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    Name: Deathbringer

    Allegiance : Autobot, formerly Decepticon

    Function: Warrior / Demolitions

    Motto: I've been to the Inferno and I'll send you there! (I'm working on a better motto )

    Alt.Mode : Fighter Jet

    Abilities: Deathbringer's abilities are equal to those of Starscream's.
    However Deathbringer has the ability to create fire blasts from his hands.

    He was a Seeker that was thrown into The Pit / The Inferno by Starscream after failing to destroy an Autobot outpost . He managed to survive and crawled his way back out. . His face looks basically like the Terminator's. He wears a helmet similar to Jetfire's to hide his face.
    He joins the Autobots to get back at Starscream even though they don't agree with his plans to destroy Starscream.

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