Eye in the Sky is up on the Club website!

Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by Icespark, May 1, 2009.

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    Hi everyone,

    The new Club Story, Eye in the Sky, has been uploaded at the Club website! :)  Set in the Shattered Glass Universe, it's written by Greg Sepelak and Trent Troop; Tom Whalen has done the illustrations.

    Here's a link!

    The Official Transformers Collectors' Club

    Edit- I just finished reading it!

    Shattered Glass Ravage is hilarious! :lol  :D  I'd like to see him used more in the future. :D 

    Cliffjumper is as amusing as ever! :) 

    Shattered Glass Soundwave and Crasher are both fun characters. :) 

    The Vector Prime joke was funny! :) 

    The tech support joke against Goldbug was completely hilarious! :lol  :D  It really was a great line! :lol  :D 

    I'd like to see just what exactly the secret is behind Side Burn.

    I like Sephie, her character was very well done! :D  I did initially find it difficult to like Will and Rick, knowing just who they're based on. Thankfully, these characters are much more likable than their original forms. :) 

    Also, I like Heatwave! I'll be looking forward to his figure! :) 
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    I hope these fics get a release in a TPB someday...

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