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    Oh that's right. My collection :p . Probably small compared to a bunch of you :) . Since I may or may not be moving out of this place in a year, and due to space limitations, I try to keep everything contained to this one bookcase+desk and rotate it between all-time favorites, four characters and every incarnation of them, and what I've recently acquired.

    So here's what I've got. The two storage bins have the rest of my TFs in them which will hopefully, one day, all be displayed.

    -The whole bookcase.

    -Top of the bookcase. Reserved for four characters and every incarnation I can muster up.

    -Optimus and Bumblebee

    -And Starscream and Megatron.

    -These two pictures are my main display shelf. Mostly, as I said, a mix between all-time favorites and what I've recently acquired.

    -Just a misc. shelf. Roommate took out the UM and Springer because he might buy them off of me. Don't ask what Vault Boy is doing...just blame my roommate for it.
    Also put my few Revoltechs and the lone GI Joe figure here, along with a kickass plush Kirby.

    -More of a 'specialty' shelf. These are a few items that are rare, important, and/or exclusive to me. They deserved their own space instead of being cooped up.

    -My messy desk with my most recent acquisitions. WFC Soundwave and Megatron!

    -The bins.

    Thanks for looking ;) 

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