Exclusives sold online now? This RULES!

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Noisemaze2006, May 5, 2008.

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    Some of the exclusives are being sold online now. Is it going to stay this way? Does anybody that works at Walmart,TRU or Target know if this is going to stick? We've been able to order Jetstorm,Wingblade & now Target's Deep Space Starscream online. No wasting gas anymore! Also HTS had Salvage,Stealth Bumblebee & the Premium leaders for sale. I know they're not exclusives but those aren't hitting stores in my area at all (at least I haven't seen any new Transformers anywhere).

    This is pure awesome + love! I'm gonna love this is if it keeps up! I HATE hunting & bugging employees to go to the back to get stuff and always getting the "whatevers out is all we have" line. I can't afford to waste the gas hunting & this is helping everybody out with the gas problem. Now we just need Walmart to get on the ball & offer their exclusives online.
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    I dunno, We have been able to get movie and other exclusives from Wal-mart and Target online for as far as I can remember.

    The last round of wal-mart exclusives were available online. Of course they sell out... But if you are crafty, you can monitor pages to be immediately alerted for when the page 'changes'... This is what I am doing for HTS and all those new postings, the second that 'coming soon' becomes something else i'll get an email and blammo... Toy city.

    I haven't had to hunt at a store for a long time now.
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    Yeah it's cool. I hope this happens for the Springer-Ratbat, Dirge-Roadbuster (or whatever his name is) two packs.

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