FA: 4 GaoGaiGar Docking TF Combiners, Classics Weirdwolf, 15 Armada Minicons +

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    First auction is for all four symmetrical dockers from the Galaxy Defender toy line by Happy Well. These are reproductions of the Takara GaiGaiGar Rescue(HyoRyu & EnRyu) and Build(FuuRyu & RaiRyu) teams which feature 4 transforming robots which also combine by symmetrical docking with each other into ChoRyuJin and GukiRyuJin. I've pictured the combination options below. I had these opened and combined sitting on my shelf. The stickers are unapplied. The sticker sheets are still inside the original boxes as shown. I personally think they look better without them, but they're there for you to apply if you like. I've reboxed them for this auction as pictured immediately below. These were adult owned by me in a SMOKE FREE home. Quality is pretty good for a reproduction and typical of Happy Well. G1 Devastator, Brave Tiger and Roadbot MR-2 are NOT included in this auction and are only pictured below for size comparisons. This auction is for the 4 Happy Well Galaxy Defender Robots only!

    Click GaiGaiGar Auction for ebay link.

    Unfortunately, I just don't have the shelf space for these anymore. :( 

    Second auction is for 5 minicon teams from the Transformer Armada toyline for a total of 15 mini transforming robots! Teams included are Adventure Team(Dune Runner, Iceberg & Ransack), Destruction Team(Buzzsaw, Drill Bit & Dualor), Land Military Team(Bonecrusher, Knock Out & Wreckage), Night Attack Team(Broadside, Fetch & Scattor) and Sea Team(Oceanglide, Stormcloud & Waterlog). These figures are all complete, and the Adventure and Destruction teams have gear gimmicks that allow them to interact with Armada Cyclonus. Joints on the figures are tight.

    Click 15 Armada Minicons Auction for ebay link.


    Third auction is for the Transformers Botcon 2007 G1 Classics Weirdwolf unopened and complete with tech specs and instructions. This is the Classics version of the iconic Decepticon Headmaster.

    Click Classics Weirdwolf Auction for ebay link.


    Also up for auction, but not transformers related are:

    Original 80's Matchbox scale General Lee & matching Hot Wheels Dixie Challenger

    Kenner MASK Slingshot White RV w/Ace Riker

    If you have any questions or reasonable picture requests, please ask! Thank you for looking! :) 

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