Extremely rare - MISB Bruticus 2000 Giftset (Takara Japan's MUCH nicer RID Ruination)

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    This factory sealed giftset is
    the epitome of show-accurate paint work.

    It also has sparkly plastics with a metallic sheen, completely different colors for each figure, chrome sticker details lacking in the Hasbro release.

    For example, the tank is desert camo, the helicoptor metallic blue with white spray fade, body and helmet armor are yellow/gold-ish, the Onslaught/Mega-Octane has many extra camo applications and robot chest details.

    The giftset box is C9.5 and is my only sealed one. Preserved in smoke-free climate-controlled storage for almost 10 years.

    $107 + shipping.

    At this low price, I don't make any profit on this uber-rare set, but only transfer it to you for the price that I paid. Pm me first and it's yours. If my box is full, then just reply in this thread instead. This giftset is only a fraction of the cost of a sealed G1 Bruticus (re-release, not even original G1). Though this set has a more realistic and more detailed paintscheme. The remolded separate guns all combine to form the 2 large guns for the gestalt.

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