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    Just something i felt like writing.

    Cybertron War Journal Entry 0233

    I looked down at the mass piles of scraped,dead and empty shells.Many missing limbs and heads.So many of them used to be full of life and a personality.I looked out across our home-world explosions filled the sky the pile of dead cybertronians seemed to grow larger and larger with each passing day.Our race was now split for the rest of time. Any new cybertronian would be forced to choose a side either that of an Autobot or a Decepticon.As buildings ages old were decimated in mere minutes and former allies blew apart in front of my optics,i thought to myself what will be the outcome of this?

    During the early days of the Decepticon uprising I sat in the back rows of the gladiator ring and the one known as Megatron would speak for hours about how corrupt Cybertron had become and about how the Decepticons were going to bring Cybertron into a new age.Many joined his side,myself included along with my two brothers.

    As the battle raged on I turned to see an Autobot was still functioning and had his rifle aimed at me.Just as i thought i would cease to function one of my brothers blew the Autobot apart.He told me to hurry up and asked what I was waiting for.I transformed and we flew up into the war torn sky blowing up Autobot gunner stations as we went.

    The Decepticon is meant to be one of the seekers

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