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    “He’s having those dreams again.”

    “I see, it’s kinda sad you know, I wonder if he fell on his head and ruptured his neural net as a youth or something?”

    “He’s been havin’ em’ ever since we met him and I can’t stand seeing him like this any longer. Orion, wake up, wake up my friend, it’s just a dream.”

    “Magnus, Kup, it happened again, and this time it was so real, so vivid, but the strange thing is I can’t remember any details other than an eerily familiar yet ancient sounding voice repeating the word allspark to me.” Orion said as he sat up from recharge.

    “Pax, you’ve got to stop taking in that low grade energon,” a green mech said as he entered the room, “you’re loosing it.”

    “Very funny Dion. Anyway, what’s going on at the docks today?” Orion muttered.

    “Well buddy, another shipment of energon crystals from Iacon is scheduled to arrive, that should keep us busy for a cycle or two unloading and storing.”

    “Iacon,” Magnus wondered out loud, “have any of you guys ever been there? I hear there’s actually a crystal city within its borders that’s guarded by the last guardian robot in existence on Cybertron.”

    “I went there once Magnus,” Kup sighed “a long time ago right after the Great War ended, and man when I tell you that place is beautiful, I mean that place is beautiful. I sure would like to see it again. And I know you guys would too; so how do you guys feel about spending a cycle in energon storage?”

    “Let’s do it! What do you say Orion?” Magnus and Deon barked out.

    “You guys go ahead without me, I’ve got…something to take care of, you guys take care of yourselves and try to keep Deon out of trouble.” Orion said as he gazed a pink femme named Ariel who frequented the docks.

    “Suit yourself you ole Castonova-bot, but while you stay here playing with femmes we’ll be rubbing elbows with the likes of A3 and the Cybertronian high council.” Kup stated.

    “We’ll bring you back some high grade energon too, maybe that will help ease your mind cause you sure have been an uptight bot lately. Think he’s been hanging around Magnus too long or something huh Kup.”

    “Whatever Dion, enough chatter, it’s time to get to work guys, cuz we’ve got a trip to take.” Magnus stated as three bots walked to the docks and the one left behind gazed into the Cybertronian sky with thoughts of only Ariel and the Allspark racing through his mind.


    “Unicron, Unicron, answer me!” A booming voice ranted.

    “My Lord please, what’s wrong?” Unicron asked as he trembled with fear.

    “How dare you patronize me?! I know and I see all things yet you address me as if you were my creator and not I yours. You know very well what’s wrong, you’ve slain your brother and now try to deny the very act!”

    “It was an accident I swear! I would never willingly destroy anyone, let alone one of our own my Lord.” Unicorn bellowed.

    “Liar, spare me your excuses! I have been watching you and watching the dissention you have been sowing within our ranks and I grow weary of it. I will no longer tolerate your insubordination or your self-loathing. From this point on you are no longer welcomed among us and you shall no longer enjoy the fruits of immortality.”

    “Do not kill me father, I beg of you spare me please!”

    “It is not I who has signed your life away for it was your own doing. Now leave this place and wander, wander through space and throughout time alone for you have alienated and bruised those you should have held dear, and because of this you will be feared and loathed throughout your existence. And one day, the very one you killed will be the force that’s unleashed upon you that will spell your doom."


    "Goodbye Unicron.”

    "No, you can’t destroy, I dest….my destinyyyyyyyyyyy! Unicron whaled as he was tossed through the abyss of space in his own lonesome void.

    “My dear Primus,” the voice that spoke to Unicron said, “You shall not have died in vain, one day your life will bring life once again. You will be the Allspark, but for now rest my son.” After placing the remaining essence of Primus’ life force within the casing of a two-pronged orb, the creator placed the orb on a baron metal world and began to speak to it. “Let your land be the dwelling place of the children of my beloved Primus and I will rest within your core until Primus lives again. Til all are one my son.”
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    Give me some feedback please. I'll be droping part 2 in a couple days.
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    The Evolution continues.......................


    “This place is marvelous Kup! I’ve never seen anything like it, a bot could get used to this place.” Magnus stated as he gazed at the wondrous city-state.

    “I’ll say; it’s even more magnificent than I remember it.” Kup stated.

    “It ain’t half bad I guess, if you like the big city.” Dion remarked.

    “Why are you always so damn contrary, I see how you and Gears are related.” Kup laughed as he and Magnus rolled their optics at Dion.


    Meanwhile within the High Council’s chambers the leaders discuss Cybertron’s future.

    “A3, why is it that you that you do not believe Cybertron to be vulnerable to foreign threats such as our old slave masters?”

    “For starters, the Quints do not have resources or the technology to even begin an offensive on Cybertron, and secondly based on the information we’ve gathered there is not a species in the known galaxy that comes close to rivaling the technology or the might of our own kind.”

    “Meaning?” asked Kranix who was a member of the council as well.

    “Meaning, rather than venturing out into the cosmos looking for a threat that may or may not exist, we need to focus on policing our own my dear Kranix.”

    “That is shear madness A3. Cybertronians are a peaceful lot in need of nothing more than energon and a powerful military that can protect our borders from any and all unknown threats.” Prima replied.

    “The only threats are those flying military transformers this council has created in Polyhex!” A3 screamed.

    “That will be enough A3!” Prima, the chief member of the council responded. “Was it not you that developed the design for our military prototypes in Polyhex, and now you say that your designs pose the biggest threat to our peaceful way of life. I find that hard to believe my friend, those machines are nothing more than droids who could not possibly pose any threat; unless under the direction of someone with an agenda other than peace. So tell me, is the Council still in control of the droids A3?”

    “Why yes but….”

    “But what!? The project in Polyhex will proceed as per the majority decision of this council and as for you great liberator of our people;” Prima said sarcastically, “We feel your usefulness to this senate has passed. You do nothing more than second-guess every suggestion and come up with incomplete concepts of your own. We all agreed on the police force you suggested, yet when asked to recruit officers and develop a means of establishing this force you gave us nothing and it is because of such behavior that we kindly ask you to step down into the civilian ranks. Do you have any objections?”

    Shocked and slightly offended by his rejection, A3 bowed his head as he silently walked over to an odd looking device that had the appearance of a face of some sort as he addressed the council. “No objections Senator Prima,” A3 responded in shame. “I simply request that I be branded as with the insignia of our proposed police force so I can still serve Cybertron in some capacity.”

    “Your wish shall be granted A3, but because of your reputation we do not feel it is wise for you to fall in with the everyday citizens of Iacon since your…. demotion may alarm some. So from this cycle forth you small no longer be know as A3, you will be granted a clean slate as the first member of Cybertron’s Alert Unit Team Operative Bots…. All hail Alpha-Trion.” Prima saluted.
    “All hail Alpha-Trion.” The council in turn saluted as Alpha-Trion was branded with the markings of the Cybertronian police force and dismissed from the council’s chambers.

    As Alpha-Trion exited the assembly hall many thoughts raced through his mind, at the forefront was Polyhex. Polyhex was perhaps the one area of Cybertron that did not have an abundant supply of natural resources. There was no water in the region so therefore no organics lived there, but there was an energon crystal mine that did make this region very appealing. It was within that mine before the conclusion of the Cybertronian Revolution that A3 had discovered a strange orb with a glowing substance housed within it. This object puzzled him because it had strange energy readings, but since he could find no use for it at the time he left it hidden within the mines assuming it was nothing more than some sort of strange energy matrix. This memory and his worrying concerning the droid military that was being built in that region helped him to decide that Polyhex would be his first destination, but not before he could recruit some more mechs to join him as an A.U.T.O. bot. Lost in thought he walked directly into the path of three mechs that he assumed were not from around Iacon, who he assumed would make great recruits.

    “Hello my friends, I am Alpha-Trion and you three young bots look like the type of naïve, I mean noble mechs that Iacon could really use as officers.” He said.

    “Sounds interesting” Magnus replied, “Tell us more.”

    “Come with me and I’ll show things that are more than meets the eye.” Alpha-Trion said as he led the three youngsters towards the Crystal City.


    Big Dreams…….

    In the cycles following his friends’ departure Orion finally struck up the nerve to speak to Ariel. The two of them hit it off immediately and became as close as two mechs could be. They would frequently share the same recharge chamber and tell each other stories of their past about where they were from and what happened to their lineages during the war.

    Hearing tales of the epic conflict that ultimately led to the freedom of Cybertron trilled Orion. The very mention of Sentinel’s name made the 27-foot tall mech’s fuel pump pound within his red and blue chassis. Orion could visualize every word in Ariel’s story as if he were there. He could actually hear the voices of Grimlock and Sentinel ringing in his receptors as they made plans to launch the resistance. The weirdest thing of all was that Orion seemed to remember the events of Sentinel’s death in the Crystal Mines as if he were there and as Ariel was concluding her tale he heard a voice in his head that actually drowned hers out. That voice sounded much like his own, only more authoritive as the word ‘prime’ rang from it. Ariel broke his reveling with her concluding remarks about the Allspark.

    “Allspark,” Orion asked. “What is this Allspark?”

    “You should know better than anyone shouldn’t you?” She asked. “After all it is your destiny that is intertwined with it my dear Prime.”

    Orion could not believe what he was hearing; it was as if she had been a witness to all of his dreams. “Why did you call me that?” he asked.

    “Does it not call out to you Orion? Don’t deny it, it is your destiny.” She explained.

    “Who are you, and how do you know what my destiny is?” He angrily replied.

    “The question you need to ask is not who I am, but who you are.” She stated.

    “I know who I am. I am Orion Pax of, of……I am Orion Pax, a dock-worker and a transport, nothing more. I know nothing of this….Prime you speak of.”

    “Orion,” she explained as Orion looked on with great anticipation, “You are more than a dock worker and a transport. You have been chosen by our creator to lead our people in the defense of freedom for all sentient beings. You, Orion, were created just as I was, from the very spark of Primus.”

    “So Sentinel…..”

    “Yes Sentinel, you could say is your father.” She said. “I was created to find you and help lead you to your destiny! Together, we must find our father’s resting place so we can retrieve the Allspark.”

    He stroked his chin and looked away from the pink femme as he began to think out loud. “So that explains why I’ve been having these strange visions but I still have no recollection of my creation.”

    “Nor do I Orion. Sentinel was not your creator, the Allspark was. Your very spark he said, descended from the Allspark prior to my creation. Once I came online he told me about what happened and said the Allspark spoke to him and told him that the spark that was released was destined to become a great transformer, a leader, and a savior. He and I designed the frame that was to house that spark, the frame we designed was yours.”
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    Rise of an Empire

    “I must commend this council on a job well done.” Prima said as the reports came in from Polyhex confirming the successful completion of another line of flying soldiers. “We now have an available fleet of over 200 warriors online and ready to be deployed. Cybertron’s future is now more secure than ever.” He remarked much to the delight of his fellow council members.


    Deep within the long unoccupied desert region of Polyhex a lone optic flickered and a 30-foot tall purple war machine ascended from his tomb of energon crystals. After a quick self-diagnostic the mech was able to discern that much time had passed since his deactivation and that the Cybertron he once knew no longer existed. He focused his optic ahead at what appeared to be a military base of sorts as well as some kind of factory. The place did not appear to be well defended, nor did it look like anything the Quints would have built. “It is not possible.” He said to himself. “There’s no way those fools could have survived. This must logically be a staging ground for the rebels.” He thought aloud. He figured that if the rebellion had managed to survive this long; the tide of the rebellion must have gone in favor of Sentinal and his followers. And if that was the case, it was high time the rebellion got a shockwave.


    Looking at the red insignias that adorned the three mechs in from of him Alpha-Trion proudly stated, “It’s official, welcome to the ranks of the AUTObots.”
    Three mechs looked back at him with just as much pride as they saluted each other in unison. The first one, Kup stood about 25-feet tall with teal coloration, a broad chest that looked like the top of a truck’s cab, and possessed great reflexes that enabled him to be a superior sharp-shooter. The second, Dion was a little shorter than Kup and was mostly white with some red coloration visible on his frame. Though he did not show it, he was not fully convinces he had made the right decision in becoming an Autobot. Magnus, on the other hand relished his new designation. He had always wished he were functional during the days of the gladiators he heard about in the old legends, and now that he was an officer he felt a sort of kinship with those proud warriors. He probably would have done well as a gladiator himself. He stood 32-feet tall with long arms attached to broad shoulders that extended as high as the antennae on the sides of his head. He was very strongly built, and to Alpha-Trion he looked like a warrior so Alpha-Trion gave him a new name that filled him with pride. He would no longer be Magnus, a dockworker and occasional brawler, he would now be known as Ultra Magnus, a leader, and a protector. Alpha-Trion assigned the three to the task of protecting Iacon and recruiting volunteers to join their ranks and after sending them off on their task; he left for his in Polyhex.


    The sounds of rotors turning and swift metal grinding could be heard as six green construction vehicles transformed into robots to confront the large purple intruder that was approaching their base. “Halt in the name of the Cybertronian High Council” one said as the figure came into view. “State your name and your business or you will be executed intruder.” They stated. An even swifter transformation sound was heard as the purple mech transformed into an enormous double-barreled cannon that blasted right through them. The blasts were not meant to destroy them, only to disable them so they could be reprogrammed to suit his purposes. He was able to repair and preprogram five of them, but before he could complete the sixth he heard what sounded like reinforcements approaching so he ordered the others to retreat away from the facility with him into the catacombs. The five of them complied as droids fanned out of the fort to see location of the conflict. Upon finding the one combatant one remained, they procured him and brought him inside for repairs.

    From a distance blue optics of Alpha-Trion took in the chaos going on at the fort. These actions confirmed his fears that these soldiers could one day pose a danger to the peace on Cybertron and he was glad he had got the AUTO-bot project underway to police any possible hostilities. As the bearded silver and blue mech contemplated his next move he was forcefully apprehended and knocked into stasis by an unknown assailant. The attacker retreated with his prisoner to a dark area beneath the energon mines.

    “What your name?” a deep powerful voice asked as Alpha-Trion came to.

    Seeing the ancient design Alpha-Trion recognized from his days as a slave near the gladiatorial pits he responded, “A3.”

    “I thought so, that why me not kill you. Now tell me, was revolt success or was it failure?”

    “How do you know who I am and of what revolt do you speak of?” Alpha-Trion inquired.

    “Me Grimlock no play games with A3, tell Grimlock what he wants to know or Grimlock beat it out of A3!”

    “Grimlock!” Alpha-Trion said with awe. “You still function! The legends of you, the Pit Lords, Sentinel, the legends must be true!” Grimlock looked at Alpha-Trion with frustration as he continued, “Yes, Grimlock, the revolt was successful. The Quints no longer have a foothold on Cybertron and Cybertronians are a free sentient people.”
    Joy and pride could be seen in the optics of Grimlock as he thanked Primus and Alpha-Trion.

    “A3 do good job, Sentinel would be proud. I guess Beta’s faith was not misplaced.”

    “You knew Beta?” Alpha-Trion asked in a solemn tone.

    “Me did know Beta, she very brave and said you very brave too, A3. She trusted you to lead our people against Quints so Sentinel gave her means to help you win fight before he…..died……What emblem on your chest mean?”

    “This is the emblem of the Cybertronian police force known as the Autobots. Our numbers are small at the moment, but I’m…..working on that.” Alpha-Trion responded.

    “If planet free now, then why mechs at compound act like slave droids and who is Cybertronian Council?” Grimlock asked.

    Alpha-Trion began to explain until his attention was diverted to a familiar glowing orb in Grimlock’s chamber. “The energy matrix!” Alpha-Trion said as he pointed to the orb.

    “Matrix?” Grimlock asked. Matrix last remnant of friend. Me Grimlock found it in mines and am keeping it as reminder of great leader, Sentinel. It used by Sentinel to make droids sentient before war. What A3 want Matrix for? Inquired Grimlock.

    “Unbelievable! What a day this has been. First you Grimlock, now I see that another legend is real, the legend of the Allspark! If what you say is true, we can use the Matrix to make the soldiers at the fort sentient as well.”

    “Me Grimlock already try, but Matrix no work on droids cause me not able to open it the way Sentinel did.”

    “Are you sure Grimlock, because I saw some of them fighting amonst themselves before our encounter. A large purple one that transforms into a huge canon seemed to be very sentient. He actually disassembled and reprogrammed some other droids before fleeing the area.”

    “Him not droid....... him Shockwave! Grimlock must find and destroy Shockwave before he start trouble again. Which way did him go?”


    Within the military fort the green mech that was partially repaired by Shockwave began a self-diagnostic. As his red optics opened he felt a rush of feelings, of emotions he’d never felt before. “I am alive.” He said out loud, “I am alive!” memories of his encounter with the purple war machine raced through his neural processor as he recalled the apparent destruction of his counterparts. Anger began to well up inside him as he began thinking of a way to avenge his unit. He searched through the facility until he came to the assembly line where he studied the designs that were posted throughout. After careful study he decided that he’d redesign himself and his five counterparts to make them more durable.

    “Mixmaster, Longhaul, Scrapper, Bonecrusher, and Scavenger step forward.” The proud green mech ordered. “Together we shall build an empire, will be a creating and a devastating force. Our first task is to develop this place into a viable city and rid ourselves of the control of the Cybertronian Council. Any mech who dares oppress us will regret the day they crossed Hook.” He said as the six of them began rounding up the other soldiers.


    “There is a problem at Polyhex sir.” A nervous mech blabbed as he gave his report to the Council.

    “What do you mean Wheeljack?” Kranix responded as he addressed the image of the white and green mech with flashing receptors on the sides of his face.

    “We can’t get a response from the droids. It’s as if they’re ignoring us, and to complicate matters there seems to be some unauthorized activity going on at the assembly platform!” Wheeljack responded.

    “Maybe A3 was right.” Kranix thought out loud, much to the chagrin of Prima who responded in frustration.

    “Nonsense, the droids are not sentient and if they are involved in some unauthorized activity, it is because some unauthorized individual is behind it.”

    “Are you saying that A3 is behind this?” Kranix asked hoping Prima’s accusation was unfounded. “We can not accuse A3 without evidence, but I feel it is urgent that we investigate immediately.” Kranix stated.

    “Kranix, you and Arbolis stay behind, the rest of you follow me to the Crystal City, we may need some big-time backup if these mechs are indeed sentient. Wheeljack, alert Omega Supreme that his assistance is required.” Prima ordered as he left the Council’s chambers.


    “Lord Shockwave, the weapons are complete.” A blue robot stated as he transformed from some type of monitoring device.

    “Excellent Soundwave, the droids will be ours to command in no time. You five, get over here.” Shockwave commanded. “Is the mega-warrior prototype finished?” He asked.

    “Almost sir, but we are out of the special spark crystals we took from the mines, he cannot be activated.”

    “ Leave him, we will have ample time to activate the warrior once we return with more spark crystals. To Polyhex.” Shockwave commanded as his team exited his lab beneath the surface.
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    Very interesting. I really liked the Unicron aspect; He's often likened to the devil, but the blending of Lucifer and Cain was a creative twist.

    Other than that, this is a pretty good explaination of the cartoon origin and build up to the episode where Prime is created (forgot the name).

    There are spelling and grammar issues, but no more than what I and most other fanfic writers make. It looks as though some of the spaces separating dialogue and paragraphs were lost, and looks a little bunched together. Also, there are new scenes that are not clearly separated from the previous scenes (Shockwave's re-emergence and Alpha Trion looking over his new recruits need spaces or asterisks to differentiate themselves).

    A fun read.
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    Much appreciated Petey; I consider you the king, so any advice you give i'll be glad to take into consideration. I did have some problems translating the story from my word document and thus the spacing mishaps.
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    A new Face...............

    “I see something flying toward the fort.” Alpha-Trion said as he and Grimlock followed the trail left behind by the construction vehicles.

    “That definitely Shockwave.” Grimlock said in an angry tone. “Me Grimlock will follow Shockwave, A3, you follow trail to see what sneaky fool up to. Take Matrix with you in case something go wrong with Grimlock at Polyhex.” Grimlock stated as he handed the Matrix to Alpha-Trion and took to the air.

    At the end of the trail Alpha-Trion found what Shockwave was up to. “Great Cybertron,” He stated as he found blueprints of designs for some extremely powerful-looking robots. He also saw the completed form of a nearly 32 foot long silver mech with a helmeted head, broad chest, and a forearm-mounted black cannon. This robot looked graceful, yet was every bit as intimidating as Grimlock. As Alpha-Trion began collecting what he could from the liar, the place started to shake violently as the voice of Shockwave boomed across the intercom. “How dare anyone intrude on my lab? I am created to be ruler over all I survey; total domination is my destiny for I will bring ultimate peace to Cybertron through tyranny. It is survival of the fittest and you are unfit, so prepare to die worm!”

    With that being said, the facility collapsed and exploded. Alpha-Trion screamed out in terror “Noooooo!” as he prepared to face oblivion, but before he could become one with the void, the Matrix began to glow and surrounded him and the silver mech with some sort of shield as they plummeted deep within the bowels of Cybertron into a strange-looking room. A huge orb, two inert frames, and a smaller glowing orb occupied the room Alpha-Trion fell into.

    As his systems ran an internal diagnostic the huge orb lit up as the sound of Shockwave’s voice again began to ring out, “Create to be ruler....total domination.......peace through tyranny,” over and over again. The silver mech’s frame was once again engulfed in light as a commanding voice rang out from the huge orb, “I am Vector Sigma, before Cybertron was I was..........behold my power, warrior awaken!?

    Choosing Sides

    “Orion, ignoring what we talked about is not going to change the truth.” Ariel stated with concern in her voice. “We need to find the Allspark before it falls into the wrong hands.”

    “Fine! If you insist that you are the forerunner destined to lead me to MY destiny I will pay you heed, but I will not go to Polyhex chasing some legend without first talking things over with my friends. We may end up in Polyhex, but we must first go to Iacon so I can alert those I trust to this development and seek the guidance of the High Council.” Pax stated as he transformed into the cab section on a flatbed Cybertronian freight truck.

    “I’m right behind you...Prime.” Ariel replied sarcastically as the pink femme transformed into a sleek Cybertronian racer and followed him towards the Iacon boarding facility.


    “Kup, have you seen Dion?”

    “Not for a couple cycles Magnus.” Kup responded. “The last time I saw him he was headed toward the Crystal City.”

    “That figures,” Magnus replied. “Everytime he can actually be of some use he disappears. So, how’s the recruiting coming along?”

    “A number of mechs just don’t see the point of having a police force Magnus, I’m afraid something bad will have to happen before the AUTO bot force will grow. These mechs are comfortable now. What they need is a cause.”

    The sound of transforming interrupted their cipher as Dion pulled up in a panic. “We may have a cause for concern guys.” He stated. “While I was....recruiting in Crystal City the head of the Cybertronian Council paid a visit and he seemed a tad bid uneasy.”

    “Uneasy?” Both mechs asked.

    “Uneasy enough to make a swift departure with some heavy artillery.”

    “What type of artillery are you talking about?” Kup inquired.

    “You know that guardian we thought Magnus was lying about, turns out he wasn’t.
    So, did the two of you get any new volunteers?” Dion remarked.

    “We have a couple prospects, but no one has actually requested the insignia.” Magnus said as he tapped the brand on his arm. “What do you guys suggest we do?” Magnus wondered aloud.

    “It’s funny you should ask that.” A distant voice said as the speaker approached the three mechs. “I may have some solutions to offer.”

    “Alpha-Trion, where have you been?”

    “Where I have been is of little consequence.” He replied. “The better question is where Cybertron is headed. War once again threatens the peace of our world and it will be up to us to stop this threat before it is too late.”
    Sick and tired of the mysterious mech, Dion pointed a finger in his face as he replied, “I more games Alpha-Trion, or should I say A3. Tell us exactly what’s going on, who is the threat, and what’s with the Council and the guardian robot.”

    “A3?” Kup said in awe, “Are you really A3?”

    “It is as he says, I am indeed A3. It pains me to say this but Cybertron faces a danger that may prove to be our darkest hour. I do not know when this danger will present itself, all I know is what Vector Sigma told me.”

    “Who, or what is Vector Sigma?” they asked in unison.

    “Vector Sigma is the force by which all life on Cybertron and beyond sprang from.” A3 replied. “This force now resides in the form of a sort of supercomputer housed deep within Cybertron’s core. According to Vector Sigma a leader will be chosen by the Matrix to lead us in preparation for that hour.”

    “What is the Matrix sir?” Magnus inquired.

    Alpha-Trion opened a compartment in his chest revealing a bright glowing orb. “I can show you better than I can tell you.” He said as he removed the object so the three onlookers could take in the sight. ? Now what was that about the guardian?”


    “Hook, six unidentified objects approach.” Longhaul stated.

    “Six? Mixmaster, Bonecrusher, round up the droids and man the perimeter. Longhaul, let me know the moment you identify the six intruders, I’m gonna ready the weapons.” Hook stated as he exited the room. Unknown to them, they had been under surveillance the entire time by Shockwave’s spy, Soundwave.

    “Lord Shockwave, some of the droids appear to be sentient. They are currently manning weapons on the west side of the facility and are establishing a defensive perimeter.” Soundwave transmitted to the approaching Shockwave.

    “Thank you Soundwave.” Shockwave replied. “Quickly now Constructicons, bank to the eastern wall and annihilate any that oppose you. Do not damage the damage the new palace they have built, I want it left standing.”

    The Constructicons landed on the east side and began blasting everything that crossed their paths and a furious battle ensued. Many of the droids were more powerful and more heavily armed than Shockwave’s forces, yet they lacked the intelligence and direction of sentient beings so they were easily knocked off line or destroyed by Shockwave’s bunch. Soundwave transformed from his spy mode to a 29-foot tall powerhouse that easily dispatched Longhaul and took control of the facility.

    “The facility is secure Lord Shockwave; what are your commands.” Soundwave inquired as he sat down at the controls. “What are your commands?” He asked again when his initial question went unanswered as Hook and two robots that looked like Bonecrusher entered the command center followed by an angry-looking 32-foot tall menace that came in blasting.

    “Where Shockwave.” He demanded.

    “Who is Shockwave?” asked the still conscious Hook.

    “Grimlock, I’m pleased to see that you missed me.” Shockwave boasted as he entered the room bringing chaos with him.

    While the fighting continued to intensify within the fort, a new mech cautiously approached they fray. On the verge of entering the fracas himself he noticed that many of the well-armed soldiers doing nothing and the thought occurred to him that the robots must not be sentient. A malevolent smile crossed the silver warrior’s face as an idea came to him. “There will be ample time for me to display my might” he thought, “but for now, these mechs could prove useful.” So instead of joining the fight he gathered as many of the robots as he could and instructed them to follow him to Vector Sigma. As the many exodus was taking place a silver rocket with orange trim landed just outside of the battleground.

    “Halt, I command you to halt in the name of the Cybertronian Council!” Prima said as he descended from the rocket as it prepared to land. “Omega Supreme, secure the facility while I follow the droids.” He ordered as he followed the military robots into the bowels of Cybertron. As the rocket landed, tracks in the shape of an oval appeared out of nowhere and a massive tank with a menacing turret began circling the tracks.


    “Today we finish what me Grimlock should have finished long ago.”

    “You idiotic brute, you were never in my league.” Shockwave said as the two traded vicious blows. The fighting between the other combatants continued as well with Hook’s forces getting slightly overwhelmed by Soundwave and the Constructicons, but that battle pale in comparison between the ancient gladiators. A test of strength between the combatants confirmed Grimlock as the superior fighter. A devastating right hook followed by a ruthless uppercut sent Shockwave flying across the room and into immediate stasis as Grimlock drew his energy sword and moved in for the kill. Just as he prepared to deliver the killing blow the room began to shake as Hook and his followers shot into the air and combined into a colossal figure with a huge black head and a purple breastplate. “Prepare for extermination.” the monster stated much to the awe and chagrin of every mech in the room. The combatants scrabbled for cover as the green menace stood towering nearly 85-feet tall eying the unconscious purple war machine. A fear strickened Shockwave woke looking directly at a huge purple fist speeding toward him. As he braced himself to meet old foes in the pit, the green monster was hit in the chest by a powerful blast. The blast was followed by another, the second ripped through the lower torso of the giant sending him plummeting to the floor as six separate components with only one still functional. Realizing the tables had turned in his favor, Shockwave ordered his followers to open fire on Grimlock and the seven of them began peppering him. Before the job was finished a towering shadow covered the facility as Omega Supreme reached down to grab a nearly lifeless Grimlock in his three pronged grasp. Upon seeing the 110-foot behemoth Shockwave’s crew grabbed Hook and retreated back toward his lab.

    Omega Supreme’s mind flashed back to his first encounter with Grimlock as he looked at the near lifeless warrior with his visor-covered optics.

    “Finish me.” The monotone voice of Omega Supreme grunted as Grimlock stood above his shattered chassis.

    “Why mighty warrior fight for Quints?” Grimlock asked. “Might warrior like you could be king, not slave of five-faced cowards. Me Grimlock no kill guardian, me ask guardian to help us so we can be free together.” These were the last words Omega Supreme heard as a blue light engulfed him and Grimlock was apprehended by the Quints.

    Coming out of his revelry, Omega Supreme promised to repay Grimlock for what he did for him so long ago and vowed to vengeance on the green mechs who blasted Grimlock apart. “I will make sure you are properly prepared old friend.” Omega Supreme promised as left for Iacon.


    “A3, what is the meaning of this!? I demand that you release my soldier from whatever control you have on them at once!” the voice of Prima commanded as he made his way toward the front of the migrating soldiers.

    As if responding to his commands the dozens of soldiers stopped and turned to face him.

    “Show yourself A3, and maybe I will consider sparing you despite this treachery.” Prima said.

    “I have heard enough of your vain requests.” I raspy, yet authoritative voice stated as a shiny silver mech revealed himself.

    “I am the head of the Cybertronian Senate, ruler of Iacon, how dare you address me in such a manner slave!” Prima remarked.

    A sinister scowl came across the face of the silver powerhouse as he approached the vain leader. “Excuse me o great and powerful senator, please forgive me for not addressing you properly. How should I address you my liege?”

    “I am Prima, the architect of your creation. You were, all of you were created to extend the kingdom of Cybertron beyond our planet’s borders. Cybertronians were once slaves, but never again! We are a superior race, and with you all at my disposal our race can be unstoppable! Now tell me, what is your name soldier?” Prima demanded.

    “So Prima, is it you to whom I owe my existence. You and I are very much alike, I to recognize superiority and can sniff out weakness, but unlike you I will not allow the weak to get in the way of my destiny.”

    Dread began to flow through Prima’s fuel pump as the silver mech grabbed him by the throat. “What are you doing?!”

    “It seems you have managed to become a master of deception, my dear Prima, a quality that may prove useful, but you are weak and weakness is a quality I cannot tolerate. Any last words worm?” The powerhouse asked.

    “Please don’t I’ll do whatever you ask, please spare me!” Prima begged.

    “Silence! I will spare your retched spark, but from now on you belong to me.”

    “Thank you mighty one, I am yours to command.” Prima replied.

    “The name is Megatron.” The silver mech said. “Now, let’s see what we’ve gonna do about your chassis.”

    “Long live Megatron and the decepticons!” Prima uttered as Megatron’s fist sent him to stasis.


    “Prowl, we have two visitors requesting session with the Council.” A cheerful voice stated over the intercom as Orion and Ariel stood before the white and blue mech in the foyer of the capital spires.

    “No can do Jazz, the Council’s in the middle of something at the moment.” Prowl replied.

    “Sorry guys, you two will need to bring your chassis back here some other time, the big guys are all tied up.” Remarked Jazz.

    Disappointment and frustration was visible on the face of Orion as two huge double doors swung open and Wheeljack came through in a panic.

    “What’s going on? Asked Jazz.

    “Omega Supreme has returned with damaged and destroyed mechs and Senator Prima is not among them. Wheeljack stated. “I’ve tried to make contact with him on several occasions, but I can’t get a response.” He continued.
    The place soon became chaotic as Wheeljack, Prowl, and Jazz began panicking. Orion saw this unfortunate turn of events as an opportunity to get past security and into the Council’s Chambers and he took it. Ariel was right behind him but was stopped in her tracks when she heard the name of the injured warrior Omega Supreme brought with him.

    “Did you just say Grimlock?” she interrupted as Orion continued on his own.

    “Who are you?” A fragile-looking mech asked as a red newcomer entered the chamber.

    “My name is Orion sirs, and I have some questions about the Allspark.”

    “Kranix, we have no time to entertain this young mech, all indications show that a war is breaking out in Polyhex!” Arbolus stated.

    “What do you know of the Allspark you Orion?” Kranix asked.

    “Not very much, only what the legends say of Sentinal and the beginning of the revolution, but every time I recharge, I hear it, no I feel something calling out to me. And when I awaken, the word Allspark is all I remember.” Pax explained.

    “You come here speaking of dreams and legends, what evidence do you have other than such tales that would persuade this council to assist you? Arbolus asked.

    “As Senator Arbolus has pointed out, we have pressing matters we must attend to so state your final request.” Kranix instructed.

    “I do not even know what to ask, but if you know anything at all about the Allspark or of Prime, please let me know. If you cannot help, that will not stop me from seeking the answers I require elsewhere.” He replied.
    Heated glares were fixed on Orion as the chamber suddenly became a much more crowded place. “A3, what are you doing here?” Kranix asked as Alpha-Trion, the AUTO bots, and the security team with Ariel came into view.

    “Cybertron is in grave danger, the events in Polyhex are only the beginning,” Alpha-Trion stated as he addressed the room. “It is imperative that we prepare our world.”

    “What do you mean A3, and what of Prima?” the Council members asked.

    “ I have no knowledge of Prima’s whereabouts, but I do know that we must act before action is taken against us.” Alpha-Trion stated. “Alert the citizens of Iacon at once to either prepare to join in the defense of Cybertron or evacuate. Kranix, you must trust me on this.”

    “I will do as you ask old friend,” Kranix responded as Arbolis pointed at the device A3 used to brand himself as an AUTO bot many cycles ago. Everyone in the room save the two Council members and Orion were branded.

    “Magnus, Kup, Dion, you have my support, but I cannot be any assistance until I get some answers about the Allspark.” Orion stated.

    A smile came across their faces as they turned in unison toward Alpha-Trion and Dion remarked, “This is the friend we told you about.”

    “Go, all of you, prepare the people and the ships, Orion, we have a lot to talk about.” Everyone exited the room and went about their assigned tasks as Alpha-Trion faced Orion Pax and began to explain: “The Allspark is no legend, the matrix is indeed a reality, behold.” For as long as he could remember, Orion Pax had dreamed of this moment. The fabled Allspark was not only real, but also within his reach. As he listened to Alpha-Trion and gazed at the Matrix, laser fire interrupted the precious moment and Alph-Trion was scared into putting the Matrix away once again.

    “What the blazes!” Alpha-Trion exclaimed.

    “A3, O A3eeee, come out, come, wherever you are.” The sarcastic voice of Prima rang out as a red and grey Cybertronian flier transformed and entered the room through the hole he blasted in it.

    “Prima, is that you?” a confused Alpha-Trion asked as the menacing 28-foot robot approached banked on each side by fliers that looked exactly like him except for their coloration, one being blue and the other black.

    “Thundercracker, Skywarp, excuse the dock worker, A3 and I have some business to attend to.” The grey flier ordered as his two followers attempted to subdue Orion. A swift kick to Skywarp’s abdomen followed by a spear to Thundercracker let them know taking down Orion Pax would be no easy task. Skywarp regained his composure and went to the assistance of Thundercracker who had his hands full with Orion. “Enough!” Prima stated as he shot a null ray from his arm-mounted lasers that put both Alpha-Trion, and Orion out of commission. “Leave the dockworker, grab A3 and let’s get back to Megatron.” The grey flier commanded. “Yes sir Starscream,” they replied as they took off with Alpha-Trion.

    “So, the Mega warrior does indeed function.” Shockwave stated as he reviewed Soundwave’s findings. “My creation is a quick learner as well. He has already managed to procure Polyhex and rally the droids into what appears to be a capable military force. Where does that leave us, Soundwave?”

    “We do not have the technology or the numbers that he currently possesses, so an assault will be suicidal. My suggestion is that we monitor his troops and them assimilate.” Soundwave recommended.

    “That appears to be our most logical move. Hook, I know your animosity toward me has not wavered, a can assure that it is misplaced. Together, we can conquer all that would dare suppress our right to exert our superiority. Once we join the ranks of the warrior’s army, we can unleash Devastator and claim our places as leaders and victors. Besides, if you do not comply, you will perish. Understood!”

    “Yes, Lord Shockwave.” Hook responded.

    “Very well, now begin your assimilation with your counterparts. Constructicons, you now answer to Hook, cross him and I’ll see to it that you are turned to scrap. Is that understood?”

    “It is as you command, Lord Shockwave.” They stated in unison as the welcomed Hook to the ranks of the Constructicons.

    From the now finished palace by the energon mines Megatron addressed his followers.

    “My fellow Decepticons, our existence sprang forth from necessity. This necessity is the necessity our progenitors have for their protection. They are a weak lot who planned on using us, superior mechs as slaves to fight for their pathetic lives! No longer shall the weak exercise power over the strong. Our time as come, and from this day forth we will work to usher in a new era, an era in that rewards loyalty, strength, and power, an era that rewards the mighty with their rightful place as rulers, an era that the Decepticons will reign in and dominate. My fellow Decepticons, my warriors, my brothers, join me in your loyalty to Cybertron and the Decepticon cause and represent proudly the Decepi-brand we all now share. Decepticons forever!”

    “Decepticons forever, long live Megatron!” They exclaimed in unison as defining cheers and roars erupted from the crowd.

    As Megatron entered his new throne room three identical looking grey and purple robots with lenses on their chests approached him to give a status report.

    “Mighty Megatron, our surveillance has indeed revealed that our actions are being monitored, though not from those we expected.” They stated right before the three robots transformed and merged into a large camera to show him their recorded findings.

    “I seems we are not the only outsiders in Polyhex.” Megatron stated. “We need to investigate further. Give Starscream these coordinates and have him and his team pay our guests a visit.”

    “Sir, we are unable to reach the air commander, it seems he has traveled beyond our radar.” A stocky decepticon stated.

    “The fool dares defy me!” Megatron scowled “I will rip out his spark with my bare hands! Blast Off, Swindle, Brawl, Vortex, OnSlaught, report.”

    “We are yours to command, Might Megatron,” the strongest of the group, OnSlaught responded.

    “Go to the catacombs and investigate our visitors and bring back their leader alive, I will meet you in three breams after I deal with Starscream personally. Do not fail me, we cannot allow these spies to compromise our mission.” Megatron stated as he flew off in the direction Starscream was last spotted.

    “Lord Shockwave” Soundwave declared. “The Mega warrior has departed the palace alone.”

    “That makes little sense. Follow him Soundwave, engage him only if he becomes hostile. Find out what his plans are and do as he commands until I send further instructions.” Shockwave stated as Soundwave took to the air behind Megatron. A short while later Shockwave’s lair was being peppered with laser fire as OnSlaught and his troops descended toward their prey.

    “Surrender at once, in the name of Megatron and the Decepticons!” they proclaimed.

    “Seize them Constructicons!” Shockwave commanded as a battle between the battalions ensued. “So his name is Megatron, how ironic.” Shockwave stated as he departed towards Polyhex looking back at the stalemate he left behind. “Soundwave, have you caught up with Megatron?” Shockwave asked as he spoke into a microphone that popped out of his wrist.

    “Who said that!?” An angry raspy voice on the other end replied. “Answer me or your spy will be terminated.”

    “I am Shockwave mighty Megatron, please do no harm to Soundwave for he wishes as do I to be aligned with your Decepticons.” Shockwave stated.

    “You dare have me followed by your spy and them expect me to believe it took place because you want to our my army and be an obedient soldier! That had better be the case Shockwave, so prove yourself by meeting me back at your lair and commanding your magnificent green giant to cease his destruction of my soldiers.” Megatron ordered knowing he may soon get his opportunity to display his combat prowess. “Soundwave, scan for these readings.” He then commanded as he gave Starscream’s information to the spy.

    “As you wish Mighty Megatron. Devastator, disassemble and hold your fire, Megatron wishes to meet with us.” Shockwave stated with what would have been a grin if he were able to smile.

    “Change of plans Shockwave.” Megatron stated. “Have your soldiers join the fold at Darkmount, I have a mission for you and Soundwave, it’s a simple housekeeping issue.

    After returning to Polyhex with Skywarp and Thundercracker, Starscream took their prisoner with him to the Vector Sigma chamber were he began questioning his prisoner. “A3, I have grown weary of you. Your secrets and your shortcomings have held Cybertron back and have held ME back. Today, you will reveal those secrets and lead me to the fabled Allspark, or face my wrath.” He said as he blasted the left foot of his captive. “How do you feel now great liberator,” Starscream mocked as Alpha-Trion screamed in pain.


    “So it begins.” Kranix said solemnly.

    “It is exactly as foretold, Cybertron is doomed.” Arbolis agreed as the two of them helped Orion get to his feet.

    “Mr. Pax, what you are about to hear, share with no one.” Kranix stated as he began giving Orion answers to the questions he’s been consumed with. “ The legend of the Allspark began many vorns ago. Our old slave masters are said to have been led to our world by some unexplained force as they fled the wrath of the Chaos Bringer.”

    Arbolis continued. “They developed and perfected cybernetic technology here, and thus the name Cybertron became the name of thus world. The original Quints’ goal was to develop a force of beings capable of defeating and protecting them from the wrath of the Chaos Bringer, so they created legions of guardian robots. Generations and Quint leaders came and went and the gradually forgot the old legends and strayed from their original objectives. They created gladiators like Sentinel and Grimlock to entertain themselves and robots like us and A3 to serve them and complete the tasks and duties they neglected.”
    “The first leaders created a temple outside of Iacon known as the Temple of Primus. From this temple they received information about the future, prophecies if you will about a future warrior that would be the catalyst for a great war that would mark the last days before the coming of the Chaos Bringer. That warrior now lives and dwells among us in Polyhex and goes my the name Megatron.” Kranix explained.

    “The legend says that the Allspark shall give birth to the one mech capable of stopping Megatron before it is too late. Prima always claimed to be that mech, but most thought it to be A3 since it was A3 that allowed us to vanquish our oppressors by disabling the guardians. Now with the only two mechs believed to possibly be Cybertron’s messiah out of the picture, our world is headed toward doom.” Kranix finished.

    “All is not lost. Ariel proclaimed as she entered the room. “Neither A3 or Prima were the chosen one, Orion Pax he of whom the prophecy speaks!” He realized. Sentinel used a spark from the Allspark to create me, and now I must stop Megatron.”

    “Quite a boast young Orion, but somehow we believe you.” They stated.

    “We need to find Alpha-Trion, he has the Allspark and now I understand why Prima attacked us and kidnapped him.” Orion declared.

    “Prima?” Arbolus and Kranix questioned.

    “Yes, he has been remade and now goes by the name Starscream, and it was he that led the aerial attack that destroyed this place.” Orion stated.

    “Does he know that A3 has the Allspark?” Kranix inquired.

    “I don’t know, but I do know where they went. Can you tell me how to get to Vector Sigma?”


    “You may have taken to calling yourself Prima, but you know as well as I do that you were never the chosen of the Allspark.” Alpha-Trion said.

    “And you were? Spare me your foolishness A3, you should know that neither of us were actually the Prime the legends foretold. Neither you, nor I believed the legends to be more than a fairy tales until recent events unfolded.” Starscream explained.

    “What events.”

    “I am no fool A3, look at the chamber where we are, look at what has happened in Polyhex in recent cycles, and consider the fact that the warrior mentioned in the prophecy now lives.”

    “No, it cannot be!”

    “Yes A3, it is so, now tell me, where is the Allspark!” Starscream asked in frustration.

    “Old Vendettas die hard.” A raspy voice echoed through the chamber.

    “Megatron, Megatron is that you.” Starscream said as fear gripped him.

    “Glad to see you remember my voice, you would have done well to remember that I am your commander and not stray without authorization.”

    “Megatron, I can explain! I captured A3 from Iacon, he knows of the one thing that can stand in the way of the Decepticon conquest and I was ensuring that he would not use it against us.”
    “Pathetic liar!” Megatron screamed as he blasted Starscream into stasis. “Shockwave, what do you know of this Allspark they speak of?”

    “All I know, Mighty Megatron, is that it is mine!” Shockwave stated as he pointed his cannon tipped arm at Alpha-Trion.

    “Fool!” Megatron declared as he tackled Shockwave and began delivering a beating the likes of which the might gladiator had never experienced. Soundwave rushed to the aide of his progenitor as an all out battle broke out with Megatron proving to be the superior combatant despite being outnumbered. As the chaos continued, a red transport and a pink racer entered the chamber. Ignoring the melee, they went directly to the downed Alpha-Trion and Starscream. After a quick search of Starscream they realized he did not have the Allspark, so they snatched Alpha-Trion and made a swift exit. As Starscream came to, he saw the battle and figured helping Megatron, who was already winning, was a wise move. “You worms dare engage the leader of the Decepticons!” Starscream exclaimed as he stood up with weapons blazing as both Shockwave and Soundwave were removed from consciousness. Megatron struck Starscream across the jaw and stated, “I do not require your assistance in battle, all I require is your unwavering loyalty. Is that understood Starscream!?”

    “It is understood Mighty Megatron. What are your commands?” Starsrceam asked.

    “Return these two to Polyhex at once, they have an appointment with the robo-smasher, and make it fast because you and I are going to Iacon to pay this A3 a visit.”


    “He still has the Allspark, I can feel it.” Orion stated a medic know as Ratchet worked on the still unconscious Alpha-Trion in a secret medical facility that also housed the inert form that was Grimlock.
    “It will take some time, but he’ll recover, Ratchet stated as he addressed the remaining Council members along with Ariel and Orion.

    “Autobots come in, we have a situation,” the voice of Jazz stated. “Some mean looking dudes are headed this way, looks like they’re flying in from Polyhex.”

    “Get the civilians to the ships,” Ultra-Magnus ordered as weapons fire could be heard in the distance. “Dion, Kup, come with me, we’ve got to protect the Council.”

    “Right behind you Magnus.” Kup stated as they transformed and raced towards the capital spires dodging the laser fire of seekers along the way.

    “Orion, what are you doing?” Kranix asked as Orion ran out of the room.

    “I’ve got to help my friends, all hell is breaking loose and they need me!” He replied.

    “Cybertron needs you as well. Please wait for A3’s recovery so you can retrieve the Allspark and use its powers to light this dark hour.” Kranix beckoned.

    “Allspark or not, I will not stand by while innocents die at the hands of a mad mech. He wants the Allspark, so I’ll tell him I have it and hopefully he’ll be reasonable.” Orion stated.

    “You saw his strength and I don’t know of any who can stand against him, not even Sentinel.” Ariel stated. “But if you are willing to face him, I will go with you.”

    “Please, no!” The Council members begged as the two young mechs made their exit.

    Iacon was being overrun by the Decepticons as they made their way towards the capital building. “Secure these facilities in the name of the Decepticons and destroy all who oppose you.” Megatron commanded as he sent his troops into the heart of the city while he walked up the steps of the capital building blasting every mech in his way.

    “Hold it right there!” Ultra-Magnus ordered as he leveled his weapon on an unsuspecting Megatron. “You are hereby under arrest for tyranny against the Cybertronian High Council and for attempting to start a war.”

    “So, there may be a worthy foe among you Iaconians after all.” Megatron thought to himself as he studied the imposing mech a few meters away from him. “But no one withstands the might of Megatron!” He stated as he launched himself at Magnus. Just outside the building, Orion joined Dion and Kup and the three of them were able to secure the base of the facility. The skies, on the other hand belonged to the Decepticon seekers. Starscream again was able to breach the capital from the air as he descended into the conference room and began listening to the recorded conversation of Orion, Kranix, and Arbolus. As Prima, Starscream had always held the two Council members in high regard, so upon hearing their conversation, he decided to make one final concession for his former allies. “Arbolus, Kranix, come in. This is Prima, please come in.”

    “Prima, what is the meaning of all of this.” They responded.

    “I do not have time to explain, but I assure you that I do all in my power to not allow Megatron to lead Cybertron to chaos. I do have some sad news, however.”

    “What is it?” They asked.

    “The chosen one, the dockworker Pax, he is no more, he perished at the hands of Megatron. You two must evacuate immediately. Take as many innocents as you can and leave Cybertron because without Pax the Chaos Bringer cannot be stopped. It is up to you two to ensure that the Cybertronian race lives on, even if Cybertron does not.”
    “Kranix, if Orion is dead, then Prima is correct, there is no hope for Cybertron.”

    “You are correct Arbolus, let’s head for the ships and take as many with us who want to escape.” Kronix replied as they cut the transmission from Starscream who then opened up a channel to Megatron.

    “Megatron, A3 is dead, the only mech that poses a threat now is the dock transport that rescued A3 from us in the Vector Sigma chamber. Destroy him and the Allspark is yours.”

    “Excellent Starscream.
    You fight well for a non – Decepticon, but I grow tired of battling an insignificant worm like you, prepare to die.” Megatron stated as he leveled his cannon on Ultra-Magnus.

    “No you don’t!” Dion proclaimed as he dove at Megatron whose amazing reflexes allowed him to dodge the attack and catch the brave bot in his clutches.

    “Tell me,” Megatron asked as a tall red mech approached, “What manner of beings do you think you are to challenge me and throw away your lives so recklessly?” With that, his grip on Dion tightened as he saw that the red mech was about to fire. The mech’s blast was on target and connected with Megatron’s left shoulder as he let out an angry scream. “You will die for that fool,” Megatron stated, “And so will you.” Megatron declared as he turned his attention to the mech that was in his clutches moments ago and let out a fierce energy blast that tore Dion apart.

    “Noooo!” Orion stated as Megatron took his eyes off of Dion’s smoldering remains and focused on Orion who as mounting an attack of his own on Megatron. Though Orion’s strength did not match that of his earlier combatant, the ferocity with which Orion fought made him nearly as formidable as Ultra-Magnus. A somersault followed by a kick to his foe’s chest temporarily allowed Orion the advantage against his nearly invincible foe. That advantage was short-lived as Megatron was able to block a right cross by Orion and deliver a knee that doubled Orion over.

    “Megatron, that’s the one,” Starscream said as he approached, “finish him now!”

    “I will make him suffer.” Megatron stated as he lifted Orion by the throat and tossed him across the room. Fear raged in Orion as the silver menace approached him yet again, and as he ready himself for his fate he felt the ground shake as a booming voice spoke:

    “Aggressors leave now, or face termination.”

    “Who, what are you?” Megatron asked as a clawed hand tore through the walls.

    “Name, Omega Supreme, mission, destroy tyrants who force Council to leave Cybertron.” The giant stated as they all looked up at the departing ships leaving Cybertron’s orbit.

    “Nobody, threatens Megatron,” he howled as he looked up at the giant. “Here’s a parting gift dockworker.” Megatron said as he blasted open the chest of Orion Pax and flew towards Omega supreme with guns blazing as he tackled his latest challenge. The battle raged on until many of the once beautiful structures on Iacon lay in ruins. Omega Supreme was able to rid the city of the invading force until Megatron unleashed the Constructicons on the Crystal City to divert his attention. It wasn’t long thereafter that two colossal robots were unleashing mayhem raining destruction down on the beautiful city. When the dust settled the Constructicon giant was being launched beyond the Cybertronian atmosphere into outer space where an angry Omega Supreme followed him. Megatron’s victory was complete. In less than a cycle he had managed to secure the capital of Cybertron for the Decepticon Empire and rid the planet of his biggest potential threats in Devastator and Omega Supreme. All that was left for him was celebration and planning to figure out how to spread to borders of his empire.
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    The New War

    2 years after Megatron’s conquest…..

    A colossal fortress visible from miles away dominates the Polyhex skyline. For the past two years the Decepticons, led by their supreme leader, Megatron have thrived and made the fortress of Darkmount a centerpiece in their kingdom. A large purple insignia adorns the massive entryway that leads to the epicenter of the fortress. That epicenter is Megatron’s throne room, where he sits as he receives the reports about the latest Decepticon projects.

    “Mighty Megatron,” Soundwave stated as he addressed his commander, “the specifications you requested for the new soldiers have been completed. They are ready for transport to Vector Sigma.”

    “Excellent Soundwave. These new triple changers will prove very beneficial to the Decepticon cause.” Megatron responded.

    “Lord Megatron,” the monotone voice of Shockwave spoke, “though these warriors will be quite effective, we do not possess the required amounts of energon to support our swelling numbers.”
    “That point is duly noted Shockwave,” the somewhat annoying voice of Starscream chimed in, “that is why I have been developing mini-disk technology. These transformers will be smaller than most Decepticons and therefore require less energon.”

    “Starscream, you idiot!” Megatron scolded. “I do not wish to have an army of frail little pets. I want soldiers!”

    “But Mighty Megatron,” Starscream responded these mini-disks can prove very valuable. They will make excellent spies and they will not consume energon.”

    “How is this possible?” the leader asked.

    “They will transform into small disks that will rest in the chassis of the transformer who houses them and live off of his spark energy.” Starscream explained.

    “ The idea does have merit, Mighty Megatron.” Soundwave stated.

    “ Indeed it does, and it looks like you just volunteered to be the incubator for these runts.” Megatron stated. “Do you have the schematics Starscream”?

    “ Mighty Megatron,” Starscream stated with smug smile, “I already have their frames: Behold, Rumble, Ravage, Laserbeak, and Frenzy. They may be small, but Rumble and Frenzy pack quite a punch. Transform, and demonstrate.” Starscream commanded as the blue and red mini-disks transformed their forearms into pile drivers and stepped away from metallic falcon and the black metal panther created with them and began sending tremors through the throne room.

    “Make them stop you fool!” Megatron commanded as he slapped the smile off of the face of Starscream’s, who found comedy in Shockwave and Soundwave tumbling on the floor.

    “It is settled, these four along with Octane, Blitzwing, and Astrotrain will be brought on line. Combaticons report.” Megatron declared. “Go to Iacon and find us additional energy sources.”

    “It shall be done as you command Megatron.” Onslaught stated in a tone Megatron noted as somewhat disdainful. He thought of making an example of the Combaticon leader, but considering that Onslaught was one of his better soldiers he let the thought pass.


    Nearly all of the mechs that survived Megatron’s takeover two breams ago were transformers, the other survivors all were among the number that fled with Kronix and Arbolis. These transformers had no affiliation and posed no threat to Megatron, so with persuasion from he allowed them to live and forced them into slave labor. They were instructed to capture and detain any surviving Autobots as well as repair the battle damage Iacon suffered. Beneath the streets of Iacon, some that would oppose Megatron’s rule still functioned; Chief among them was Alpha-Trion who was busy at work on.

    “ Alpha-Trion sir, it’s okay to take a break sometime don’t you think? Wheeljack asked he approached the busy Lithomech. “You’ve been working non-stop for cycles now.”

    “ The recharge chamber is a luxury I cannot afford at this time. We must bolster our numbers before we’re discovered.” Alpha Trion responded. “Has Jazz been able to recruit any volunteers?”

    “No luck on the recruiting front,” the voice of Jazz chimed in; “but I was able to get some information on the whereabouts of those taken captive by the Decepticons. One of the mechs I was talking to about the Autobot cause, a mech named Mirage, told me that some mean looking character by the name of Bludgeon is overseeing a torture facility right here in Iacon. He has reason to believe that is where Magnus and the others are.”

    “Jazz, you didn’t tell this Mirage character where to find us did you?” Prowl questioned. “I’ve heard stories of that bot, and I for one don’t trust him. He may be for Decepticons so be careful with what you show him.”

    “My trustworthiness is not yours to question.” An angry voice stated from somewhere in the room. “How dare a filthy common mech like you even address someone with the mech fluid I have coming from my fuel pump.”

    “Who said that? Show yourself.” Prowl stated frantically as all of a sudden a white 22-foot white mech with a missive mounted one his right shoulder materialized in front of him.

    “Happy now?” The mech stated.

    “I ought to knock the energon out of you, you snobbish son of a pleasure femme,” Prowl responded as he and the newcomer locked eyes.

    “Enough!” Alpha-Trion interjected. “I assume you would be Mirage, why are you here?”

    “For personal reasons. Mirage answered. “Jazz told me about what you guys were doing and I figured you all could use my assistance.”

    “We don’t need a coward like you doing anything for us!” Prowl began.

    “I said enough!” Alpha-Trion screamed in anger as accidentally hit a button that opened a hidden chamber where the frames of Ariel, Dion, Grimlock, Orion, and a handful of others were laid to rest.
    A look of shame came across the face of the old Lithomech as Wheeljack, Ratchet, and the others entered the chamber with perplexed and disappointed looks on their faces.

    “What have you done to them?” Ratchet asked in frustration. “How could you use them as experiments after the sacrifices they made?”

    “And you think I can’t be trusted.” Mirage said sarcastically as he looked at the two modified frames that had once been the femme Ariel and the transport Orion Pax. “I don’t know why you all are so bent out of shape, the two of them probably never looked better.”

    His remark was met with a fist to the face from Prowl as the others continued to give Alpha-Trion dirty looks. Just as a fight between Prowl and Mirage was commencing the sounds of all out panic rang out above in the streets of Iacon as the Combaticons began stirring up a panic.

    “Sounds like the Decepticons are back, we need to go help the innocents guys.” Jazz stated.

    “What a coincidence that the Decepticons land right above us right after this clown follows you in here.” Prowl declared.

    “I will not be accused by the likes of you! I have nothing to do with those creeps, they destroyed my life and I will not rest until they pay for what they cost me.” Mirage explained in a vengeful tone.

    “Prove it.” Prowl argued.

    “What do you think I’m doing here you imbecile?” Mirage refuted.

    “There will be no more fighting in here!” Alpha-Trion exclaimed. “Though my actions while Ariel and Orion are not easy to understand, I assure you they were not undertaken without merit. As for you Mirage, you can be of great assistance to the Autobot cause so we’d love to have you.”

    “Alpha-Trion you’re hardly in a position to give orders.” Prowl responded. “I’ll give the orders from now on. My first order is that you be detained in this room until we get back and if and when we do we’ll discuss the future of the Autobot cause. As for you Mirage, since we are hardly in a position to be choosy you are welcomed to help rescue our friends who are looked up with this Bludgeon character. Ratchet see to it that Alpha-Trion does not leave this room or tamper with any more chassis, the rest of you come with me, we’ve got some Decepticons to scrap. Prowl stated as they exited the hidden bunker to engage the Combaticons.


    “It is called Metallikato, and it is an ancient combat ritual that can inflict as much damage as any weapon you wield my dear Jhiaxus.” Bludgeon stated after ‘disciplining’ one of the captives.

    “What do you think of this Megatron?” Jhiaxus asked he and Bludgeon walked away from the holding cells.

    “Megatron. Megatron has a lot of potential and lots of charisma, but leaves much to be desired when it comes to his knowledge of our history. He makes a fitting leader for now, but if the Decepticons will truly thrive and deliver Cybertron from the Chaos Bringer some changes may be in order.” Bludgeon responded.

    “So my revived friend, you feel as I do that his time as Liege should be a short lived one?” Jhiaxus inquired.

    “My feelings toward Megatron are not as treacherous as yours Jhiaxus. I simply think that he needs a history lesson or two before he has us bite off something more powerful than he can imagine.”

    “So you will remain loyal to Megatron despite the fact that the fool has no idea of what is coming for us!? I cannot say the same for myself.”

    “What do you plan on doing Jhiaxus, confronting Megatron?” Bludgeon laughed. “An ancient warrior as wise as you should realize that battling him would be suicidal. Not since Sentinel has there been a mech as powerful as Megatron, no one mech can stand against him.” Bludgeon responded.

    “I am no fool Bludgeon, my plan is not to fight Megatron but to depart, along with some of his Decepticons of course to a safe staging area where we can develop into the force we’re capable of becoming; into a force that can stand against Unicron.” Jhiaxus stated as the voice of Swindle came over on the receiver; “We got some more Autobots for you to scrap.”

    “Very well, unit them with their counterparts in holding, I’m sure Magnus and Kup will be glad to see there old friends.” Bludgeon replied as he ended the transmission.

    “I leave now Bludgeon, I trust that you will not alert anyone to my intentions old friend.” Jhiaxus stated.

    “Do not worry, your secret is safe with me. I do suggest you take the Autobot marksman Kup with you to Polyhex in case of our counterparts getting a little trigger-happy and needing someone to play with.” Bludgeon said as Jhiaxus left the room.

    “Get in there and shut up!” Vortex commanded as he shoved Jazz into a holding cell.
    “Yeah, enjoy the reunion while it lasts. Megatron will be out here in a cycle to personally dispose of all of you Autobot scum for all of Cybertron to witness.” Brawl stated as Jhiaxus walked up to one of the cells.

    “What are you doing here?” Onslaught asked.

    “The one known as Kup may have some information that can be useful to Megatron, I am taking him to Polyhex at once so Soundwave can examine him further.” He replied as transformed and loaded Kup into his cockpit. “Consider yourself lucky Autobot, you unlike your counterparts will be spared Megatron’s wrath. If you do as I say, one day you’ll have some very interesting stories to tell.” Jhiaxus stated as he took off.

    “The prisoners are secure Onslaught.” Blast Off stated.

    “Excellent, Combaticons let’s get back to Iacon, we’ve got to get the energon prepared for Megatron’s arrival.” He stated as they left the prison camp.


    “I’ve always admired you Alpha-Trion, so for the life of I can’t understand why you’d tinker with the dead. They deserve to rest in peace.” Ratchet stated.

    “Ratchet, I’m sorry, but I just had to know if what he said was true, if he indeed was The Prime the ancients spoke of.”

    “ I understand your curiosity, for I too thought Orion to be Cybertron’s messiah, but once he died Alpha-Trion, we all had to let that dream die as well.”

    “That’s the thing Ratchet, he and Ariel, though they appear to be nonfunctional do still give off some faint life signals.”

    “ Like with Grimlock?” Ratchet asked.

    “No, theirs is …. Different. By all indications Grimlock is still alive, we just need to get him to Vector Sigma, but these two’s signs do not register as strongly so I thought that these chassis would help. I guess I was wrong.”

    “They are impressive though Alpha-Trion. Orion’s new frame has to be about 31 feet long, and his chest is massive. He looks like he could even give Megatron a good fight; and Ariel ain’t bad either.” Ratchet said as Alpha-Trion began shaking and screamed out in pain. “What is it Alpha-Trion, tell me what’s the matter!”

    “The Matri….Aaaarg!” Alpha-Trion screamed.

    “What’s are you doing to him?!” The voice of Mirage questioned as he entered the room.

    “It’s not me.” Ratchet proclaimed. “It looks like something’s trying to get out of his chest!”

    All three mechs screamed in agony as an intense blue light shot from the chest of Alpha-Trion causing them all to got into stasis. The light connected with the new sleek frame of Ariel and her life force was restored as a voice spoke from the light.

    “Behold, Elita-One.” The voice stated as she stood flexing her joints and servos in the light that engulfed her. “Where is The Prime?” It asked as the light coming from Alpha-Trion’s chest dissipated. Elita approached the unconscious chassis of Alpha-Trion in order to procure the Allspark from him. When she grabbed it, the light again returned and the voice commanded her to open the chest of the large red mech with the plate cover over its mouth and insert in there. When she placed the Allspark within the massive chest of the red mech, every mech whether dead or unconscious sat up and spoke in unison saying: “Behold The Prime of Cybertron, first and best.” As the voices went silent the light lifted the mech off the metal slab he was lying on and he like Elita began flexing his powerful servos.

    “Prime.” Elita said as she gazed upon him when the light disappeared.

    “Ariel, is that you?” He asked as he began taking in his surroundings.

    “Yes Prime, but my name is no longer Ariel, I am Elita-One.”

    “I knew it!” Alpha-Trion called out as he awakened. “You are the Prime indeed Mr. Pax!”

    Sadness suddenly overtook Prime as he looked at the lifeless forms littered around them. “Dion.” He said as he touched what remained of his closest friend. “Where are the others?” He asked Alpha-Trion.

    “Talk about waking up and feeling like a million bucks.” Mirage stated as he and Ratchet woke up gazing at the powerful new form of Orion Pax.

    “I do not know their exact location, last we heard they were engaging the Decepticons in central Iacon.” Alpha-Trion stated.

    “I’m afraid I’ve got a bit of bad news”. Mirage said. “The others were all captured and brought to Bludgeon’s prison camp. Megatron is scheduled to be there within this cycle to as announce his plans for the future of Cybertron and to execute your friends.”

    “Megatron must be stopped, I will not loose anymore friends to his madness.” Prime said as he gripped Dion’s hand. “Are you an Autobot as well? He asked Mirage.

    “In a manner of speaking you could say so, I guess.” Mirage responded.

    “I guess you are as well.” Prime stated. “And so are Elita and I. From this day until I cease to function I vow to defend the freedom of all sentient beings from the likes of tyrants like Megatron.” He stated in a somber, yet focused tone as Alpha-trion smiled at him.

    Alpha-Trion began: “You are the first Prime of Cybertron, no longer shall you be referred to as Orion Pax; you are now Optimus Prime. All hail Optimus Prime.”

    “All hail Optimus Prime.” They all said in unison.

    “Blast, More Autobots!” Onslaught stated as a large transport approached his Combaticons. “Brawl, Vortex, terminate him before he gets near the energon!”
    “With pleasure.” Brawl stated jumping at the opportunity for a fight. “I’ve never seen you before, and now no one else will ever see you again.” He said as he landed mere meters in front of the red freighter. The freighter paid him no mind as it simply ran him over and plowed toward Vortex who was awaiting the newcomer with blade in-hand.

    “Autobot fool, no one disrespects a Combaticon and lives to tell about it.” Vortex stated as the transport rocketed itself upwards transforming into a powerful robot as it did so all while peppering the Combaticons with laser fire.

    “Where’s Bludgeon holding the Autobots?” He asked as he tossed Onslaught into the charging Brawl.

    “You are quite a soldier, but what you possess in strength, you lack in strategy.” Onslaught stated as Blast Off raised his weapon to the back of the red Autobot’s blue head. “Blast Off, blast him now!”

    “You underestimate me Combaticon.” The red mech said sternly seemingly ignoring the threat the Combaticon leader gave him as he approached the downed leader.

    “I said blast him Blast Off!” Onslaught barked out before realizing that the red mech had not come without backup. That backup, was standing over a downed Blast Off while holding a smoking laser pistol was the last thing he saw as a powerful punch front a huge black fist removed him from consciousness. After securing the other Combaticons, the red mech then turned to Swindle and asked in an intimidating tone, “Are you ready to bargain or do you need some of that persuasion your leader got?” The Combaticon quickly complied and soon Prime and the others were headed to a rendezvous with Bludgeon.


    “Lazorbeak returns Megatron,” Soundwave stated as the chrome falcon landed on his forearm.

    “Excellent Soundwave, now transform and play back his findings.” Megatron ordered. On the command of Megatron, Soundwave’s chest opened up to received the now transformed mini-disk and began playing the spy’s observations.
    “Megatron. Megatron has a lot of potential and lots of charisma, but leaves much to be desired when it comes to his knowledge of our history. He makes a fitting leader for now, but if the Decepticons will truly thrive and deliver Cybertron from the Chaos Bringer some changes may be in order.”
    “So my revived friend, you feel as I do that his time as Liege should be a short lived one?”
    “My feelings toward Megatron are not as treacherous as yours Jhiaxus. I simply think the guy needs a history lesson or two before he has us bite off something more powerful than he can imagine.”
    “So you will remain loyal to Megatron despite the fact that the fool has no idea of what is coming for us!? I cannot say the same for myself.”
    “What do you plan on doing Jhiaxus, confronting Megatron?”

    “So Jhiaxus and Bludgeon have some doubts about my leadership. I will show the what happens to any who dare oppose or question the authority of Megatron!” Megatron barked out. “Shockwave, I believe we have our first candidates for the cooler.”

    “Lord Megatron,” Shockwave responded, “no functional mech as ever been placed in the cooler, we do not know the effects it may have on their sparks.”

    “I do not care about their treacherous sparks! Soon they get a lesson they won’t forget.” Megatron stated plainly. “ Now, does anyone have an idea of what this ‘Chaos Bringer’ is?” He asked.

    “Mighty Megatron,” Starscream stated as he after overhearing the discussion, “We need not concern ourselves with ancient fables. The Chaos Bringer was a myth created by the old ‘gods’ to scare any who would oppose them. The only real threat is the Autobots. They still live, and I have reason to believe A3 told them where the Allspark is.”

    “I tire of your fascination with the old Lithomech and this Allspark.” Megatron replied. “Tell me, if A3 was such a threat, why didn’t he do anything when we took over Iacon and why are those Autobot in hiding like some scared femme bots. My only concern is my army and spreading the boarder of the Decepticon empire; so no more ancient fables, is that understood?!”

    “Yes Mighty Megatron.” Starscream replied.

    “Now, if there is nothing else, I leave for Iacon. I have some rebels to terminate.” Megatron stated in a maniacal tone as he took to the air.


    “ This place gives me the creeps Prime.”

    “Me too Elita, you got any ideas on how we can get inside without drawing too much attention to ourselves?”

    “Only one, you game Mirage?”

    “What would you all do without me?” Mirage asked sarcastically. “I guess I can be of service, but I will need some help.”

    “Name it Mirage.” Prime stated.

    “I’ll need Elita to come along with me to watch my back.”

    “No, I’ll come along, it’s too dangerous.”

    “Prime,” Elita uttered in an angry tone, “I am perfectly capable of handling dangerous situations, besides; you are too bulky to be covered by Mirage’s cloak.”

    “That was my point exactly.” Mirage said to Prime who appeared to be in deep thought.

    “Okay. It’s settled; you two go on ahead and let me know as soon as you find our guys. Ratchet, you stay here and prepare a repair bay for the injured. I’m gonna knock on the front door and see who’s at home.” Prime stated.

    “Someone approaches from the front sir.” A grey seeker said to Bludgeon as he looked at a monitor. “So Megatron has come early, open the doors Darkwing and welcome him at once.” Bludgeon replied. “It does not appear to be our Liege sir, it is a transport of some sort.” The seeker said. “A transport? An Autobot no doubt; let the fool in; I will give him a lesson in Metallikato he will never forget. “As you wish sir.” The grey mech said before pressing the button to open the door just in time for the red transport to come speeding through.

    “State your business transport.” The voice of Bludgeon said as the room Prime drove into went dark. “You must be Bludgeon. Looks like to need to pay your electric bill.” Prime responded. “So my reputation precedes me, always good to meet a fan.” Bludgeon said in just. “I’ll be an even bigger fan if you release the innocents your holding for Megatron.” Prime stated before being struck by a swift kick to the back as the lights came back on. When he looked up he saw a 25- foot rust-brown and green colored mech with a face much like his own. “You’ll pay for that.” Prime stated as he walked towards Bludgeon. “You are quite the confident Autobot, but tell me how you plan on convincing me of your boasts.” Bludgeon asked the Autobot as he was able to dodge an attempted strike from his foe. "To know your own limits Autobot, you must first know your foe's limits. I see that is a lesson you have failed to learn." Bludgeon stated as he bent the left arm of the powerful Autobot back causing him to scream in agony. Bludgeon used his advantage to pummel the red Autobot with swift kicks to both knees before his foe was able to mount any offense. As he readied himself to finish off the Autobot, the red mech was able to block an elbow to the face and mount an attack of his own. “You are quite the warrior Bludgeon, but you are no match for the Prime.” The Autobot said as he tossed Bludgeon into a wall. “Did you say Prime?!” Bludgeon bellowed with energon leaking from the open wound inflicted on him by the steel wall. “Optimus Prime to be exact.” The Autobot responded as he tossed his foe through the steel wall into a room full of Decepticons busy trying to round up the captives Elita and Mirage had just freed.
    The melee was now officially underway with Autobots and Decepticons engaged in a vicious brawl to which Decepticon began suffering casualties. The fight was clearly going in favor of the Autobots until three tremendous fusion blasts ripped into the facility causing those that weren’t wounded to look to the sky.

    “Oh no it’s Megatron.” Jazz stated as the silver leader of the Decepticons descended in what seemed like slow motion.

    “Bludgeon!” Megatron screamed out, “I give you one job, the job of holding weak would-be rebels until I come and you allow the weaklings to escape!” He said before delivering a fist to Bludgeon’s face that knocked him out cold. “Now, who dares challenge Megatron!?” The room was deathly quiet as both Decepticons and Autobots looked a Megatron with both awe and fear until an angry voice began speaking: “Autobots, transform and roll out. I will handle Megatron.”

    An angry scowl came across the face of the silver menace as he surveyed the crowd. “Yes Autobots, roll out if you dare, but know this; when I’m done with the fool who gave the command I will finish each of you personally.”
    The crowd literally split in two halves as the large red mech with the plated face approached Megatron. “Oh my dear Primus it’s him!” Prowl stated. “And who might that be?” Ultra-Magnus asked as the optics of both factions were fixed on the bold newcomer. “It looks like Pax, Magnus, the new and improved Orion Pax.” Jazz stated with glee. “Well you heard the mech, let’s roll out.” Prowl ordered as he began the exodus from the prison.
    “Decepticons after them! You will all perish today Autobots, starting with you newcomer.” Megatron stated, as he locked eyes with Prime for the very first time.


    “How nice of you to join us Jhiaxus, we’ve been expecting you.” Shockwave stated as Jhiaxus landed at Darkmount.

    “No need for the formalities Lord Shockwave. Where’s Megatron, I have something for him.” Jhiaxus replied.

    “You have nothing of any merit Jhiaxus.” Starscream interrupted. “Your treachery as been discovered and now you must pay.”

    “How ironic Prima, that you of all mech would be my accuser when it comes to treachery.”

    “Silence fool! Don’t forget who you’re talking to, I am your superior lieutenant. Or should I say was your superior Jhiaxus.” Starscream said as he aimed his null ray at the orange jet transforming in front of him letting Kup out as he did so. “You dare bring an Autobot into Darkmount! Starscream exclaimed. “We will not wait for Megatron’s return, Shockwave kill him now.”

    “Oh no you don’t.” Kup stated as he began blasting Decepticons. “Let’s get out of here Jhiaxus.”

    “I’m right behind you Kup.” Jhiaxus said as the two of them excaped the castle fleeing towards the seeker’s quarters.

    “Rumble, Frenzy, eject, operation apprehension.” Soundwave commanded as the two minidisks transformed and gave chase to the fleeing mechs Starscream was pursuing. “Incoming transmission.” The monotone voice of Soundwave stated.

    “What is it?” Shockwave asked.

    “It appears Megatron’s made it to Iacon, it’s time we broadcast the executions.” Soundwave replied.

    “Proceed.” Ordered Shockwave as screens all over Cybertron began displaying images from Bludgeon’s prison camp.

    “Look what you’ve gotten me into, what are we gonna do now?” Kup complained as they dodged blasts from Starscreams null rays.
    “You are hardly in a position to complain Autobot, if not for me Megatron would be slaggin’ you right now.” Jhiaxus responded. “And not that I owe you one but thanks for saving my aft back there.”

    “Don’t mention it, I just hope you’ve got a plan or else it won’t made a bit of difference.” Kup responded.

    “As a matter of fact I do. Rook, Skyflight were you able to get the mechs to Vector Sigma?” Jhiaxus spoke into a communicator on his wrist.

    “Yes sir lieutenant,” Rook responded, “We even got a ship.”

    “Excellent. Where’s the rendezvous point?”

    “The first moon sir.”

    “We’ll be there in a few Rook, ready the shuttle for launch.”

    “Coward! Starscream stated as he searched for the fleeing duo. “You claim to know history, but you seem to lack the courage history attributes to your namesake. Come out and die.”

    “Once again your use of irony amazes me.” Jhiaxus replied. “You claim to be a brave Decepticon, and the Air Commander at that, but you lack even the courage to oppose Megatron and save Cybertron from the Chaos Bringer. You are a joke Starscream, and one day I vow to personally see to that the joke that is your existence comes to an end.”

    “Fool, you buy in to those fairy tales if you like, but one day I will rule the Decepticons and you will not even be a memory.” Starscream stated as he transformed into a sleek Cybertronian seeker and caught up to the escaping Jhiaxus while peppering his chassis with laser blasts. “That’ll teach you to threaten me you insignificant worm.” Starscream announced as he watched the orange jet plummet out of the sky towards the surface of Cybertron’s first moon before returning to Cybertron’s orbit to meet Rumble and Frenzy.

    “No action for us Screamer.” Rumble said in frustration as he and Frenzy followed Starscream back to Darkmount.

    The optics of Cybertronians across the planet were fixed on view screens as an epic battle was taking place between Megatron, the mighty Liege of Cybertron, and an upstart Autobot who was able to hold his own with and at times even best Megatron. Outside the prison camp, the scene distracted the Decepticons that had pursued the fleeing Autobots as well. And with all optics on the two combatants, Megatron asked the question nearly every mech looking on was wondering: “Who are you?”

    “I’m your worst nightmare.” The powerful red mech responded as he leveled Megatron with an uppercut this sent the mighty commander flying into a damaged wall.

    “You insignificant slave, I’ll tear you apart!” Megatron ranted as he delivered a double booted kick to the chest of the red mech that floored his foe. “You have a lot of fight in you, you could have made an excellent Decepticon, too bad you’ll have to die like others of your feeble kind at the hands of Megatron!” Megatron stated as he wrapped his hands around the throat of his struggling opponent. Thoughts raced through Prime’s mind as the slightly more powerful Megatron tried to end his existence. Visions of his former life flashed before him as did the memories of old friends he’d never see again like Dion.

    “Dion!” Prime said aloud as he somehow found the strength to free himself of Megatron’s grasp. “You will not kill a single Autobot today Megatron.” Prime stated as he lifted his foe off the ground. “Today you learn a lesson in respect!” He continued before slamming Megatron’s frame to the floor.
    For the first time in his existence the emotion of fear revealed itself to Megatron. The red mech’s determination was something even he could not match and he was not sure whether or not he’d prevail if the battle continued as it was going, so Megatron decided that it was time to end this warrior’s life in the same manner he ended a feisty dockworker’s life breems earlier, with his fusion cannon. As Megatron powered up the cannon he called from subspace the metallikato master’s optics came back online to take in the scene. “Prime.” Bludgeon stated aloud as he released an energy blast in the Autobot’s direction much to the chagrin of Megatron.

    “Fool, you dare interrupt my victory!” Megatron bellowed while focusing his full attention and his cannon on Bludgeon as the injured Prime struggled to get to his feet. “What did you call the Autobot?” Megatron asked in a puzzled tone.
    The sounds of weapons being powered up interrupted the cipher between Megatron and Bludgeon as a hand full of Autobots including Elita-1, Prime, and Ultra-Magnus took aim at the two Decepticons. Realizing for the first time that he would not leave a battle as the victor, Megatron turned to his Autobot foes to give them a disdainful look before addressing them. “Don’t believe for a moment Autobots that you have gotten the best of Megatron, I will have my revenge. Decepticons return to Polyhex at once.” He commanded as he continued to give is primary foe a hated glare.

    “You’re not going anywhere Megatron,” the red Autobot stated, “I am placing you under arrest for murder of innocent Cybertronians and for treason against the Cybertronian High Council.”

    “You faceless fool, I am Megatron, master of Cybertron, you cannot arrest me.”

    “I don’t think he knows who he’s talking to.” Jazz stated as the tension in the room increased.

    “The worm has a point; who are you?” Megatron asked.

    “I told you, I am your worst nightmare and had you studied you Cybertronian history you’d know who I am by now. But, since you’re a little out of touch I’ll tell you. The name is Optimus Prime, and you’re coming with me.” He said as the Autobots attempted to apprehend the war criminals.

    “Transform and show these weaklings what Decepticons are made of.” Megatron commanded as he and Bludgeon transformed into two heavily Armed Cybertronian tanks and fired on any Autobot that dared stop them from escaping. This was the last scene broadcast on Cybertron that day as the melee the Decepticons created destroyed the transmitter.


    The conflict at the prison struck an enormous blow to the plans of the Decepticons. The arrival of Optimus Prime presented a new threat to the empire, one it did not foresee. A once insignificant nuisance had become an organized army, which had taken control over Iacon, the most important city on all of Cybertron. The Decepticons now had to focus their attention defeating the Autobots in order to get a firm grip of Cybertron, rather than galactic conquest. To complicate things further, Jhiaxus was able to survive Starscream’s assault and escape from the moon base with an armada of Decepticons. Needless to say, none of this sat well with Megatron, who was so distraught about his monumental defeat that he sequestered himself in his throne room for cycles forbidding any disturbances.

    “Shockwave, has Mighty Megatron been out of his chambers today?” Starscream asked already knowing the answer.

    “Why is it that you take pleasure in mocking the greatest Decepticon ever assembled?” Shockwave asked.

    An outburst of laughter from Starscream quickly turned into an angered response. “Greatest Decepticon ever assembled you say; I say you’re an idiot! If Megatron were such a great leader he would not be locked away sulking like a femme bot. He’d be here leading the mighty Decepticon Empire to our destiny. I say it’s time we stop waiting for Megatron’s feelings to mend, we need to reclaim Iacon so we can get the energon we need to bolster our ranks, and we need to do it now!”

    “Is that the way you truly feel Starscream?” A deep raspy voice inquired. “Because if you do there is a place reserved next to Bludgeon in the cooler for you.” Megatron stated.

    “How nice of you to show your face while you still some to save Mighty Megatron. If you would had tarried any longer I would have had to assume your duties a commander.” Starscream boasted.

    “I’ve seen the flaws in your leadership abilities Prima. Your boasts mean nothing to me, so silence them before I do!” Megatron angrily stated.

    “ Are you threatened by me oh mighty one; or is it that you’re threatened by the fact that there’s a new Prime on Cybertron and you know I am your only hope against him.” Starscream responded before getting shot in the wing with a blast from Megatron’s arm-mounted cannon.

    “I have had enough of your false claims of indispensability. You may have some usefulness, but be warned Starscream, if you cross me again you will perish at my hands. Is that understood imposter?”

    “Megatron why must constantly threaten my me? I have been loyal to your command and have fought at your side preferring you to my own; yet you still insult me and underestimate my value to the empire.”

    “Perhaps you may have some value after all Starscream. I have been studying Cybertronian history, and it occurred to me that in your former life you had a relationship with the guardian that defeated Devastator. Find him, and bring him back to the Decepticons.”

    “How Mighty Megatron?”

    “With him.” Megatron stated before pausing to let a newcomer into the room, “Jetfire come in,” Megatron commanded as a large primarily white mech that stood nearly ten feet taller than Megatron came into view. “Jetfire will accompany you, and when you return, if your treacherous attitude persists, he will replace you, air commander.” Megatron stated.

    “So soldier, do you wish to take my position?” Starscream questioned.

    “He is not yet animated fool.” Megatron interjected. “Bring him to Vector Sigma and insert this personality chip.” Megatron said as he handed a small device to Starscream. “Now go, and do not fail me.”

    “As you command Mighty Megatron. Come Jetfire.” Starscream stated before transforming and flying away.

    “Now tell me Shockwave, have there been any others questioning the way I run things since I’ve been indisposed?” Megatron asked.

    “Minimal unrest, Lord Megatron. The Combaticons have been attempting to stir things up, but have been detained.”

    “So, it seems Bludgeon will have some company after all!” Megatron responded.


    “Citizens of Iacon, the peace we’ll enjoyed since the Revolution has been threatened once again. An idea the Council had, which seemed good initially, has gone terribly wrong. Many long cycles ago the Council decided that Cybertron needed a military force powerful enough to keep our world safe from any outside threats, specifically the fabled Chaos Bringer. An assembly plant was created in Polyhex to build these war machines and all was going according to plan until about 3 breems ago. At that time an ancient warrior resurfaced in Polyhex and tainted the soldiers the Council developed. That malevolent warrior goes by the name of Shockwave and because of his actions and those of the former head of the Council, Prima, we are at war once again. The faction we are at war with calls themselves Decepticons. They are powerful and very dangerous. A ruthless killer known as Megatron heads the group, and if Cybertron is to survive this war, Megatron must be stopped. So today brethren, I beseech and encourage each of you to consider the future of our great planet and join us in protecting it from those who wish to wipe us out!”
    A stunned silence came across the assembled crowd as they considered the gravity of the things Alpha-Trion had told them. The moment of silence was interrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching from Alpha-Trion’s rear and soon all eyes were fixed on the red mech that had taken Alpha-Trion’s place at the podium.

    “My name is Optimus Prime, and I like most of you dread the thought of war, but it is something we must be prepared for. Megatron will not go away unless we put him away, and until we do many of us will continue to suffer and loose lives of those we love to his evil. I will not stand for that! So even if I have to stand against Megatron alone, I shall.”

    “If you are indeed the Prime, I will assist you in any way I can.” A voice in the crowd stated.

    “He is the Prime, we assure you,” The voice of Prowl stated as the small contingent of Autobots approached Prime’s side.

    “And we will stand with him and fight for our continued freedom as well as the freedom of all sentient beings.” Magnus Added.

    “We will fight with you Optimus Prime!” The crowd roared. “Till all are one.”

    From this point forward the Autobot’s numbers began to increase. Though war continued to be a way of life for the Autobots, Prime proved to be an inspiring leader and Alpha-Trion a trusted mentor. Alpha-Trion used the blueprints he acquired from Shockwave’s lair long ago to create new warriors to assist the Autobots in the conflict with the Decepticons. The Decepticon were still by far the more powerful of the two factions, but because the Autobots had a firm grasp on Iacon, the Decepticon menace was held at bay. This effort was bolstered by the brave warriors under Optimus Prime including: Ultra Magnus, his primary lieutenant, Prowl, the security chief, Jazz, the intelligence specialist, scientists like Wheeljack and Perceptor, as well as warriors like Ironhide, Brawn, and others.
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    "It looks like we have company approaching." A silver and blue mech stated as he looked at his monitor.

    "So, after all these breems, it seems like our 'relatives' have managed to track us down." An authoritative voice whispered.

    "What are we going to do sir, intercept or stand by?"

    "Stand by, I do not anticipate any hostilities, there are only seven of them."

    "Sir, it looks like one of those seven is a guardian!"

    "What! The Quintessons, no! Alert Senator Kranix to the approach and let see if we can buy Lithone some time by engaging these trespassers."

    "Senator Kranix come in, Senator Kranix come in!"

    "The senator is not available, this is his assistant Scorpus. What is the matter?"

    "Captain Cerebros and our crew have spotted a guardian and six unidentified Cybertronians headed for Lithone."

    "I will alert Senator Arbolis at once. Do be careful Bluestreak." Scorpus stated as he readied the defenses.

    "Hook, the guardian is being attacked, this is our chance to escape to safety."

    "Excellent, Mixmaster see if you can contact the natives, we need to get some repairs now." Hook stated.

    "Come in anyone, we are in dire need of assistance, someone help please!"

    "This is Scorpus, identify yourselves."

    "We are Cybertronians, we lack ener.."

    "Say no more, land at these coordinates and we will get you repaired." Scorpus said as he went to rendezvous with the Constructicons.


    "I mean you no harm." The monotone voice of Omega Supreme stated as he took fire from the Lithonian ship.

    "Cease firing." Cerebros commanded. "State your business guardian."

    "My name is Omega Supreme, my sole intent is vengeance, vengeance on the six robots you allowed on your home world, the Constructicons." Omega replied.

    "Whatever issues you have with your friends are of no concern here on Lithone. We suggest you leave peacefully and not corrupt our world with war and violence the way you have corrupted Cybertron." Cerebros replied.

    "Your request is understood and accepted; but what knowledge do you possess of Cybertron?" Omega asked.

    "We fled Cybertron, our home world in the wake of the Great Uprising when the faction calling themselves Decepticons invaded Iacon." Bluestreak stated.

    "Danger renewed, solution, release Constructicons to my custody."

    "Why should we, Omega Supreme? We do not support acts of vengeance." Cerebros stated.

    "Your feelings, noted, but Constucticons must be eliminated."


    "Constucticon menace responsible for much destruction. The Constructicons destroyed Iacon and the Crystal City. They are Decepticons." Omega Supreme affirmed.

    "Oh dear Primus, we let em' waltz right in to Maximus City. If what he's saying is true, we could be in big trouble." Said Bluestreak.

    "We will investigate Bluestreak, but for right now we ask that you, Omega Supreme, surrender yourself peacefully until we can validate your story and give the other a chance to tell theirs." Cerebros said.

    "Agreed." Omega Supreme, who was badly in need of energon replied.

    "Thank you Omega Supreme. We promise to get you a full recharge and get to the bottom of this situation. Bluestreak, take our guest to recharge while I alert the elders to this new development." Cerebros stated as they all left orbit and headed for the planet below.


    "So you six are from Cybertron. What is it like?" Scorpus asked.

    "It's not much to brag about anymore." Said Mixmaster. "The war has destroyed much of its architectural beauty."

    "Darkmount still stands you nitwit and it is quite amazing." Longhaul said. "We designed it and much of Polyhex ourselves."

    "Shut up you fool!" Hook angrily exclaimed as he noticed the look on Scorpus' face when Longhaul mentioned Polyhex.

    "You bots are Megatron's mechs!" Scorpus said.

    "Scorpus, at one point we were, but our loyalties to Megatron have been dissolved for breems now." Hook responded. "He wanted to make unwavering slaves of us and use our special abilities for his purposes, but we rebelled and were forced to flee Cybertron only to be pursued by the guardian. We live our lives as fugitives as long as Megatron remains in power and for that reason we seek refuge on your world."

    Anger was visible on the face of Scorpus as he listened to Hook's explanation and began thinking back to his final memories of Cybertron. Chaos had broken out in his home land of Voss as a Silver mech rained death and destruction down on the land. He and a handful of friends escaped the carnage in Voss only to have another encounter with the same silver menace and his troops in Iacon near the Crystal City. Scorpus remembered watching helplessly as his friends were caught in the middle of two fighting giants and crushed as he boarded the ship headed for Lithone.

    "This world is but a refuge." Scorpus stated. "It has been one for me and for all of the mechs who departed Cybertron to escape Megatron's wrath; but it is nothing more. I tire of living as a refugee, and the fact that Megatron still exerts his power sickens me to the point were I can no longer bear the thought of his existence. I want revenge!"

    "Vengeance is impossible. Megatron's forces are too powerful to stand against, and he is powerful enough himself to pinch the mech fluid out of each of us." Bonecrusher stated.

    "There must be a way!" Scorpus said.

    "We have all paid a price because of the power lusts of Shockwave and Megatron, but that does not mean I am willing to submit what's left of my life for the cause of revenge." Hook explained. "So unless someone as an idea of how to escape this refugee life without having to give up our lives I want no part of it."

    Longhaul was not renown for his attention span unless the subject matter had to do with construction or design, so as the discussion continued he began tinkering with a model fortress hanging on the wall. "When will this be built?" he asked interrupting the others.

    "It may never be built." Scorpus responded. "It is my brainchild, a battle station capable of flight and transformation."

    "That may be exactly what we need!" Hook replied. "If we help you build it, do you think it can be brought online?"

    "That is the problem Hook, unlike Cybertron, Lithone does not have access to Vector Sigma, and so the only way to bring this idea to life is for someone to have their life force incorporated into the thing. I'd gladly volunteer to give mines, but then who'd be willing and capable of completing that transition?"

    A gleam came to Hook's eye as he took in Scorpus' assessment. "My dear Scorpus, together we will rid Cybertron of Megatron, Shockwave, and all others who dare oppress us!"

    "You mean you can make this happen Hook?" Scorpus asked.

    "Yes Scorpus I can; now tell me, how do you like the color green?" Hook asked as they all broke out into laughter.


    "Ever since I've met you I've been jumping out of frying pans and into fires." Kup spoke into his communicator as he fled the giant Icyack pursuing his squad.

    "Just don't get killed Kup." The voice on the other end replied.

    "Easy for you to say Jhiaxus. You're not getting your fender clawed on by some beast."

    "Stop complaining Lieutenant and get back here with the raw materials." Jhiaxus said as he cut the communication line.

    "Status report Rook."

    "The base nears completion sir. All Cybertron City is energy and it will be fully operational."

    "Thank you Rook. Where is Skyflight?" Jhiaxus inquired.

    "He's still monitoring the system whose star went nova last week. It seems there is a planetary reading of some sort giving of signals from that area."

    "How is that possible I wonder? Have Skyflight report to me at once." The commander of the Cybertronian Legion commanded.

    "As you wish commander Jhiaxus." Rook responded.

    In the cycles following Jhiaxus' departure from Cybertron his new regime had blossomed. Though nearly all of them bore the Decepticon insignia, they did not consider themselves Decepticons. They were a unified group who identified themselves simply as the Cybertronian Legion. Their goal was to find a way to rid Cybertron of the distraction Megatron?s actions were causing before the Chaos Bringer arrived to destroy their home world. Jhiaxus instilled an unwavering commitment in all of his troops except for the one known as Kup. Kup was different from any of the other troops Jhiaxus commanded. For one, he was not created as a Decepticon like the others, and secondly he regarded Jhiaxus more like a friend than a leader. He knew the leader better than all others including Rook and Skyflight, who were the only other ones that actually remembered Cybertron, and he had earned Jhiaxus respect in a way the other never could. Jhiaxus viewed Kup as a little brother that had more heart fight in his fuel pump than ten Decepticon lieutenants and was proud he followed Bludgeon?s advice regarding the bot. If there was a battle he had to fight, he rested a lot easier knowing he had Kup on his side and Kup felt the same way about Jhiaxus. There were, however, some secrets that even Kup wasn?t privy to because in Jhiaxus mind, only purists like himself and those born into the warrior ranks of the Decepticons could know. The biggest of these secrets revolved around the Chaos Bringer.

    "Commander Jhiaxus, based on the studies I done, I fear the system whose star went nova should still be in existence. It appears the course of events that caused the system?s destruction was not a natural phenomenon." Skyflight explained.

    "I feared this day would come."

    "What do you mean Jhiaxus?" Kup asked as he entered the forum.

    "It seems something has occurred on Cybertron and we need a volunteer to investigate." Jhiaxus stated to Kup in order to avoid telling him the truth about what he feared was developing in the neighboring galaxy.

    "What has occurred?" Kup asked frantically.

    "A civil war has broken out amongst the Decepticons. It would appear that Starscream has successfully started a revolt. This may be the opportunity we've been waiting for to get Megatron out of power." Rook chimed in.

    "Say no more. I will go to Cybertron to investigate, I've been getting home sick anyway." Kup responded as he loaded his weapon.

    "Somehow I knew you'd say that Kup. Take our new design with you, and please be careful. Megatron may still be quite powerful." Jhiaxus said as he walked Kup to the helipad where a green Cybertronian chopper was awaiting. "See if you can get this guy animated while you're there will ya'."

    "Primus speed Jhiaxus." Kup stated as he took off with the helicopter in tow.

    "Now Rook, Skyflight, Jhiaxus said, "What are we going to do about Unicron?"

    "Can we even be sure this phenomenon is his doing commander?" Rook asked.

    "Something in my spark tells me it is him Rook."

    "If you feel he is the cause than I believe it as well commander. I say we mount up and attack before he attacks us." Rook replied.

    "How can we destroy destruction?" Skyflight asked. "If this is the fabled Chaos Bringer he cannot be defeated."

    "Their are ways of bringing down any enemy Skyflight, even big ones like Unicron. Legend has it that the essence of Primus will spell his undoing, and that that essence is the one thing he fears." Jhiaxus stated. "We just have to make him believe that we possess that essence."

    "Yes sir commander, but how?"

    "Leave that to me. Have all of the Legion go to recharge, we will be departing at dawn." Jhiaxus commanded while staring intently at the monitor the readings were displayed on.
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    It had been a relatively short span of time in a transformer’s life since Megatron came to power, but to Starscream it seemed like an eternity. Less than ten breems ago he was a different mech, a mech on the verge of leading Cybertron to galactic conquest; but since that time he’d become little more than a instrument in another robot’s master plan. The reality of that situation did not sit well with Starscream and he vowed to one day usurp from Megatron what he felt was rightfully his.

    Megatron was a fool if he thought for a minute that I was going to allow this powerful warrior to be brought on line to serve his purposes. Starscream thought as he watched the newly animated Jetfire room ahead of him beyond the Cybertronian stratosphere. Instead of inserting the personality chip into Jetfire like Megatron instructed, Starscream spoke to Vector Sigma and detailed the personality specifications he felt would one day benefit him. He wanted Jetfire to be a scientist capable of designing new warriors and weapons as well as a warrior loyal to those he knew, which for now was only Starscream. Starscream planned to befriend Jetfire and one-day use him to turn the tide against Megatron.

    “Hey Screamer wake up. We’re out of Cybertron’s orbit, which way are we headed?” Jetfire inquired.

    “Our mission will dictate our destination, Jetfire.”

    “What kind of answer is that? Is something wrong Screamer?”

    “Nothing’s wrong, I was just thinking that’s all.”

    “Well stop thinking so much and tell me more about the war that’s brewing back home.”

    “There’s much to tell Jetfire. Our people are at odds because there’s an energy shortage. The lower-class mechs were so unhappy about their rations that they built a warlord named Megatron to overthrow the Cybertronian Council. The brave head of the Council, Prima, stopped his attempt at rebellion. Prima was able convince Megatron to act as a protector of Cybertron rather than a warlord, or so he thought. Megatron had many followers, and he influenced them to plunder Iacon and other provinces for their energon. His followers were successful until Prima again came to the rescue. Prima created a police force called Autobots to fend off Megatron’s forces. This effort was successful and Megatron was forced to retreat to the region of Polyhex, which is where he set up his rule. Polyhex had an abundant supply of energon crystals so as places like Tarn and Voss were depleted of energon, their citizens were forced to seek refuge in either Iacon or Polyhex. During this period known as ‘The Great Migration’, Prima and the great guardian of Iacon, Omega Supreme disappeared, so Megatron decided to step up the offensive on Iacon. I was one of the Tarn refugees Megatron took into Polyhex; so as an act of gratitude I volunteered as a scientist for Megatron. I became one of his chief lieutenants and grew to respect him until I discovered that he might have had a hand in the disappearance of Prima. That is why you’re here Jetfire. I designed you to help me find the truth about our existence, Prima’s disappearance, and the whereabouts of Omega Supreme. And if we can solve those puzzles, it may bring an end to the war and Prima can take his rightful place as Liege of Cybertron and lead us to our rightful destiny.”

    “So I guess that means my mission is to help you find Prima and the guardian then Starscream. Do you have any possible leads?” Jetfire asked.

    “As a matter of fact I do. Their’s an old friend of mine that owes me a favor, he may be able to give us the answers we seek.” Starscream concluded
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    i haven't forgotten about the Autobots........


    “It’s another beautiful day in Iacon Jazz.”

    “Is that your way of telling me you have better things to do than patrol duty Mirage?”

    “We kicked the Decepticon’s afts back to Polyhex cycles ago, my money says they’re in no rush to go another round.” Mirage responded.

    “That may be so, but Magnus wants us to patrol, so if the big buy says it, we do it.” Jazz stated.

    “Where does he get off giving us orders anyway; he’s not the Prime.”

    “That may be so, but I am,” the voice emanating from the red transport that joined them said, “ and I say what Ultra-Magnus says goes. Is that understood officer?” Prime said with a chuckle.

    “You sure know how to make an entrance Optimus.” Mirage replied. “I suppose you want a status report.”

    “You bet, what do you have for me?” Prime asked.

    “No Decepticon shenanigans here Prime.” Jazz stated. “The perimeter of Iacon is secure as it’s even been.”

    “I was hoping to hear that,” Prime said, “Good work fellaz, let’s go home.”

    “I’m so glad you’re the Prime, Optimus, those other bots can be so uptight.” Mirage stated as he raced the others back to the base.

    “What other bots are you talking about you piece of tailpipe exhaust!” A voice stated as Prime’s trailer opened to let Prowl and Ironhide out.

    “Did you have to bring this tail pipe with you Optimus?” An annoyed Mirage replied.

    “Enough you two. I’m getting tired of the both of you acting like a pair of spoiled femmes. You’re gonna have to learn to get along, our very existence could depend on you two at some point. Our war with Megatron is too serious for you two to continue your own personal war. So whatever issues you have with one another I suggest you settle them before I do.” Prime said firmly.

    Under the leadership of Optimus Prime and the guidance of Alpha-Trion the Autobot’s numbers swelled. On countless occasions the leadership and skill of Optimus Prime defeated Decepticon aggression. He inspired courage and trust in his troops because he was both brave and capable, as well as an approachable friend who the Autobots were proud to call Prime. Though Optimus was the Prime he did not run Iacon as if it were a dictatorship. Authority was delegated throughout the ranks. Alpha-Trion was chief council, Ultra Magnus was the military commander, Prowl was chief of security, Jazz and a friend of his called Blaster worked in tandem as communication specialists, and Mirage was the intelligence officer. Aside from the occasional run in between Prowl and Mirage the Autobots in Iacon got along ideally, until an old warrior woke up.

    “Prime you sure seem to be in a rush to get back to the city, what’s going on”? Jazz inquired.

    “Alpha-Trion has a surprise for all of us. He and Elita have been working on a something called Project Beta for a while now and it’s finally complete.” Optimus said.

    “That guy really creeps me out Prime. He’s either way smaller than any of us imagine or a few retro-rabbits short of a bundle.” Prowl stated.

    “Say what you will about him, he always finds a way to give us a pleasant surprise, just look at Prime here.” Jazz said.

    “Both of your points are well taken. He is quite the character.” Prime replied as the convoy transformed and walked into the assembly hall catching Ultra-Magnus in mid-speech.

    “ Citizens of Iacon, it gives me great pleasure to present to you all, the hero of the Cybertronian Revolution, Alpha-Trion.”

    Laughter and cheers erupted at the conclusion of Magnus’ monologue as Alpha-Trion approached the podium.
    “My friends, for breems now we have lived life on the edge. The reality of war and the threat of invasion have given us little time to reflect on the good things Cybertron has blessed us with. I say we must remain vigilant, but at the same time we must not let war deprive us of the joys of being alive. Though war may have cost us the lives of friends and loved ones, we must and will persevere. It is with the spirit of perseverance in mind that Elita and I have brought back some to Cybertron that has been missing for far to long. So it is with great pleasure that we present to you, Project Beta!” Alpha-Trion said as Elita and Ultra Magnus unveiled the project.
    Stunned silence was followed by shouts of joy as the crowded filled with mechs fixed their optics on a podium full of about 50 beautiful femmes.

    “I think I like that Alpha-Trion Prahme.” Ironhide said as cheers rang out.

    “I don’t think we’ll have a problem getting any volunteers to take these girls to Vector Sigma tomorrow Prime.” Elita said as he approached him and gave him a kiss on his faceplate.

    An unwanted guest was perched high above the assembly hall taking in the glee of the exuberant Autobots. Lazorbeak was nearly undetectable because of his size so he proved to be a very valuable asset to Megatron’s army. His specialty was spying and he knew that the bits of information he gathered this day would be very pleasing to Megatron as he left for Polyhex.

    “Lazorbeak returns Megatron.” Soundwave stated.

    “Play back his findings for me Soundwave.” Megatron commanded.
    “So the Autobot fools think they can stop and enjoy the energon! They feel they are same enough from my wrath that they can play around with femmes! I will not allow it!” Megatron ranted angrily as he crushed the model red semi he held in his hand. “Shockwave I have a job for you. Take the triple changers to Vector Sigma for a rendezvous with those foolish Autobots. Destroy everything that moves! Soundwave, see if you can track Starscream, inform him that he has two cycles remaining to complete his task, or else.”


    As the new day dawned anticipation filled the Cybertronian air, the Autobots greatly anticipating the quickening of the femmes and the Decepticons anticipating the opportunity to bring destruction to their opposition. Ultra-Magnus, Elita-One, Brawn, and, Downshift led the convoy of femmes toward the Cybertronian super computer in hopes of getting the ladies animated quickly so the celebration in Iacon could begin as soon as possible. Prowl had his eye in the sky, Powerglide monitoring the convoy’s path from above and all was clear as they entered the tunnel that led down to the chamber. Three new recruits had the assignment of guarding the tunnel entrance, and they were just raring to go. Two of them were identical except for coloration, one was red, and the other was a bright yellow. Others knew them as ‘the twins’, but they much preferred to be recognized as individuals, especially the cocky yellow one named Sunstreaker. His ‘twin’, Sideswipe and the other red mech, Warpath, a combustible mech with a bad temper flanked Sunstreaker at the entrance.

    “ I don’t know why I let you talk me into joining this rag-tag bunch Sideswipe. I just know that one day your propensity for violent activity will cause me to endanger my paint job.”

    “Nobody care about your stinking paint job pretty-bot. All we care about is some ‘blam-Boom’ action!” Warpath interjected.

    “He’s right Streaker, I got a bone to pick with one of those fly-bots, and until I melt his rusty chassis we’re soldiers big bro.” Sideswipe said.

    “And what makes you think you can continue to get away with dragging me into all of your problems? My patience grows thin Sideswipe, so I suggest you find a way to get your hands on that antagonist of yours and stop antagonizing me before I shove your tail pipe down your throat.”
    Though most of the time Sideswipe appeared to be the enforcer of the two, he knew better than to push his brother too far, so after hearing Sunstreaker’s threat he figured it best to hold his piece and concentrate on the task at hand.
    “I promise I’ll make it up to you Streaker,” Sideswipe replied, “Besides you should be thanking me for getting you this assignment, We’re gonna be the first mechs to get a crack at these femmes and I for one am looking forward to the opportunity.”

    “Wham, Blaw, you’ve got a point. I can’t wait to show those girls what my turret is capable of.” Warpath stated before sounds from the tunnel caught the trio’s attention.

    “Welcome to your demise fools!” The voice of Shockwave stated as he entered the chamber of Vector Sigma flanked by Astrotrain, Octane, and Blitzwing, the newly animated triple changers.

    “Oh no Decepticons, take cover!” Brawn exclaimed.

    “Protect the super computer, don’t let the Decepticons damage it while it’s activating the femmes.” Elita ordered as Magnus and Brawn carefully took shots at Shockwave who had strategically placed himself close to Vector Sigma to avoid a full scale Autobot barrage.

    “ Triple changers, eradicate the Autobots and destoy the femmes.” Shockwave commanded as Blitzwing transformed into a Cybertronian tank and unleashed a fiery hell on the newly animated femmes that destroyed nearly a third of their number. Astrotrain and Octane picked off femmes as they tried in vain to flee to safety. Shockwave himself however brought on the majority of the damage. The war machine transformed into his cannon mode and made fodder out all almost everyone not sporting a purple insignia. When the smoke cleared only four femmes were left functional and the Autobot known as Downshift had fallen. Ultra Magnus had managed to shield three of the newly animated femmes from the assault but suffered heavy damage to his chassis in the process leaving Elita-One, Brawn, and the newly active Chroma, Firestar, and Moonracer to combat the four large Decepticons.

    “Leave no survivers.” Shockwave commanded as he directed the assault on the remaining Autobots making the Vector Sigma chamber look like at lasor lights show.

    “Here comes the calvary!” Sideswipe yelled as he and Sunstreaker zoomed into the room in their sleek Cybertronian racer alt modes.

    “Time to blam, blaw party.” Warpath stated as he entered the fray with his turret blasting.

    “Sunstreaker, Brawn, get Magnus and the survivors out of here!” Elita commanded. “Warpath be careful where you aim that thing you may damage the computer.”

    “Let’s get out quickly Brawn before these war bots scorch my chassis.” Sunstreaker stated.

    “I’m on it pretty boy. See if you can load the injured on the back of Ultra-Magnus’ trailer so I can pull it out of here and try no to break a nail while you’re at it.” Was Brawn’s surly response as they exited the chamber.
    The fighting was more intense than the Decepticons had bargained for. The four femmes along with Warpath and Sideswipe proved to be almost a match for the four Decepticons. The Decepticons decided that hand-to-hand combat would spell doom for the smaller Autobots so they pressed forward despite the volley of laser fire the feisty Autobots were peppering them with. Before they could lock hands and finish the battle, a blast to Octane’s back cracked his fuel drum causing highly flammable energon to drip to the floor. Another blast from Warpath ignited the fluid causing the chamber to erupt into on big fireball.
    “Decepticon’s scramble.” Shockwave commanded as his troops began a retreat from the intense heat of the chamber.

    “Good riddance Autobots,” Astrotrain stated, “too bad you can’t fly.” He said as the two Decepticon triple-changers grabbed their wounded associated and departed behind Shockwave headed for Polyhex.
    Screams of agony and terror emanated from the chamber as the Autobots tried desperately to find a way out before they were melted to scrap metal. All of a sudden, the flames began to die out and an eerie calm took possession of the chamber.
    “The fire’s gone Elita.” Chroma stated.

    “I see that one’s got a flair for the obvious.” Sideswipe uttered brushing himself off. “Is it me or did this place just get a whole lot creepier?”

    “SILENCE!” a booming voice cried out as a plasma energy surge knocked all of the occupants into a state of stasis. “ELITA AWAKEN.” The voice said.

    “Who said that?” Elita asked as she got to her feet.


    “Forebearer? Sentinel is that you?”


    “I am aware of my calling, and I have already helped lead Orion to his destiny. The Prime lives and leads us now.”


    “But I don”t understand”


    “What power is it that you speak of?”


    “Wait, I do not understand………”

    “TIME WILL TELL YOU ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW MY CHILD, NOW DEPART FROM THIS CHAMBER WITH THESE KEYS.” The voice said as a single key appeared in the palm of Elita’s hand.

    Sunstreaker and Brawn were the bearers of the bad news concerning the Decepticon attack. This news sent shockwaves through the Autobot ranks as well as through the ranks of the Iacon civilians as well. Alpha-Trion was especially troubled and blamed himself for the devastation. In his mind everything was his fault from the Creation of the Decepticons, the election of Prima as senate leader, and the destruction that resulted from Cybertron’s latest conflict. He decided to make himself scarce, and from that point on the only bots who were able to contact him were Elita One and Optimus Prime. The tragedy weighed heavily on the two of them as well. Elita had to live with a secret she did not understand and Optimus seemed to age and become a bit more distant that he had ever been. Tensions were high in Iacon during this time. Many mechs had had enough of their warring lifestyle and decided to leave Cybertron for good, while others’ hate drove them to rally in request of an all out attack on Polyhex. In time Prime got the mechs to calm down and that calm was a short lived one because of what the reclusive Alpha-Trion had succeeded with. After cycles of invisibility, Alpha-Trion reemerged with an old friend who was just itching to stir the already volatile pot. This friend was newly adorned with a red Autobot insignia across his broad yellow chest and a frame that was every bit as intimidating as Megatron’s. The two of them marched through Iacon without saying a word until the large mech addressed Alpha-Trion on the steps of assembly hall building.

    “You have been good friend A3, but me no want to hear anymore about this prophecy of yours. You have no right to give Matrix away after me Grimlock trusted you with it. Me Grimlock take it back now! Where is one they call Prime?” the mighty warrior known as Grimlock asked Alpha-Trion in front of an awe-struck audience outside of Assembly Hall. This scene was interrupted by the voice of a young mech called Bumblebee who shifted everyone’s gaze from Alpha-Trion and Grimlock to an object entering Iacon’s air space.

    “Looks guys. What’s that?”

    “I don’t know but it’s headed this way fast.” A red minibot named Cliffjumper stated

    “What’s all the commotion about?” The voice of Optimus Prime questioned as he descended out of his quarters toward the crowd of Autobots and civilians.

    “Up there Sir.” Bumblebee stated pointing to the green object headed for the heart of Iacon’s downtown.

    “Powerglide, Tracks report.” Optimus ordered.

    “Yes sir Prime.” came the quick replies.

    “Intercept the vessel at once, but do not engage, I repeat do NOT engage. Who or whatever it is is probably a minimal threat at best.” Prime stated as the two took to the air to halt the descent of the green intruder.

    “So you the Prime!” Grimlock said interrupting everyone’s attention on the events thousands of feet above them.

    “Yes I am my friend. And you must be the friend Alpha-Trion has been telling me about.” Prime said looking directly at the old recluse.

    “Me no friend of yours, and you no Prime. You have something that belong to me and me Grimlock want it back.”

    “I am aware of your desires, and I am prepared to explain to you the reason why I cannot oblige those desires, but first let us handle the matter at hand.” Prime said.

    “Matter at hand only distraction, me Grimlock allow you to take care of it; but after you take care of it, me Grimlock take care of you.”

    “Looks like you may have understated the severity of the situation Alpha-Trion.” Prime said looking squarely into the optic of Grimlock before walking towards the large damaged green flier that Powerglide and Tracks had brought down.

    “It has a passenger Prime, and it looks like he’s an Autobot.” Tracks said as the leader approached.

    “And he’s barely functional from the looks of it.” Powerglide chimed in.

    “An Autobot?” Prime questioned aloud before looking into the cockpit for himself. As the mech in the cockpit came into view Prime’s optics lit up as thoughts of fun-filled days gone by raced through his memory processor. “Where’s Ultra Magnus? Somebody get me Ultra Magnus!” Prime stated frantically.

    “What’s with him, did he get a null ray in the aft for stealing some of Wreck Gar’s energon?” Mirage inquired as he and the twins approached the excited leader.

    “Optimus, Optimus get a hold on yourself you don’t want to look foolish in front of that brute.” Elita said looking at Grimlock as she and Magnus approached the scene.

    “I don’t give a Decepticon’s tailpipe about Grimlock right now, Kup’s back!” Prime stated.

    “You’re kidding me.” Magnus said as the duo approached the ship and their leader.

    “Oh no he’s not Magnus, It IS him! Elita stated with joy as she and the two large mechs stared at the cockpit like three young Lithomechs.

    “What are you three clowns lookin’ at?” A weak but stubborn voice stated from the cockpit as he looked at the three excited mechs with Autobot insignias adorning their frames. “Somebody get me outta here, but be careful not to damage young greenie here, it really has a nice string in its step.”

    “I can’t believe it’s you Kup.” Magnus said as they pulled Kup out and placed him of solid ground. “Thank Primus you’re still alive.”

    “You can’t believe I’m alive Magnus. Last time I saw you; you were about to become cannon fodder for Megatron. How did you manage to escape, and who are these two?” Kup asked looking at Elita and Optimus.

    “We have a lot of catching up to do Kup.” Prime stated with a gleam in his eye as he looked at his old friend.”

    “Indeed we do.” Kup stated with a puzzled look on his face before turning to address the green vessel that brought him home. “Transform.”

    The crowds of onlookers were amazed at how the large green helicopter was able to transform into a brawny 27-foot tall robot.

    “Do you think Vector Sigma has enough juice left to bring this boy online?” Kup inquired has they five of them walked through the crowd to Prime’s private quarters enjoying their reunion as if nothing else mattered. As they approached the steps of the meeting hall an angry 32-foot warrior interrupted their path of bliss.

    “Optimus Prime, do not think me Grimlock not still not have bone to pick. You have one cycle to make friendly, but and after that me Grimlock through talking, and through listening.”


    As Prime and the gang entered his quarters many questions raced through the mind of the prodigal Autobot known as Kup. He had been away from Cybertron for what seemed like an eternity not only fighting for his survival, but also for acceptance among his peers, and now he was back home. He wondered why Elita and Optimus Prime were, and why they seemed so familiar despite the fact that he’d never known them. He wondered how Magnus had managed to survive all these years and garner up the number of Autobots that now filled the ranks. He was also puzzled by the look in the optics of Alpha-Trion as Optimus and the one called Grimlock exchanged unpleasantries.

    “Welcome back to Iacon, Autobot headquarters. I trust that after many vorns of being away your loyalty still remains true to the insignia you bear.” Magnus stated.

    “Must you be so formal Magnus.” Kup responded. “I thought this was a party.”

    “It is old friend, but the fact still remains that we are a race at war, and in war you can never get too caught up in things that may consume too much of your focus and for that I apologize.” Prime said to the room as he thought about his behavior outside.

    “So, Cybertron is still a battleground?”


    “What about the Decepticon split?”

    “What split?”

    “The reason I returned was because I heard there was a civil war within the ranks of the Decepticons. I was told that Starscream had been able to usurp some of Megatron’s power.” Kup stated in anger has he thought about the lie he was told by Jhiaxus.
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    Where are Starscream and Jetfire? What have the Constructicons been up to, and what will become of Jhiaxus force if indeed they have found the fabled Chaoe-Bringer?

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