Episode 51 "Regeneration" Discussion

Discussion in 'Transformers Robots In Disguise / Prime Discussion' started by AxionPrime, Oct 26, 2012.

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    It's a hostage situation dude. First rule of them is to not do anything at all because the enemy could react and out of fear/ getting startled/ spite harm the hostage.

    If Bulkhead as much as flicked a finger the Decepticons could break/open the jars open, that is why cops usually don't just shoot a criminal holding a hostage unless they are meters and meters away with a sniper, and even that you have to be REALLY careful.
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    Waited until my Birthday on the 27th to watch the episode and got Voyager Dreadwing four days earlier, another great episode like always except for one part.

    *My brother and I watching the episode while i play with Voyager Dreadwing:

    Me: This toys awesome! {:
    ... "Dreadwing wants to meet" ? o: guess i'll have to move him to the Autobots ):

    ...Couple minutes later.

    Me: Starscream! no! D: * sigh of relief: megs is there he'll stop this [:

    ... Angel: well looks like you dont have to move him afterall. *evil laugh >:]
    Me: Megatron, wtf ? ;C

    So yeah sucks Dreadwings dead but the writers decieved us really well in believing another possible outcomes for him and i applaud them for that.

    "Darkest Hour" scares me with fear of another death it could be anyone if they go far enough an autobot maybe even Fowler or another human though still looking foward to another great episode.
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    I realize I'm REALLY late to the discussion but I was out of town and only just watched the episode.

    Anyway... I have to say right off that this was over all a good episode but there are a few little things that just kinda bug me.

    First off this is kinda a continuation of something I didn't like in the last episode but Megatron kills Dreadwing and spares Starscream. Dreadwing is suppose to be loyal to Megatron but it seems every time he's on screen he's seen disobeying Megatron. This has a lot to do with Skyquake's death but it just seems odd seeing a "loyalist" character portrayed that way. That's odd in a good way because it shows he can think for himself and it's just blindly following orders like others have done. The thing I really didn't like is Starscream not being the one to die sense he has been a known traitor and it doesn't make any sense for Megatron to just let him live after everything he's done. Dreadwing may have disobeyed orders from time to time but not to try to back stab Megatron.

    The other thing is they were using a lot of plot devices in this episode which I don't mind because they were used well. The issue I had here is that a couple of them I believe were destroyed when they were first introduced. I actually just looked this up and the immobilizer was repaired. I had forgotten about that but wasn't the polarity gauntlet destroyed? I also had to watch this episode twice because I thought I saw Arcee a couple times during the battle without the Apex Armor and got confused as to who was actually using it.

    A little off subject but I also saw Antman/Giantman appearing in a recent episode of the Avengers despite the fact that Henry Pym no longer wears that costume so was getting confused as to how he could be in two places at once as he was wearing his current Yellow Jacket costume in the same episode in an entirely different part of the world. I only bring this up because I was feeling the same confusion watching Arcee pop in and out of the Apex Armor.

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