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    Payment: Paypal only. It's your choice to pay either as a gift or as a purchase of goods, but the buyer is responsible for the Paypal fees (2% of cost).

    Shipping: Shipping prices are not included in the price of the figures unless it specifically says so, and everything will be shipped out from Wheaton, IL (60189). I will ship First Class USPS unless you specify otherwise.

    International buyers, default shipping is Priority Mail International. Anything less is at your own risk and I will not be covering any loss in that event.

    Holds: Priority is given to whomever can pay first. As much as I’d love to, I can’t wait around right now. You’re more than welcome to put a deposit down to hold an item if you wish.

    Here's my feedback thread. My wants are listed in my signature. I'm semi-open to trades. Money is preferred right now, but depending on what you offer, I might be willing to make a deal.


    Beast Wars Armordillo (no weapons/rear feet) - $2.00

    Robots in Disguise Stinkbomb - $4.00
    Robots In Disguise Tow-Line - $3.00

    Armada Smokescreen - $4.00
    Armada Demolishor w/ minicon - $8.00

    Energon Duststorm - $3.00
    Energon Perceptor - $5.00

    Cybertron Crosswise - $5.00
    Cybertron Downshift - $5.00
    Cybertron Vector Prime - $20.00
    Cybertron Quick Mix with Minicon - $3.00
    Cybertron Galaxy Force Optimus Prime (Incomplete, figure and trailer, one missile, not sure what else is missing) - $15.00
    Cybertron Dirt Boss - $3.00
    Cybertron Breakdown GTS - $3.00

    Movie Crankcase - $5.00
    Movie Salvage with Reprolabels to look like Rodimus - $8.00

    ROTF Mindwipe - $15.00 SOLD
    ROTF Bumblebee (this is the '08 Preview version. It does have mold issues that are typical with this release) - $3.00
    ROTF Nebular Starcream (Andes mint colors) - $10.00
    ROTF Smokescreen - $3.00
    ROTF Tuner Mudflap (no missile) - $4.00
    ROTF Stratosphere (no mini prime) - $10.00
    ROTF Defender Optimus Prime (Voyager) - $10.00
    ROTF Chromia - $5.00
    ROTF Jetfire (took batteries out) - $25.00 SOLD
    ROTF Nightbeat - $3.00
    ROTF HA Arcee and HA Chromia (from Skids/Mudflap two pack) - $1.00 each CHROMIA SOLD

    DOTM Space Case - $10.00
    DOTM Starscream - $8.00
    DOTM HA Reverb (random human) - $5.00
    DOTM HA Tailpipe and Pinpointer (random human)- $5.00
    DOTM Air Raid - $5.00
    DOTM Skyhammer - $10.00
    DOTM Optimus Prime (Voyager, star deco) - $10.00
    DOTM HA Thunderhead (random human) - $5.00
    DOTM HA Icepick (random human) - $5.00
    DOTM Cyberverse Sentinel Prime - $3.00
    DOTM Cyberverse Ironhide (Blue Target Exclusive) - $3.00
    DOTM Cyberverse Ark (No Roller) – $10.00

    HFTD Oil Pan - $5.00
    HFTD Mindset - $10.00
    HFTD Sidearm Sideswipe - $10.00
    HFTD Highbrow - $10.00
    HFTD Tomahawk - $8.00 SOLD
    HFTD Perceptor - $8.00
    HFTD Brawn - $8.00
    HFTD Tuner Skids - $4.00
    HFTD Grappel - $10.00
    HFTD Recon Ironhide (Blue) - $10.00
    HFTD Brimstone - $3.00

    Botcon 2011 Sideswipe - $70.00

    RTS Cyclonus (no minicon) - $10.00

    SWTF Darth Vader (Vader's TIE Fighter) - $8.00
    SWTF Commander Cody (no gun) - $5.00

    Classics Tankor/Octane - $5.00 SOLD

    Animated Atomic Lugnut - $15.00
    Animated Ironhide - $10.00

    Generations Scourge - $10.00
    Generations Tracks - $5.00 SOLD
    Generations Blurr - $12.00
    Generations Scrapheap (Junkion) - $8.00

    Universe 1.0 Reptillon - $5.00

    Titanium Rodimus Prime - $15.00

    Armada Sideways - Loose/bizarre screw in leg that prevents transformation. Probably an easy fix, I just don't want to deal with it anymore. Comes with both minicons.
    Movie Brawl - Attempted to fix arm peg issue with superglue. Didn't work, possibly worse.
    Movie Soundwave - Had a good idea to make a Movie Blaster, didn't pan out. Enamel paint over Infiltration Soundwave.
    Free to a good home. Excellent for customizers? You pay the shipping costs, that’s it.

    NECA Raziel (missing one hand) - $5.00

    How To Train Your Dragon Toothless figure (Huge wingspan, battery operated, spits out a fireball) - $3.00

    Marvel Universe Magneto (missing paint on face, came like that) - $3.00

    Star Wars Death Stars
    Both are toys from childhood, what you see is what you get.

    Double Take Death Star (Micro Machines)

    Action Fleet Death Star

    $20.00 to take the two Death Stars.

    I will be looking through my bins to get any missing accessories. Priority accessory hunting will go to those who PM first.
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    Bump. A couple items already inquired about. Thanks!
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    Feb 13, 2009
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    Bump. Updated statuses and forgot I had this posted! Please help clear up some space!

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