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    episode 22! IT AIRED ON TELETOON! we didn't get a title confirmation like the last one but here is the plot summary.


    Ratchet test out the unfinished synthetic energon Bulkhead gave him on himself because of the low energon levels the Autobots have. At first, it gives him unbelievable strength in battle but later, while battling the Decepticons at an Energon mine, he kills a terrorcon while asking him for megatron's location. As Optimus stops Ratchet from delivering the final blow, Ratchet taunts him about how he could never destroy megatron even when he had the chance. He tells Optimus to ask Cliffjumper what to do, then purposely reminds him he's gone, which causes Arcee to charge at him but she gets stopped by Bulkhead. Optimus tells Bumblebee (who's in charge of base because Ratchet's in battle) to ground bridge Ratchet back. He pretends to go, then runs out, tackles Bulkhead and leaves to find Megatron himself. Back at base, the Autobats try to find Ratchet but can't because the synthetic energon was scrampling the signal. When he gets to the next energon mine, we see Megatron scowling at Knockout for retreating, he tells him it was because of Optimus's new warrior. When Megatron asks who, Ratchet shows himself. Megatron mocks him by saying he's merely Optimus's medic, which makes Ratchet heavily punch him in the face. Megatron starts to battle him, but quickly gains the upper hand and severly wounds Ratchet, causing the synthetic energon to run out of him. Knockout collects the synthetic energon and prepares to saw Ratchet's head off, when Ratchet fights back with everything he has. When Knockout spots the Autobots, he quickly retreats. Optimus takes Ratchet back to base to heal. When he wakes up, Ratchet apologizes for his action and Optimus tells him he's the one to thank because they got a lot of energon deposits form the mine. At the end, Ratchet promises Optimus he will continue to complete the synthetic energon formula but on machines.

    Overall, a great episode in which the audience gets a better look at ratchet. Barely any humans, just a bit of Raf. Megatron, Knock out, Breakdown, and the terrorcons were the only decepticons shown. All autobots were shown. Here's the link to the episode:

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Hope you enjoyed my little review.
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    there is a discussion thread about this already

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