Eskimo Dave episode 8 is online!

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    Two months of Eskimo Dave. What a fun two months it's been.

    It's also been an eight week learning process.

    I started writing Eskimo Dave back toward the end of May. At that time I was told to write it in 22 page chunks for when it goes to print it would make life easier collecting it together. About six weeks in we all realized that the pacing for a weekly strip is a completely different and ugly monster compared to the pacing for a monthly comic. Live and learn and then reorganize. Two months in and the heroes are just leaving the village. Things change in two weeks, the pace, we pi'd up (that's ska for pick it up). We swear.

    What you've read these last two weeks were originally going to be episodes 8 & 9, not 7 & 8. The original episode 7 as been lost to the ether. Episode 10, when it rolls around, will be completely different than what I had first written. At the request of the publisher, the next 2-4 months worth of strips I had done have been scrapped, and replaced by 2-4 months worth of new strips, picking up the pace. It's all working out for the betterment of the story and allowed me to bring in a character a little earlier than I had originally planned. Just think of me as that persevering grass seed that breaks through the cracks in the sidewalk of encumbrance.

    Thanks for the contiued support. I, and the rest of the Eskimo Dave team, give you all big love and thanks.

    See you next week. Until then, stay cool.


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