Fall of The Fire in The Night W.i.p

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    im working on a massive story about a young boy who becomes more than himself in out of this universe way when its done ill post the full story which will be in three parts have a youtube series and probily take 3 years to make and will cover a 10,000 year timeline sorry for my spelling so here's the SHORT sum of part 1 and 2

    A young boy named jayko has been a transformers fan since his fifth bday and loves legos.one day he excepts the idea of the multiverse and that its possible to travel between them.One day his best friend tells him about a show,a show that will dwarf every thing else to a 0% matter a show that will posses him open his mind and develop an urge to go to that universe till the point he gives up and sits in a 7 day meditation to releave his mind which nearly kills him in the process after which he finds that his heart has been set and an overwelling feeling of peace and total sadness for that which he loves takes hold.A portal opens up and his spirit which has consomed his body fallows through,hoping that the moment has finally come only to be told by a mysterious but comforting voice of the univeres ruler which tells him he must first fail in one universe and give the ultimate sacrifice to the flame and then he will be given safe passage. and so he goes as a new person to universe failsafe6 in which he seems to be an entirely new person with the same urge but his new persona and is a transformer that is a prime who was to late to save this universe and take up the name Burn in which during he decides to go into hiding on a planet enslaved by megatron and learns and hears a phrase and thus he is once more himself and is given passage by the ruler to a new universe Discord7 (end of part 1) in which he joins the failing Autobots wearing a cloak to hide his resemblence with prime and finally spills the beans and after only he and his team are left alive as the last Autobots they find a substance that can purge all evil forever and so his team agrees that they will help him not for the universe but him after they see how emotionily torn he becomes having develped diffrent personalitys all good all wanting the same thing and since they'll die soon anyway and all good life has been eraticated or lost all sanity,they embark on a journey to find this relic and save Burn who is slowly losing his sanity'and after a brutal journey and his team all killed trying to help him,he regains his deterination remembering the promise to go to his haven. he finally finds the relic which turns out to be flame,an eternal flame which is alive and can think. Flame then tells Burn that he can save the universe and renew it with a new chance of chaos free life an so Burn agrees to this and Flame tells him he will get to leave and will be granted a new power to burn,as burn starts to sacrifice himself an image of the ruler apears in Flame and tells him it was him self all along that opened the portal but she was real and that he will soon hear the sound of dubstep his favorite, and will get all the things of the life of a normal person and so he sacrifices himself and dies only to be woken up in a new form a, a form that he will use to save all life. He is now a prince with a orange body that fades to yellow and red hair only he is not a human on earth he is in universe VS3764 he then suddently gets a mental vision telling him he is now Flamewear Fireheart and his journey has only began.OH and thats hes also 20% cooler ;)  end of part 2

    I know its long but i will see it through till the end
    by the way if you got the nod at the end then expect to see Vinyl as the love interest in part 3

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