Episode 42 "Hurt" Discussion

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    I am just now listening to the Podcast for this episode and TJOMEGA IS BACK! =D

    OK and now going to talking points that I maybe forgot to talk about but this was so long ago I actually don't remember what I've said already.

    They're talking about Bulkhead and giving Kevin a break to work on other projects.
    Kevin still has a speaking part in Out of the Past and New Recruit. I'm putting spoilers on this just in case even though I think people know this already.

    Now they talking about Miko and I think she is still annoying. She has grown a bit as a character but she still has a bit of that annoying attitude.

    And now talking about Wheeljack and I did really like the box of grenades bit. I don't think I said that before.

    Now they're talking about David Kaye talking to Frank Welker in the episode and I know I've talked about that in both Toxicity and this episode so you know I loved it, moving on.

    David Kaye also voiced a Vehicon in this episode? Say what? I really need to pay attention to the credits to see who's doing Vehicon voices because I really don't ever pay attention to them sense they rarely talk.

    Now they're talking about Hardshell being killed and I don't remember if I said this before. I think I did but in case I didn't I feel like it was just done so they didn't have to keep David Kaye on the main cast. I really wish they would keep him I mean he's not a Dwayne Johnson I don't think he's too expensive to keep on the cast. Even Tony Todd I think is actually getting paid more.

    Buffing was so much easier with Breakdown around. Nice to hear Knock Out say something about Breakdown but I really don't like the Knock Out moments as much as everyone else does.

    TJOmega asks how the Insecticons knew it was a human girl that fired the missiles at Hardshell and I don't think I mentioned that before but that is a very good question. It could be worse though at least they didn't randomly know her name and say Miko did it they just called her a human girl.

    And that's it, I'm done, I've said everything I wanted to say so bye bye.
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    Wheeljack did say he knows about other mines.

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