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    Fall of Cybertron Weapons (Work in Progress)
    With the latest installment of Transformers video games, we get an arsenal of new weapons, which I will be posting information about as I get it.

    Like in War for Cybertron, you will be able to carry two weapons, along with your single vehicle mode weapon. Unlike WFC, there are several different weapon classes, such as primary, heavy, assault T.E.C.H., and utility T.E.C.H. Whether weapons will still be confined to individual classes remains to be seen. More info into how weapons are classified will be posted at a later time. A side note, you can switch your weapon-hand to use cover to a better extent.

    Another new feature coming to FoC, is upgradable weaponry. Using the vast defense network of Teletraan-1, players will be able to upgrade and tweak weapons to have differnet characteristics. Upgrades incluse things like increased rate of fire, increases clip count and size, among other properties that are unique to that specific weapon. These upgrades will be bought with in-game points collected from completeing objectives and defeating enemies.

    This list is will hopefully include all weapons that will be included in-game and useable by players.
    As the vehicle weapons remain the same, they shall not be mentioned. (Note: Some information including weapon class and upgrades are speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt.)

    The X-18 Scrapmaker. Class: Heavy. Essentially an upgraded version of the original X-12, upgrades will include faster wind-up time, increased clip capacity, among others.

    The Nucleon Charge rifle. Class: unknown (possibly primary or utility). As the sniper rifle of this game, the Charge rifle possesses heavy damage and long range, like it's predecessor the Null Ray. Unlike the NR, it can be charged up for greater damage. While it is unneeded to charge it, allowing for quick-scoping, the damage will be a fraction of what it could be. Upgrades can possibly include quicker charge-up time, increased magnification power, and like the others, larger clip size.

    The Gear Shredder. Class: Heavy. A brand new weapon, this weapon launches energy disks (called eradicator blades) at a target, possibly dismembering it (Fun!). Upgrades include multiple launching disks and ricocheting disks that bounce off walls. Reminds one of TRON, no?

    The Energon Harvester. Class: Unknown (possibly utility). A new shotgun with unique abilities, the Harvester dains the health of it's target into the user, and it fires in two-shot bursts. Possible upgrades include larger health drain and damage. This is going to possibly be my favorite. It is also the starting weapon for escalation.

    The Chaos Rift Combustor. Class: Unkonwn (possibly heavy). Started as an alternate firing mode for Megatron's tank cannon, it was enevitably changed to be it's own weapon. Essentially it is a cluster bomb launcher. At the hight of the main bomb's arc, it will explode, releasing several smaller ones, or the player can detonate it at will. Possibly upgrades include increased distance extra bombs.

    The Thermo Rocket Cannon. Class: Heavy. An upgrade to the old Thermo Rocket Launcher, the Cannon now shoots three missiles and can lock-on to vehicle mode enemies. Upgrades can possibly include increased misslie maneuverability and more rockets. In escalation it costs 900 energon points (or whatever the currency is).

    The Path Blaster (sorry about the picture, it was the best I could get). Class: Primary. Optimus' new signature weapon. It takes the form of his G1 Ion blaster, as it is a semi-automatic rifle with good damage. Speculatory upgrades can include automatic firing, increased damage, and the usual increase in clip size.

    The Riot Cannon. Class: Primary. This is Megatron's signature weapon. Essentially an upgrade to the fusion cannon, the last shot in the clip does 300% more damage. I predict this is going to be the new over-powered weapon in multiplayer. Upgades? This is the only one I can't really speculate on what it will get, nor would I like to, it really doesn't need any.

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