Heavy/Scratch: Fan Character: Nightwing

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    Based off the Classics Mirage mold, using a Dragstrip as the base. Wings and thrusters are from a Classics Starscream, the same one i used for my Warpath custom. Wing cannons are off of a ROTF Airazor, the same one that got turned into Sefer.

    First off, credit has to go to Autobotx23, as this is based off his Cloud Saber custom. Thanks for the idea!

    Secondly, I built my own Cloud Saber a long, long, long while ago, and the wings mounted to his shoulders are a pain. Their location means that they get in the way of cool poses, generally blocking out important details (probably my fault, i was a beginner at the time), so this time Nightwings's wings are mounted on M.S.G ball joints, so they can be moved out of the way.

    Also, he's depicted here with one of my earlier customs (hence the crap paintjob), Nightracer (not related to the actual TF of the same name). Why? Because they combine. Well, sort of. Nightwing splits into three parts (disconnecting using the ball jointed hips), each leg forming leg armor for Nightracer, and the rest of his body attaching to her back, as a flight pack of some sort. The last picture depicts how Nightwing's arms can also be deployed, to hold weapons. As a bonus, the ball jointed wings can now finally be used as cannons in robot mode! Yay!

    The jet mode is supposed to look scratched/scarred/whatever you want to call it, for those who were wondering. And the backs wings have been deliberately left white.

    Again, big thanks to ABX23 for the idea. Without you, this custom would've never happened.

    As usual, C&C welcome, unless it's about paint chipping on Nightwing. I know about that, will have to redo parts of it after sanding it over again. But it should essentially looks the same (apart from the drybrushing, that's a bit hard to duplicate exactly :D ) when it's fixed.

    Now, to see how i can integrate both of them into my photocomic...

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    That last pose is AWESOME!

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