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    Okay, don't know where this would go, but figured since this is apparently the fan fic area, that this would be the most appropriate forum. Mods of course can move to a more appropriate spot.

    See if you can spot all the references too. Yes, even the colors are jokes.

    Basically one of my pals wondered what a Shattered Glass version of Nemesis Prime would be. Seeing as NP is usually just a Frankensteinian style berserker, and the SG universe is "oppositeland" I came up with this...enjoy!

    by Transfotaku

    NAME: Nemesis Prime
    TOY: Classics Voyager Optimus Prime, repainted
    ACCENT COLORS: Sparkly White
    ABILITIES: Is three times faster. Can write poetry three times faster than anyone else. Can create literary art upon any subject. Heart is way too noble and willingness to self sacrifice make him an utterly useless soldier in an actual war.
    ATTACKS: Nemesis Kick! Literary Lunge! Death Spiral Attack! Also has dual blasters that he doesn't like using, due to their harmful nature. Changed one to a stun beam and the other into an electromagnetic pulse generator. Secretly houses deep inside of him the ability to use his Mega Attack: The Kiss Kiss Tenkyoku Super Player Zodiac Rainbow Beam Shot.
    FUNCTION: Former Cybertronian Supreme Poet and Ethics Commander (Deceased)
    QUOTE: "It is not for revenge we fight, nor even justice. It is for peace, prosperity and happiness."

    Nemesis and Optimus were archenemies long ago, before they achieved their current forms. Optimus, then just the archivist Optronix, hated Nemesis, then just Tctronix for one simple reason: Tctronix wrote. A lot. As the most inspired and prolific artist of the linguistic arts, Tctronix was unable to stop writing and creating new literature. And as Optronix had to archive all of that new literature, he was often forced to stay megacycles past his typical shift's endings. The animosity only grew as Tctronix was granted one award after another, and Optronix had to catalog all the news articles and related information as well. Then when Optronix became Optimus, Tctronix became...well, let's just say a hobby of a different kind.
    Left for dead and tossed aside, Tctronix had the inner strength and audacity to not only survive, but crawl his way to safety in the undergrounds. He scraped along with just one functional digit on his left hand. The journey was hard, but his desire to inspire other Cybertronians to fight for a new golden age burnt strong in his core. He made it to the relative safety of an ancient abandoned labratory, which also happened to house a Decepticon resistance cell. Parts of Primus himself had been salvaged and used for Tctronix's new armor and body, increasing his strength and endurance by many factors. Physically, the superior of Optimus Prime himself. The harsh operations to save his life changed nothing of the noble and kind personality inside, and in fact, only strengthened his generous and magnanimous personality. He was Optimus' nemesis and thwarted the Autobot Commander at every turn.
    If there was ever a scholar, a sage, a doctor, a historian, a literary genius, and a cultural icon all in one entity, it would be Nemesis Prime. However, his life would be cut short on the day he lost one of the pieces of a board game he was playing. Feeling guilty over the loss of our equivelant of a chess knight in the game, he did the only honorable thing in his mind, and self-terminated. The Decepticons hope he'll one day return in a more powerful form, even though they shot his corpse into space.
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