f**king local customs!!! %$#@

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    malaysia, while progressive in relation to other islamic countries, is still a very much conservative nation by western standards. we cant bring in smut into the country; nudity is a no-no.

    censorship for popular magazine/books however, is a hit and miss kind of thing. the customs will require naughty bits to be blacked out using pen. even so, because comics are low key, it mostly goes unnoticed, for instance in marvel max titles.

    so i picked up the recent fear agent, issue 8 methinks - lovin' rick remenders stuff. its a tribute to all those old school cool stuff, but it feels relevant to the current stuff and not homage for the sake of homage. after paying for it, hmm, feels kinda light. read it in the parking lot.

    okay, go to the backup tale - theres some titties here, blacked out, turn the page...THEY FRICKING CUT OUT THE FINAL 2 PAGES WTF??!!!

    double checked the main story...noticed another page cut out. shit. i dont mind the blacked out titties but at least let me read the fucking story in full for fuck sake.

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    Just think of it as one of those "create your own ending" books!

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