Customs: Expecting the unexpected

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    In my everyday life I create out of imagination or necessity. Many things I create because I don't know if there exist such a thing but I do know I need it (like the camera hook up for my art shows). My mind has been conditioned this way and for that I am thankful today.

    Working on a custom, or rather working on putting it back together, a problem occurred. One of the plastic rods for another part to slide over broke. All this hard work and it broke. What I didn't foresee was how tight the joint would be after the paint app. So as I wiggled the piece onto the plastic rod I was actually clamped onto the rod and wiggling it instead of the piece. It snapped. After that I had 2 problems born of the first. How to fix the rod and how to get the rod piece out of the part.

    The rod piece in the part became a lost cause and eventually I had to hand drill the piece out. That left me with the rod base which almost made me want to cry. I sanded that flat while letting my mind run. What could I possibly do? Hope there is enough to hold the part in place? Make a rod out of epoxy or sculpey? Then looking down I saw the answer.

    A piece of styrene tubing I had on my desk to be used as a template for a pin stared me in the face. I took it and lined it up with the rod and bingo! Same size. Sanded it flat and a drip of superglue later and I had fixed the rod! After a couple hours I added another drip around the outside. I didn't know how secure this would be. Fearing the worst I began thinking of ways to increase the support for the rod. Paint on the outside helps but still, need more. Then it occurred to me to go back to the epoxy idea and stuff the beans out of that rod with epoxy. When it cures I can sand it down and drill a hole in it as well as paint the outside. The epoxy hardening will add enough resistant force to the part that it'll be perfect.

    I work with what's at hand. Had that tubing not been there I may have used a straw hardened with epoxy resin or something way out there. I'm glad I don't know because if I did that only means I failed the first time. The first time gave me a 2 to 3 hour detour from working on the custom.

    Any other stories of something gone wrong while working on a custom and a round about way to fixing it?

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