FA: Constructicon Maximus w/3 extra limbs & Classics Devvy, Also PS2 game lots & MASK

Discussion in 'Transformers On Ebay' started by Alpha Omega Trion Supreme, May 22, 2007.

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    Hi. Have two Transformers auctions up. One's for Constructicon Maximus with 3 extra constructicon limbs. The other is Classics Devastator like new.

    Constructicon Maximus w/3 Extra limbs

    Classics Devastator Auction

    See all my auctions here. Including MASK Venom Jackhammer, Pirhana and Iguana. MASK Firecracker and Condor.

    And a few videogame lots:

    X-Men Legends 2 + X-men Legends 1 (2 Xbox games!)

    5 PS2 Games Lot: 2 Batmans, GTA 3, Spiderman, Superman

    6 PS2 Games Lot: Hitman, Maximo, Kri, Evil Dead,Matrix+

    6 PS2 Games Lot: RoadKill,Midnight Club2,M.Kombat,VF4 +

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