvious now…”
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    Chapter 13

    “Curse these internal repair systems…”

    Hot Rod could not help but chuckle. “Hey, I tried getting here sooner, First Aid…”

    First Aid sighed, “I swear, with each new Autobot I see, the more complex their repair systems get. Soon there will be no place for medics like me.”

    “Ah c’mon, don’t be so upset. You just… whoa.” A bright blue glow caught his, and the rest of the camp’s, attention. Hot Rod could see Wrench at the controls.

    First Aid looked at Hot Rod. “I thought you went through that process yourself.”

    “I did, but I didn’t get to see it from this side of it. I guess there’s no point in keeping that thing hidden now that the Neo-cons know where we are.”

    First Aid nodded. “I suppose, but I still feel there’s no reason to formally announce that we’re here.” He sighed and shook his head. “I still don’t like that crazy contraption.”

    Hot Rod gave First Aid a hurt look. “What? Are you saying you don’t want me to be alive again?”

    “I don’t like that fact that we’re messing with the Universe’s grand plan.” He sighed. “It shouldn’t be like this. Perhaps we…”

    Hot Rod stood up. “Don’t even start. After Earth was ravaged by that Pred and Decepticon attack, the Maximals made a race-wide oath to protect the universe from that sort of thing from happening again! We’ve got to do everything we can to carry that out. No matter the cost.” Disgusted, he jumped off the makeshift table and walked over to Wrench, DJ, and Optimus. “Nice light show you have going on here.”

    Optimus chuckled. “Yes, it is quite an impressive machine, Wrench. Is this how you brought back…”

    Wrench cut off Optimus’ comment. “I don’t have time for this now!”

    Hot Rod sighed. “Like I haven’t heard that before…” He walked off and left Optimus and Wrench by the machine. Walking through the small crowd of survivors, Hot Rod noticed DJ sitting on some debris deep in thought. “DJ, mind if I have a word with you?”

    DJ snapped out of his trance. “Sure. What can I do for you?”

    Hot Rod was amazed. “You’re… actually sane. Who would’ve guessed?”

    DJ shook his head. “You try blocking scanner frequencies day after day for roughly two hundred years and see how calm and relaxed you are!”

    “Right… Sorry. Anyway, do you know where these Decepticons came from?”

    “I’m sure Wrench told you the theories already.”

    “Yeah, theories. I want definitive answers. I’m coming to you because I know you can tap into any communication frequency there is. You must’ve heard something in the radio chatter.”

    DJ stood up and grabbed Hot Rod by the arm. “Nothing! I know nothing!” He released his grip from Hot Rod and sighed. “I’m sorry. My abilities just aren’t as astute as you’ve been led to believe. Neo Iacon is… was miles underneath rubble and rock. Regular communications frequencies naturally couldn’t penetrate that layer.” He began to walk away into a secluded area. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to lie down for a while and rest.”

    Still a bit rattled by DJs outburst, Hot Shot walked back over to where Optimus Prime and Wrench were. He walked right past the small, white Autobot. “So, um, how does it feel to be back in a body again?”

    Optimus chuckled. “Terrific. That tomb was far too quiet.”

    “Yeah, about that… why did you do it? Why did you pretend to go offline? Why the act?” Optimus turned and began to walk away. “Hey! Where are you going?”

    “Walk with me Hot Rod and I’ll tell you all that you want to know.” Hot Rod ran to Optimus’ side. “I was obsolete. It was a time of peace; a time of change. Quite frankly, I was worried that after fighting for so many years that I would not be able to change with the times.”

    Hot Rod sighed. “You were a war hero! There were so many things you could’ve done. Headed planetary security, taught defense lessons, retire! One of those would’ve been better than trying to kill yourself!”

    “There’s more. I knew what I had become. An undying warrior… it was just too much for me to handle.”

    Hot Rod gave Optimus a confused look. “You know, most life forms would do anything for eternal life.”

    “You’re wrong, and so are they. What they strive for is not eternal life, but eternal happiness and joy.”

    Hot Rod let out a sigh. “Guess I can’t argue with you there. Listen, I’m not sure if you’ve talked to Wrench about this, but most of the bots back there are counting on one of us being able to locate the Matrix of Leadership.”

    Optimus nodded. “I had a feeling that’s why they brought you back and were planning on bringing myself back as well. They are under the assumption that the Matrix will be able to defeat the enemy outright. Have you told them…”

    Hot Rod cut off Optimus’ question. “How could I? You see the state they’re in! They need all the hope they can get. Besides, I have a feeling the Matrix would be able to defeat the Decepticons, just not in the sense they want it to. There are scattered bands of Autobots dug in all over the planet. If we could just get the word out… maybe we could unite them all.”

    Optimus gave it thought. “Yes, that is a grand idea, however, we don’t have the Matrix.”

    Hot Rod smiled. “True, but we have the next best thing!”

    “What’s that?”

    “You. Come on! We need to get back to the camp.” Hot Rod transformed.

    Optimus transformed as well. “What’s the hurry?”

    “We have a lot of long distance calls to make.” The two drove back at their top speeds. Hot Rod was amazed at just how much faster Optimus was now. “Jeez, Wrench and the others didn’t hold anything back, did they?”

    Optimus chuckled. “I suppose not. I doubt even Wheeljack could have devised a device that could do what they have done.” The two passed a check point that the others had set up in their absence. “I see they’re well organized.”

    The two of them transformed. “Most of the time they are. Anyway, I’ll fill in everyone about what we’re doing. You deal with DJ.”

    “I see you’re taking up the leadership role again.”

    “No… DJ’s just a little too high strung for my tastes.” Hot Rod began to walk away. “Oh, and beware of desks.”

    Optimus just stood perplexed as Hot Rod walked off.
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    Chapter 14

    DJ transformed. “There, the message is out… although I’m sure the Decepticons picked up on that as well.”

    Optimus nodded. “Yes, I’m sure they know. In fact, I’m sure they’re on their way here.”

    DJ sighed. “Terrific. I wonder if any of the other groups will get here… I wonder if any of them got our message.”

    “I’m sure they did. They will come.” Optimus walked off.

    DJ shook his head and whispered. “You’re too optimistic for your own good, Prime.”

    Prime walked around the rag tag camp they had set up. He walked past Wrench and the newly revived Jackhammer who were deep in discussion. For the time being, they had made the ruins of the Hall of Heroes their living space. Around the entrance they had set up defense guns and were using his trailer in its weapons platform mode to bolster their defenses. His attention turned to the horizon. He couldn’t believe that this was his home. Where proud cities once stood, deserts now stretched across the battered planet. The devastation was greater than he had ever dreamed could happen to Cybertron. There was barely a trace of what he had known. He knew that his world had changed drastically years before with the terraforming that had occurred. That was something he could accept. It was change for the better. But this wasteland was beyond any horror he could think of. The sounds of foot steps snapped him out of his thoughts. It was Hot Rod.

    “Optimus, Wrench and Jackhammer want to talk to you. It seems pretty important.”

    “Thank you Hot Rod. I’ll join you immediately.”

    “Actually… they just want to see you. I’m just the messenger bot.”

    Prime nodded. “I see. Very well. They’re inside the Hall I assume?”

    “Bingo.” Hot Rod leaned closer to Optimus. “You better clue me in on this little secret later.” He winked.

    Prime chuckled. “I’m sure Wrench isn’t planning to slag you again.” He saw the look on Hot Rod’s face. “DJ filled me in on most of the events that have happened.”

    “Not one of my better moments… you better get moving or Wrench will be carving you up like a Sharkticon.”

    Prime nodded and walked back to the entrance to the Hall. It was hard for him, he noted, to be around so many new, unfamiliar faces. Then, someone caught his eye. “Ratchet?”

    The bot swung around. “Who? Me?”

    “First Aid! I’m sorry…”

    First Aid did a double take. “Prime? Optimus Prime! I heard from the others, but I didn’t believe it… It’s so good to see you again!”

    Optimus chuckled. “As it is to see you. However, we must catch up later. I’m needed in the Hall.”

    “Yes, but of course Prime. I won’t delay you any further than I have… and it will be an honor to serve under you once more.”

    Prime continued on towards the Hall. Inside he noticed that they had dragged his weapons platform inside the Hall. “Are you expecting some trouble in here?”

    Wrench chuckled. “No, not at all. Jackhammer, Optimus, would you please transform into your vehicle modes.” He waited for the two larger Autobots transformed and walked closer to Prime. “Excellent. Now, Optimus do not panic. This may feel… a little strange.” He took a step back and for the first time ever, he transformed. His form was not of a vehicle or weapon, but of an engine block. Wrench’s form fused with the grill of Optimus Prime.

    Prime grunted from the fusion “What… what just happened?”

    “Relax, Optimus. This combination is similar to that of headmaster technology. This is in no way a permanent situation. Not by any means.”

    Prime was still very uneasy. “If you say so. I am still rather uncomfortable with this.”

    Wrench let out a sigh. “Perhaps what happens next will change your mind a bit. If you please, transform.”

    “Don’t get too used to this, I…” Prime began to transform, however it was much different than he was used to. His trailer began to fold around him and alter its shape with him. In a moment the sequence was complete. His form was a larger version of himself, but much more heavily armed. “What did you do to me?”

    “Quite simply, we…” An explosion cut off Wrench’s words. “Looks like we’ll be field testing your new form a lot sooner than we expected.”

    Jackhammer transformed back into his robot mode. “The Decepticons?”

    Prime began to run towards the exit. “It would appear to be that way, but it may also be the scavengers!”

    Back in the campgrounds, chaos was everywhere and Hot Rod hated it. They had come waving a flag of peace, but once behind the defense line, they opened fire. “Autobots! Hold your fire! There’s no reason to…!” A blaster bolt clipped his shoulder. “Stop fighting!”

    A large scavenger Autobot walked towards Hot Rod. “You think we’re such fools. Claiming to be under the command of Optimus Prime. Prime is dead! There hasn’t been a Prime in centuries!”

    Hot Rod’s stare left the optics of the scavenger to an object from behind him rising from the ruins of the Hall. “By… by the Matrix.”

    The scavenger laughed. “What was that boy? If Optimus Prime is here, I want to see him… NOW!” A large hand wrapped around the scavenger’s body.

    Prime brought the bot close to his face. “You rang?”

    The scavenger was horrified. “I… I… I…”

    Optimus Prime’s red optics narrowed. “Who’s in command of your group?” The scavenger was still babbling. “Answer me!” Optimus’ voice boomed over the fire fights occurring over the base and actually stopped the shooting as everyone’s attention turned to the enormous Autobot.

    Another voice yelled out from across the base. “I am. I’m in charge.”

    “Tell your men to cease fire! We called you here to join us, not fight us.” Prime placed the scavenger on the ground. “We’re Autobots just as you are. If we fight amongst ourselves, then we’re no better than the enemy.”

    The scavenger chuckled. “You really are Optimus Prime, aren’t you? My apologies for the…” He paused. “Rude behavior of my troops and myself. We’ve been duped by the Decepticons before posing as Autobots for a union…”

    “I can understand your mistrust. However, I promise that we are not here to betray you.” Wrench and Optimus separated, both transforming back to their normal modes with Prime’s trailer reverting back to its weapons platform mode. “If your men would disarm, I would gladly welcome you to our ranks. Exactly how large is your group?”

    The scavenger looked back at his group. “Fifteen here and another forty in various positions in the wastelands around your base here.”

    “You came very prepared. You’re group is much more organized than I was led to believe.”

    The scavenger leader smirked and nodded. “There’s a lot about us no one knows about.”
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    Chapter 15

    Hot Rod stood in the middle of an open plain. It was peaceful, quiet, and almost too good to be true. He walked around the field of techno-organic flowers and took in the sight. He could feel the breeze blow across his fur. He closed his eyes as the cool, fresh air soothed him more. Then a foul stench filled his sensors. His eyes opened and the field he was in was ablaze. He could see other Cybertrons running in terror as giant mechanical beings ran them down. He morphed into his beast mode and fled from the attack. Three jets were closing in on him. He ran as fast as he could until he came to a wall of flames that he could not pass. He turned to face his pursuers as they transformed. They laughed with a cackle that seemed very familiar. He hissed and snarled at them. They took aim and fired, but his agile beast mode allowed him to dodge their attacks. He morphed back to his robot mode and stood his ground. He was about to counter-attack, but a sharp pain rippled through his body. His skin began to split and a blinding light shone through. He screamed in pain as something inside him outgrew his techno-organic skin. When the pain passed, he opened his eyes. He was as tall as his enemies. He stepped forth and they back peddled as he did so. He reached out and grabbed one of them by the neck and brought him to his face. In his captive’s visor, he saw his face. He was no longer Rodimus Major of the Maximals or Hot Rod of the Autobots, he had become…

    ”Wake up kid!”

    Hot Rod snapped out of his sleep cycle. “What? Who?” He looked at the owner of the voice. “First Aid?”

    “Optimus and DJ wish to speak to you. Spoiler wishes to speak to you.”

    Hot Rod stood up and dusted himself off as dirt and grime had collected on him while he slept. “Who?”

    “Spoiler. The leader of the band of scavengers that… arrived earlier.”

    “Thanks for the tip.” He ran towards the Hall of Heroes. As he entered he saw that Wrench and Jackhammer were there as well. “Looks like all the major players are here. What’s going on?”

    Spoiler looked at Prime, then DJ. “Well, Rodimus we…”

    Hot Rod sighed. “Unless you’re under my command, it’s Hot Rod.”

    Spoiler nodded. “My mistake. Hot Rod, we want you to get the Autobots still operating under your command ready for combat. We’re making our move.”

    Hot Rod’s jaw dropped and he turned to Optimus Prime. “He’s joking right? We have seventy fighters with us versus who knows how many Neo Decepticons!”

    Optimus nodded. “The time we strike back is now. We can not wait for any more troops to arrive here, but they will be where we need them, when we need them.”

    “I still don’t get it. How are you pulling this off?”

    DJ chuckled. “Thanks to Spoiler, he was able to give me the frequencies of many of the Autobot camps that are over Cybertron. I sent out the rally a few minutes ago.”

    Spoiler nodded. “It should be quite interesting how many actually show up.”
    Hot Rod shook his head. “I don’t like this. We aren’t ready. I mean, how can we attack if we don’t even know our full combat strength let alone our enemy’s!” He looked at Optimus again. “This is suicide!”

    “We need to take out this menace now. We’re out of options. We are now too large of a group to move undetected and our enemy knows we are here. If there is to be a fight, it would be wise to be on the offensive.”

    “I suppose… This isn’t just to test out your new body, is it?”

    Prime laughed. “It’ll be as good a test as any.” He then turned his attention to Spoiler. “I think it would be wise for you to rally your troops. DJ, Wrench, and Jackhammer, give him a hand. I wish to speak to Hot Rod alone.”

    Hot Rod watched as the others left. “What’s the big secret?”

    “Have you had any contact with the Matrix, Hot Rod?”

    “No. I haven’t since the council was set up. Why? Do you?”

    Optimus sighed. “This is not good. I have had no indication of where it may lie. Which would mean two things, either it has chosen another Autobot to be leader, or…”

    ”Or it was destroyed. But, I didn’t think it could be destroyed!”

    “Merely a myth. While it may have been durable, it was in no way indestructible. I think it is safe to assume the worst.”

    “That’s just great. So much for lighting our darkest hour…” He let out a sigh. “I’ll go get my troops together. Do we know where we’re going?”

    “Yes, about two hundred miles due north. Spoiler had noted that his scouts had found a new tower located there with a lot of activity.”

    Hot Rod did the math. “That would be in the heart of Iacon! Where the Citadel of the Counsel was located! It’s too convenient to be coincidence. Who ever is leading the Neo Decepticons has knowledge of Cybertron’s landmarks.”

    “I feel we must move quickly if we are to have any kind of advantage.” Optimus transformed and sped out of the hall.

    Hot Rod followed suit and roared into the middle of the camp. He transformed and screamed for his troops. “Autobots! Get yourselves ready! We’re moving out immediately! This is it! This is what we’ve been training for!” He looked to his left and saw the dust trail of the others already on the move. “Let’s hurry! I don’t want to be left out of this!”
    He transformed and began driving as fast as he could. His troops were doing well to keep up with him and a few were actually passing him. He couldn’t believe that Optimus Prime was authorizing such a rash and dangerous plan. They were going to be severely outnumbered and out gunned. He needed to talk to someone. “Wrench, can you hear me?”

    “Hot Rod? What is it?”

    “Are you sure about this idea? It seems a bit… under thought.”

    Wrench chuckled. “Perhaps, but I’m feeling lucky.”


    ”You bet. While a lot has happened to me, I feel I’m pretty lucky. I was off world when Earth was annihilated. I was lucky enough to survive this body transplant. I lived through a number of conflicts on Cybertron. I was lucky enough to be off planet when that madman Megatron nearly wiped out the Cybertron race. I’ve seen things that many of my people could only dream of seeing. So, yes, I feel lucky.”

    Hot Rod sighed. “Who would’ve guessed you’d be an optimist at a time like this. I hope your luck rubs off on all of us.”

    Suddenly, Spoiler’s voice popped through on all channels. “We’re entering Iacon’s boarders. Keep your sights up high. You never know when they’ll swoop down.”

    “What about rollers?”

    Spoiler replied gruffly. “Tell me Hot Rod, you’ve seen a few of their attacks. Have you seen any rollers?”

    ”No… just fliers… Hold on! I think I know who…” His train of thought was cut off by a barrage of blaster fire.
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    Chapter 16

    Optimus Prime returned fire at the fliers. “They reacted much faster than I thought!”

    Hot Rod dove out of the path of incoming fire. “Yeah, I sort of gathered that!” Hot Rod fired back with his rifle and wrist blasters. “Optimus! We’ve got to do something! We’re going to get slaughtered here!” He was thrown to the ground as a heavy blaster bolt clipped his arm. “What are we going to do?”

    Optimus began firing with greater determination. “We show them who’s planet this is!” He looked over towards Wrench and Jackhammer. “You two! It’s time we show the Decepticons what we can really do!”

    Hot Rod watched as Optimus Prime and Jackhammer transformed into their vehicle modes while Wrench fused with Optimus Prime’s grill. “Optimus! This is no time for playing games!” Hot Rod lined up another shot as a Decepticon flyer swooped in firing a volley of blaster bolts down upon the camp. “Optimus! We…” His attention turned to Optimus Prime. He was in his combined mode now as Jackhammer appeared to come apart at the seams and various parts were fusing onto Optimus Prime. Hot Rod only let his attention sway from the fight for a second before he starting fighting back. From the corner of his optics he could see the massive barrage of firepower coming from Prime’s location. A voice screamed from behind him.

    It was First Aid. “Hot Rod! Behind you!”

    Hot Rod turned around to see the white ambulance slam hard into a Decepticon attacking from the rear. First Aid fired his double-barreled cannon into the Decepticon’s torso. Both hit the ground hard, but First Aid was the only one still functional. He transformed and took aim with his pistol. Before he could fire a shot he was gunned down from several directions. “No! First Aid!” Hot Rod ran towards the downed medic. “Are you still online?”

    First Aid winced. “I… I’ve been shot!”

    “Great deduction.” He let out a sigh. “You’re in pretty bad shape. Can you move?”

    First Aid’s optics began to flicker. “I… Hot Rod, it was a pleasure to…”

    “First Aid?” Hot Rod shook the old Autobot. “First Aid! This isn’t funny! Say something.” There was no reply. First Aid’s optics flickered out and his body went limp. “Rest in peace my friend. You…” His comments were cut off by the sounds of blaster fire. He dove away from his downed friend but the sounds of impact never came. He looked around and saw a flurry of fire coming from the opposite side of the battlefield.

    DJ made his way over to Hot Rod. “Major, we’ve got company!”

    Hot Rod tried to forget his shock. “More Decepticons?”

    “No, reinforcements!” DJ glanced over at the new fighters. “Maximals!”

    “Maximals? But… I thought… Forget it! Do they have a medic? First Aid was hit hard and he’s in emergency stasis, but if he doesn’t get treatment now, he’s…”

    A soft voice interjected. “You first, big guy?”

    Hot Rod looked around. “Who…?”

    “Down here.”

    Hot Rod looked down as a female Maximal began climbing up his body. “Uh, do you mind?”

    “I need to have a look at your shoulder, big guy.”

    “Forget me! My friend is in much worse off! Help him first! This is barely a scratch!”

    “New models first, then the antiques.”

    “What’s your name? I’d love to report you to your commanding officer!”

    “Unicorna… and your complaint has been noted and ignored. Now shut up and let me do my work!”

    DJ leaned over and whispered. “The sooner she fixes you, the sooner she can work on First Aid. Don’t make her mad, she’s the leader of that group.”

    “And you know that how?”

    ”I’ve been scanning transmissions for a while now.”

    Unicorna sighed. “You’re done. I’ll work on your friend next!” She transformed into her beast mode, a horse with a horn extruding from her forehead and dashed off to First Aid.

    Hot Rod watched the female in disbelief. “She’s a unicorn?”

    DJ nodded. “Yes, and a true sign of hope.”
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    Chapter 17

    Hot Rod couldn’t believe it. Though the battle had been long and hard, the combined forces had managed to force back the attackers. He had laid his still smoking rifle to the ground and towered over Unicorna, the leader of the Maximal group and the only true medic in either the Autobot and Maximal camp, as she worked diligently on First Aid’s injuries as his spark slowly began to degrade even in emergency stasis lock.

    “I haven’t seen components this old since before the upgrade took place!”

    Hot Rod was shocked to hear her say that? “Come again?”

    “This guy’s a relic! Listen, there are younger warriors that need my assistance. I’ll come back to work on this guy.”

    “I don’t think so! ‘This guy’ saved my life! ‘This guy’ is in emergency stasis! Everyone else is still online and functioning!” Hot Rod’s voice increased in authority and volume. “You will not leave his side until you have done everything in your power to repair him! That’s an order!”

    Unicorna put down her tools and laughed. “Who died and made you Prime, kid?”

    A voice boomed from above. “I did.” It was Optimus Prime. “What seems to be the problem?”

    Before Unicorna could speak Hot Rod stood up. “She’s claiming the others are more important than First Aid, Prime! Look at his condition!”

    Unicorna sighed. “Listen, there’s nothing I can do for him. The damage he sustained… I’m amazed he’s been holding on this long even in stasis. Now, if you don’t mind, I have others that need my attention.” Unicorna transformed and galloped off to a much less injured ally.

    Hot Rod just stared in disbelief. “She calls herself a medic?”

    Optimus, now separating from Jackhammer and Wrench, sighed. “Wrench, is there anything you can do?”

    The small Autobot took a look at the damage. “I’m no medic, but the lady is right. First Aid won’t survive. His spark is already beginning to degrade.” He let out a sigh. “I can’t do anything to stabilize it without an entire medical lab.”

    Optimus let out a sigh. “We have no choice, we’ll have to leave him here.”

    Hot Rod voiced his protest. “We can’t leave him here! He’s still…”

    “No… Optimus… is correct.”

    Hot Rod looked down. “First Aid, you…”

    “Wrench’s observation was correct… but far too optimistic. I would do nothing… but slow you down and I can already tell you that I will not survive any sort of procedure.” First Aid heaved a sigh. “There is… so much I wish to say… to both you and Optimus, but my time is short.” First Aid sighed again, his optics beginning to flicker. “’Till all… are… one…” With his last words spoken, his body’s colors began to fade as the metal turned to gray.

    Optimus lowered his head and turned away as he began to walk towards the collection of troops behind him and Jackhammer followed. Hot Rod kept his optics locked on First Aid. “This… can’t be right.”

    Wrench looked up at the larger Autobot with sorrowful eyes. “I am truly sorry Hot Rod. He fought well. He will be missed.”

    “He was a medic not a fighter! He shouldn’t have…”

    “But he did! He saved your life! Show some respect!”

    “I’m going to have some words with Unicorna…” He stormed off.

    Wrench tried to keep up with Hot Rod, but he could not keep up with the larger Autobot’s huge stride. “Don’t do anything stupid kid!”

    Hot Rod ran towards the group of injured allies. “Unicorna! I need to speak with you!”

    Unicorna’s gaze did not move from the wound she was working on. “When I’m finished…”

    Hot Rod’s optics flashed red. “No, now!”

    DJ ran over and pulled Hot Rod away. “Calm down, Hot Rod! We don’t have time for internal squabbles!”

    Hot Rod pushed against DJ’s weight. “I don’t care! If she would’ve gotten to First Aid before me, he’d still be alive!” He pointed at Unicorna. “It’s your fault!”

    Unicorna stood up on her patient. “Funny, I never had any complaints about my medical methods…”

    ”Maybe because the ones that would’ve complained died before they had the chance!”

    “Hot Rod! That’s enough.” It was Optimus Prime. He put his hand up to silence any remarks from anyone involved. “Unicorna, finish repairing the troops. I’d like to speak with you when you’re done.” He looked at Hot Rod. “As for you, I’d like to have a word with you alone.” Optimus Prime led Hot Rod away out of earshot of the others. “What was that all about? What happened the First Aid was not her fault.”

    “How can you say that, Prime? She left him there to work on less severe wounds! She…!”

    “That’s enough!” Optimus sighed. “I know you’re upset, but for now you’re going to have to forget about it. I want you to rest up and have your share of the energon rations. In two hours we’re going to make our move.”

    “Alright, I’ll get the troops…”

    ”No. As of now DJ has command of your group. I’ll be taking you, Wrench, Jackhammer, and Unicorna into that tower.”

    “You’re… bringing her?” Hot Rod was obviously displeased with the idea.

    “She brought it to my attention that she’s been inside the complex before. How far, she did not say, but how ever far she got is more than any of us have gotten. Therefore she will be coming with us.”

    “What about DJ and the others?”

    “Their job is to make enough commotion that no one will realize that we’re inside.” Optimus put his hand on Hot Rod’s shoulder. “Now rest up. We’re all going to need all the strength we can get.”
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    Chapter 18

    Darkness surrounded him. He looked at his hands and noticed that he was surrounded in a blue aura. He looked to the distance and saw a blue glow. He ran towards it. He could hear his metallic footsteps echo in the void. He could see it clearly now. It was a warm light and he was getting closer. Then, in the darkness a cold cackle filled his ears. He looked around and saw no one.

    “Who’s there?” The laughing continued. “Answer me!”

    The laughing settled into a chuckle. “Now, now… testy, aren’t we Rodimus Prime. Is that anyway to greet an old friend?”

    “Old friend? I don’t know you!”

    “Oh, you know me well enough. I’ll be seeing you soon, Prime. Very soon indeed.”

    Hot Rod snapped awake. “That was… strange…”

    Jackhammer leaned over Hot Rod. “You alright, Major?”

    “Yeah, I’m fine… just had a really strange dream.” Hot Rod stood up. “And stop calling me Major! You’re not serving under me anymore. It’s Hot Rod.”

    “Yes, sir!”

    “Oh give it a rest!” Hot Rod chuckled. “So where are we meeting everyone?”

    “North end of the ruins. I hope you’re feeling energetic because from what Prime told me, we’re going to be hauling tailpipe to get into position.”

    Hot Rod looked around. “Where is everyone?”

    “They already left to thin out the guards and other defenses.”

    Hot Rod nodded as they continued their walk. As they neared the edge of the ruins, he could see Optimus Prime’s truck silhouette. He couldn’t believe how intimidating it looked. Two huge single barreled cannons were mounted on the roof of the trailer with two double barreled, swiveling cannons mounted on the sides near the front. Prime’s cab section was also upgraded with his old rifle mounted on the roof. To the left, Hot Rod could barely hold in his laughter. There he saw Unicorna in her beast mode with Wrench as her rider armed with her two pistols. Hot Rod smirked and gave him a salute.

    “Howdy!” Hot Rod burst out laughing. “I hope you’ll give those back to her.”

    Wrench and Unicorna groaned at the same time. Wrench aimed the pistols at Hot Rod. “It’s been a while since I fired a hand gun… I could use the practice!”

    Hot Rod ignored the threat and transformed. “Jackhammer, are you going to be able to keep up with us? No offense, but you really aren’t built for speed, my friend.”

    Optimus Prime chuckled. “He isn’t, but he’s got it lucky. I’m going to be doing all the work!” The other laughed as Jackhammer latched on to the end of Prime’s trailer. “Autobots! Roll out!”

    The terrain was rough, but Hot Rod was managing to keep a nice top speed while dodging the rubble. He noticed that Unicorna was quite nimble in her beast mode and watching Wrench holding on for dear life was comical. Optimus was having a much easier time. Optimus took the “subtle” approach and simply rammed through the debris. Ahead he could already see the glow of the firefight, no doubt their small force was having a hard time keeping the Decepticons at bay.

    Unicorna’s voice popped in through his comm. channel. “Turn left after that jagged piece of rock. There’s a tunnel that leads right to the foundation of the spire. The team I brought here a while ago managed to slice a hole through the foundation… hopefully it’s still there.”

    Jackhammer replied. “And if not, we’ll make a new one.”

    Hot Rod’s attention drifted from the “road” they were on. He couldn’t shake the vision of First Aid dying on the ground. He could not help but think of his face and he could not help but remember how uncaring Unicorna seemed for a medic. And with that, he felt something snap inside of him. He pulled up next to Unicorna and Wrench quickly.

    “I’ll kill you! You slagging…!”

    Wrench looked over to where the voice was coming from. “Hot Rod! Stop!” Unicorna and he let out a yelp as Hot Rod transformed and tackled the two. Wrench went flying to the ground, skidding to a stop. Unicorna lay on her side in her beast mode pinned to the ground by Hot Rod’s massive form.

    Unicorna shook her head to clear the dirt from her eyes. “Are you mad?”

    “You let him die!” His eyes flared. “You called him an antique! You ignored him and let him die! You call yourself a medic? You call yourself a Maximal?” He balled his fist and pulled back his arm to let loose a punch that would have killed her. “Let me bestow the same ‘kindness’ you gave First Aid!”

    Unicorna’s eyes went wide. “No! Stop! Please!”

    Hot Rod felt four large arms wrap around his body pulling himself off the female Maximal. “Let me go!”

    Optimus groaned as he strained against Hot Rod’s struggling. “Calm down Hot Rod! That’s an order!”

    Jackhammer placed himself between Hot Rod and Unicorna. “What the slag has gotten into you?”

    Hot Rod leaned around Jackhammer and pointed an angry finger at Unicorna. “She let him die!”

    Unicorna transformed and walked up to Hot Rod with her head down. “I am truly sorry for your friend. My actions… you’re right… I should have gone to him first, but in the end the result would have been the same. His damage was far too great for me to repair…”

    Wrench walked by holding his side. “I can verify that…”

    Unicorna continued. “My beast mode’s instincts sometimes over power my logistics in such tense situations. However this is the first time they have caused such a terrible event.”

    Hot Rod’s anger began to melt. “You mean… you never…”

    Unicorna looked up at Hot Rod. “I am very sorry. Nothing I do or say will bring back your friend, but I will promise that it will not happen again.”

    Hot Rod’s struggle against Optimus Prime and Jackhammer ended and he took a few steps back. “Fine… just…” He hesitated. “Just stay out of my way.” He transformed again into his car mode and revved his engine.

    Optimus Prime sighed and looked down at Unicorna. “He will get over it… in time.” He and Jackhammer transformed into their vehicle modes and combined. “But, for the time being I feel it would be wise if I were to be in between you two.”

    Unicorna transformed into her beast mode. “Very well.”

    Wrench grunted as he climbed onto Unicorna’s back. “Yeah, I’m fine, thanks for asking. Don’t worry about me…”

    Unicorna began her sprint. “Now, the turn is just up ahead. However, I must warn you…”

    “Of what?” Optimus replied.

    “I sensed a great power inside the citadel the last time I was in there… an awesome power I never felt before.”

    “A new weapon then.”

    “No… it was different than a weapon’s energy… it felt like…” She paused. “It felt… overwhelmingly good!”

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